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The MRI that Wasn’t to Be…. February 16, 2010

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Just a quick update to say that Matthew’s MRI did not happen. When they gave him the sedatives, he had kind of a rare reaction that caused his tongue to curl up and block his airway. He couldn’t “clear his secretions” and the doctors and nurses had to stop the drug, stop the procedure and wake him up. The doctor told me that he would require general anesthesia and intubation if he was to get an MRI.

We will see the neurologist tomorrow and see what this means, and if another MRI is even necessary (as opposed to just being something that was “good to know”).

Matthew is completely fine and was back to his normal self the second he woke up. He has already had a huge lunch and is playing right now. He did fabulously this morning even though he couldn’t have much to eat other than popsicles or Sprite. I daresay we both enjoyed our morning. I’ll do another post later with some cute pics, but just wanted to say that he is okay.

Thank you for your prayers and I am thankful that, as always, God had his hand on the situation and protected Matthew.


One Response to “The MRI that Wasn’t to Be….”

  1. Yikes. Scary stuff for everyone. Glad he's ok 🙂

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