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Pics from the Day February 16, 2010

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Aside from our scary moments…..and the fact that we weren’t able to have the MRI done, today was a pretty good day.

First we got Isaac ready to go spend the day with Aunt Chris, so he wouldn’t torture Matthew by eating all morning in front of him.

When Matthew saw Isaac’s oh-so-cool ensemble, he demanded to wear his boots around the house for most of the morning. Notice this balloon…..it stayed with him ALL DAY, even at the hospital, even when he went back for his procedure. And yes, that is Spr*te dribbled all down the front of his pajamas. He loves it!!!!

Popsicles: they’re what’s for breakfast

MMMMM, his lips were stained orange and purple!

He started getting a little loopy from the lack of real food (and the sugar from the soda and popsicles).

Thank God for Children’s Hospital and their playgrounds….I mean waiting rooms.

Notice the balloon is still with him…

This is when they took him back for the procedure….balloon and all.
Then some super scary stuff commenced, but in the end, he was totally fine. He came home to a well deserved lunch…..and he really enjoyed it.

Matthew was absolutely a trooper about everything, and all the nurses fell in love with him. He is sitting in my lap right now…..with his balloon! Some things never change……

3 Responses to “Pics from the Day”

  1. Go Matthew! Great photos, mama. And ooh, that hospital's got some great play zones!

  2. awh..he's been so much.. what a trooper 🙂

  3. He's such a trooper! After his birthday party, Josiah held on to his balloon for about a week. Ha!

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