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Seollal February 13, 2010

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Happy Lunar New Year! In Korea, this is called Seollal. We have been doing a few small things to celebrate the new year. I have had some more Korean cooking adventures, which I will share in another post. Also Matthew and I have been reading a special book at night about the Lunar New Year.

The book is called This Next New Year, and the main character is a Korean American boy. Matthew loves this book because the first page has balloons all over it! I am still surprised (although I don’t really know why) at how Matthew is so drawn to the books I purchased that have Korean and/or Asian characters. I know it makes sense (that’s why I bought them) but I am getting to the point that I barely notice that he and I don’t look alike, so I forget. I am so glad that I had the foresight to search out some books with these characters. All of you adoptive parents out there, I would love to hear what books your children love, so that we can add them to our collection!

But back to this book…..I love the last few pages as this boy prepares for the new year. These are great thoughts for all of us as we start anew:

“And all day tomorrow,
Lunar New Year’s Day,
I will not say one awful thing,
none of that
can’t do
don’t have
why me
because this is it,
a fresh start,
my second chance,
and I have so many dreams,
so many dreams
I’m ready
to make come true.”

Be blessed this Year of the Tiger!


2 Responses to “Seollal”

  1. chris Says:

    I heard a lovely "blessing" on the radio this morning on the way to a Valentine's breakfast out…."Bless you…even your worst day is a blest day because you might learn something new."

  2. We'll have to add that book to our library! What a great one. The one we like to read features a Korean girl, called "New Clothes for New Year's Day."

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