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Getting Crafty for a Cause February 5, 2010

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First of all, I really want to thank everyone who has donated to Brittany’s Hope in Matthew’s honor. I am so touched by the people who have given. Many of the people who donated have never even met Matthew or our family in person, but simply know us through our blog. That blows my mind. There are also people who gave generously who are currently in the process of their own adoptions. I know the financial strain an adoption can bring, and I so, so appreciate that you gave sacrificially to this cause.

I thought I would try something kind of fun to encourage more donations. Jason and I love silent auctions and we have really racked up on some great stuff in the past. It’s a fun way to donate to a good cause, because everyone comes out a winner. I periodically get crafty and make collage art for children’s rooms. I was on a bit of a hiatus since coming home from Korea, but got the bug this week and made another one. I have a number of collages that you can see below. I am going to hold a silent auction on my blog and the winner can choose the collage they would like to receive. The collages are all made with papers of different textures and patterns. They are all 12×12. The collage will come framed (in a black or white frame–you choose), and I will cover the postage. Payment will be made directly to our Brittany’s Hope fund. You may make your bid by leaving a comment on this post. When leaving your comment, please also tell me which collage you would choose if you were the winner. The auction will continue until Tuesday evening at 8 PM. Let’s start the bidding at $15.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a good photographer. These pictures are actually pretty bad. I tried in some of them to shoot at an angle to 1)avoid the flash glare and 2)show some of the different textures of the paper. These are really cute in person.

Yellow Turtle

I Spy, with my Cat Eye….

Ocean Friends

Girly Giraffe


Turtle and Butterflies

These are the collages hanging in Isaac’s room (not for sale), but just to show you how cute they look

Thanks and good luck!


4 Responses to “Getting Crafty for a Cause”

  1. I'll bid $20 for the Love Birds! These are soooo cute Elizabeth!

  2. Amber Says:

    $25.00 for the Love Birds

  3. Amber Says:

    $15.00 for I spy, with my cat eye…

  4. Just so there isn't any confusion, I am only auctioning off one collage at this time–(I would do more but I have also promised to donate 2 to a fundraiser at my son's preschool). The winner with the highest bid may choose their favorite. So Amber, you are still the highest bidder at $25 and you may choose any collage you like if you win on Tuesday. If you would like to purchase an additional collage on top of the one you win, we can work that out. Thank you so much to my bidders!!!

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