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Mental Health Day March 31, 2010

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I am still trying to get over my yucky virus. I am okay, just still feeling headache-y and blah. Most food doesn’t sound good. Let’s just say the idea of running around doing our usual litany of children’s activities was feeling like a little too much today.

So sometime between tracking down Isaac’s Easter basket for his party at school today, not drinking my coffee (if that doesn’t tell you how imperative my situation is, I don’t know what will–I couldn’t even stomach my COFFEE!!!!), and cleaning the tub at 7:15 this morning (don’t ask!), I started to get a craving for some mint iced tea.

There is a restaurant here that serves it and that was just the only thing that sounded good to me. I started thinking about our planned day and trying to think how I could fit it in. We needed groceries. Isaac had school. Matthew had Kindermusik. Wednesdays are so busy that Matthew’s lunch is usually chicken McNuggets as we rush to get Isaac from school. Even if this restaurant had a drive through I didn’t think I was gonna be able to swing it. I began to be a little bitter about this.

As I scrubbed the tub, I just had to say, screw it.

We run, run, run, all the time with school, gymnastics, therapies, busy bees, kindermusik, not to mention the hours and hours we have spent these past few weeks having Matthew observed/tested as he is about to turn 3 and be transferred from Early Intervention into our local school system. I am tired. I want my tea. We need groceries. It is going to be 77 degrees and sunny today. I want to clean MY bathroom. I am sick of running. I WANT MY TEA!

So we dropped Isaac at school and went to the grocery store. It was leisurely. I was able to plan what I needed. I was able to sort my coupons before we went. We have food.

We came home and played outside for awhile.

I called my friend and asked if she and her son would like to meet us at this restaurant for some chicken salad and mint tea (God, I love the South). My stomach thanked me. My friend was awesome. The tea rocked my world.

We walked across the street and let the boys play in a park.

We drove to pick up Isaac with time to spare. No throwing McNuggets into the backseat.

Both boys are napping and I am not completely exhausted and cranky. I think I will clean my bathroom, because stuff like that makes me happy.

In a word….this morning was LOVELY. I need to remember to stop and taste the mint tea more often.


3 Responses to “Mental Health Day”

  1. Yay! Good for you, declaring an "off" day!!!

  2. chris Says:

    Next time, consider getting your food to go and having a picnic in the park. I used to do that on my work lunch hour when I was stressed.

  3. Sue Says:

    As Pastor Chris calls it: "Margin."

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