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Laughing out Loud January 28, 2010

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Isaac had me laughing out loud twice yesterday. First I must preface by saying that much of his day is spent in a Wiggles fantasy land where he is Greg, I am Anthony, Jason is Murray and Matthew is Jeff. So every few minutes Isaac (as the leader of our Wiggles cover band that exists solely in his head) will enthusiastically shout, “Hey everyone, we’re the Wiggles, I’m Greg…..”. At this point we all have to introduce ourselves. So I say, “I’m Anthony”. Jason says he’s Murray and then after an awkward silence, Isaac says, “and Matthew is Jeff”.

So yesterday in the playroom, Isaac start up…….Hey everyone, we’re the Wiggles!! I’m Greg!
I answer, “I’m Anthony!”
And he says…….Oh Anthony……I just pooted.

Then last night as I was putting him to bed I was telling him how much I love him and we were talking about all of the people who love him so very much. After listing many family and friends, I asked him if he knew the only person who loved him more than Mommy did. (I was going to say Jesus).

He said, “Oh yes, it’s Aunt Chris”.

And if you know her, you know he has valid reason to think that.


One Response to “Laughing out Loud”

  1. chris Says:

    Well, it's absolutely true of course. Just me and Jesus doin' the love fest! He so funny!!!

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