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Shaking Things Up January 21, 2010

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It might surprise some of you (not the people who know me in real life) that I am a 32 year old elderly person. I think it all started when Jason and I lived in central Florida. Everyone there was either retired or an engineer (we were very close to Cape Canaveral). Jason is an engineer and that’s how we ended up there. The “old people” way of life quickly rubbed off on us. Suddenly concerts were too loud, 10 PM was like midnight, and 60 degree weather required long johns. My sister came down to visit and we found ourselves singing karaoke at a bar on the beach at 5 PM. We knew we were doomed when we went to a New Year’s Eve party in our neighborhood and also in attendance was someone with a walker. Hey, we still had fun!

Even though we are back to real civilization, I am still as old as ever. Having kids hasn’t helped any. I shop the sales, clip my coupons, go to bed early, sleep with an electric blanket, and look forward to Suze Orman every Saturday night. Poor Jason, right?

So all of that might help explain our next big shake up…..which is odd, because I doubt old people like shake ups, and I don’t either, but I’m going to allow this one.

We are thinking of downsizing. At the ripe old age of 32.

Which probably sounds odd because most people our age want bigger, better, more. My minimalistic self tends to always say, “why do we need all this stuff???”. Every year when we go to the beach, we stay in a 2 BR duplex and I think–this is all we need. We can get by just fine here.

Now that my mom has found her own place, our house seems bigger and bigger. Which is fine. But we are feeling very complete as a family. We are thinking 2 kids is JUST RIGHT for us. So while this cavernous 4 BR/3 Bath house with a completely remodeled basement is fabulous, we are thinking of downsizing to a 3/2, maybe with a den, and a small yard. Because we’re “old” like that.

And obviously this is not a “done deal”. We are just going to list it at a price that would make moving worth it to us and see what happens. If there isn’t a lot of interest, we will probably pull it and re-think this in a few years.

We are also trying to be more responsible in our finances. Obviously we can afford to be here, but with SO much house, we can’t afford that much more. We would both feel more comfortable growing our savings, thinking more about retirement, and having more wiggle room in our everyday finances. So if we can find a decent place in a comparable (or the same) school district, we’re gonna go for it!

It is a little sad to think about leaving this house. We LOVE it, and we have done a lot of updates to it. We found out we were pregnant with Isaac the morning after we made the offer. I was standing in Matthew’s room (the old office) when I was told that YES, Matthew could be our son. This is the house that both of our boys came home to. Every spring I go outside and walk around the front yard at least once a day to see when the hydrangeas, azaleas, roses, and gardenias are looking to bloom.

But the house is just a house. Anywhere our family is together is home. And that can happen anywhere.


9 Responses to “Shaking Things Up”

  1. Cori Says:

    Good luck! A new home for new memories.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this. Adam and I are always talking about downsizing! Smaller house, less stuff. And it sounds soooooo appealing. Our problem is the herds of cats we house. If it weren't for them, we could totally scale back. I'm confident that we will someday, and I'm so glad that I'm not alone in this aspiration! Good luck!

  3. AURileys Says:

    when you're old you move to Florida…so you coming back?

  4. chris Says:

    You could give Suzie Orman an Elizabeth- Slap-Down!

  5. I don't think I've ever told you this, but I love your writing. I'm cracking up at myself now because that sounds like a pick up line or something 🙂 Anyways…I haven't commented in awhile but I wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog my friend!!! This really has nothing to do with your post about downsizing, except for the fact that I liked reading it. Hugs!Erica

  6. JoJo Says:

    Good Luck!your 'old person' description was hilarious!

  7. Melissa Says:

    Wanna trade houses??? We need MORE space with Jack on the way! Oh how I wish we could downsize too! 🙂

  8. Tracy Says:

    Wow.. If I could only find my DH a job in Alabama it would be perfect for us!Good luck! And a home is where your family is.. a house is just a house.

  9. WE are the same!! We live around the corner from you, in a 3/2. With my husband being a builder we are always asked when we are going to move into one of his homes. Ummm, NEVER. I love smaller, cozier homes. While everyone else is running off to Greystone… we are perfectly content with our small house. I like how if feels all being close together! So glad for like minded people!!

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