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This Woman’s Work April 27, 2010

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Once upon a time I wore heels to work. I had a laptop, a company car, and a corporate AmEx card. I lunched with work friends without giving too much thought to how much I was spending. I spent my weekends laying by our pool, going to movies, sleeping in, and eating out. We took leisurely vacations to Key West, the Bahamas, New York City. Even as I type this, I am thinking, was that really me? Was life ever really that simple and easy? Was that really only 4 years ago?

Once upon a time I had my very own apartment. It was in (what I thought to be) a hip part of town. I loved this place. The apartment complex looked like Melrose Place on the inside, with a pool smack in the middle. The windows were so flimsy that in the winter, it was too cold to sleep in my room, so I slept on the couch. Which I loved. In the spring I would open the balcony doors and turn on music, and it was heavenly. It was all mine. In the fall and winter, the air would be heavy with the smell of barbecue ribs from the famous restaurant just down the street. And I think, was that my life? Was I ever really so carefree? Was that really just 10 years ago?

Once upon a time I worked on a dude ranch. I was graduating from college and wanted an adventure. I had never been further west than Mississippi and I didn’t know a soul out there, but I sent in an application and got a job. I bought a cowboy hat and my sister and I road tripped out to Colorado. I stayed for 5 months and met a ton of interesting people. Everyone thought my southern accent was hysterical. I came home with a nasty cigarette habit and a penchant for John Denver music. And I think, was that really me? Was I ever really that adventurous? Was that really only 11 years ago?

Now I am wife, mother, housekeeper, cook, accountant. I teach water aerobics. I spend a great deal of time every day feigning interest and delight as my child yells, Mommy watch DIS!!! I respond to hysterics that stem from pajama pants and socks separating and leaving a bare swatch of leg skin vulnerable to the cold, night air. I wipe butts, I wipe faces. I walk by a mirror and think, why is it that my hair has a Friar Tuck quality about it? I go to the grocery store twice in 3 days and still can’t remember that we need ketchup. I commit to memory the name of every train in the Thomas series. I pack 2 sippy cups and at least 4 snacks every time I want to run out for anything. I clip coupons, I read sale papers, I meal plan, I try to buy good, nutritious food for my family, yet there are still pop tarts in my pantry. My body is a human jungle gym to these crawly, climby, jumpy boys. I read books, I sing songs. Every time I walk in the kitchen, there is a load of dishes that need to be put away. I desperately need new clothes and yet every time I find a second to shop, I find myself in the children’s section buying something for the boys instead. I ask them what does a lion say, what letter says Guh-Guh-Guh? I referree fights from 2 rooms away while taking a shower. I change sheets 2 days in a row because of a Pull Up malfunction. And on days like today I look around and think, is this really my life?

Some days I feel like Nicolas Cage’s character in the Family Man (one of my favorite all-time movies) when he is saying to his wife, This isn’t my house….those aren’t my kids…..I’m not supposed to be here!!!

In a few years, my boys will be in school, real school, all-day school. They will make real friends, friends that are much cooler than me. They will ask to spend the night away. They will get involved with sports or other activities and I will become their driver, their cheerleader. Mom, can I have $20 to go to the movies….but drop me off on the other side of the parking lot. One day they will be driving themselves. One day they will be gone raising families of their own. I will look around this empty house and think was that really me? Was that really my life? Was I ever really that lucky and blessed to have all day with those 2 breathtaking boys? Was that really only 20 years ago?

So I remind myself, soak it up, mama, it’s only for a season. Enjoy it all while it lasts.


17 Responses to “This Woman’s Work”

  1. MKW Says:

    With tears in my eyes, I say 'Thank you' for reminding me of this. Love ya!

  2. Chaukie Says:

    Great post. I can totally relate.

  3. Chaukie Says:

    Great post. I can totally relate.

  4. Oh, I love this post. I love your blog!!!!

  5. I loved this… until the final paragraph! I know I should, but I hate thinking about those days in the future. But thank you for reminding me to treasure these days as much as possible. Really, can't we stop time already???

  6. Mom to 3 C's Says:

    Like your Happy Birthday post, this made me happy and sad at the same time.

  7. Aimee Says:

    Love it. So true. Thanks for the reality check for the day. I was having one of those "groundhog day" weeks.

  8. So I'm crying at my desk! I really needed to hear this and be reminded of this today! Thank you! {{hugs}}

  9. Thank you for taking us back in time and seeing how far things have come. Love this post!

  10. Jaime Says:

    I can totally relate to your post. My days are so similar to yours. It's tiring, but I know one day I will probably look back and miss it. They will grow up too fast. Thanks for the post!

  11. Christy Says:

    Thank you so much! What a beautiful post!

  12. Crazy Mom Says:

    Elizabeth,I needed that today!!!!!

  13. Yvonne Says:

    And that's the crux of it – we just want to enjoy this time with the kids now, when we are home with them and we are such a huge part of their world. And yet, it isn't to always enjoy it. It does help me to remember that it goes quickly and everything is a stage. A wonderful post and obviously something I can relate to 🙂

  14. Rachel Says:

    What a wonderful post! You certainly have lived an interesting life…and you still are! I laughed out loud at so many of your "mom" list – I can relate to them so much!!!

  15. Sue Says:

    Back then it was all about you; now it's all about them. One a satisfaction of the flesh; the other a satisfaction of the soul. In your latter years, you will have wonderful memories of both seasons, but these are the times you will want to relive.

  16. Sue Says:

    i love clicking over and reading your posts…so often your thoughts are just spot on with mine. but, much more elegantly said than i ever could do. :)keep counting your blessings…you have so many!

  17. The Tates Says:

    SO cute! Sometimes it is all a blur-especially that dude ranch part. For some reason I am super sentimental right now. I think the changing seasons (especially spring) does it because of those smells that conjure up memories. Soak it all in!

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