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Protected: What Really Happened July 30, 2010

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Protected: To Infinity….and Beyond! July 28, 2010

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Game On July 25, 2010

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The packing continues.

After I received a verbal beatdown from readers here and on Facebook for urging Jason to get rid of some silly old papers, I began to rethink my stance. Maybe holding onto some stuff isn’t so bad. Nostalgia is kind of cool. Right?

(if my blog had sound effects, you would now hear loud, screeching brakes and a crash noise).

WRONG! This was found in a box of “memories”…..and yes memories requires quotes when it means………a disgusting retainer!

Shouldn’t that vile piece of oral torture be wrapped in a greasy napkin and sitting on the edge of a table at Chuck E. Cheese? (shudder)

Score 1 for the minimalist.

Jason must have known that the retainer was making me throw up a little in my mouth so then he tried to charm me. He found a manila envelope marked EM, my old initials……it contained many treasures from when we first met, including this note he slipped me in freshman chemistry (college) after we had been dating for a bit…..

You might have to enlarge it to read my answer…..I forgot to check yes or no, but I guess I got my point across!

Score 1 for the hoarder.

So if we were so hot and heavy freshman year, you may ask why he never gave me his ultra cool, mobster ID bracelet to wear…..good question.

So Jason, why were you holding out on me (other than the fact that this bracelet is so big it could be a NECKLACE…a necklace for a castmate of Jersey Shore….

….and no I don’t watch that crap, but speaking of that crap, did you know they are coming out with a version of it with Korean Americans, called K-town, I believe?).

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, if I was special enough to send a note to during chemistry why didn’t you want me sporting your arm bling? Wait a minute, what does that say on the back?

Love, Catherine, eh? I do have to ask Catherine, (because I’m pretty sure she will read this), girl, WHEN did you meet Mr. T, and how did you get him to take you shopping for this thing????? I am impressed.

Score 1 for the minimalist.

Then Jason found a box full of items from the trip to Russia he took in high school. There were actually a couple of cool things in there which made me say, Look, dude, I don’t mind you hoarding all this stuff if it’s cool. But if it’s cool, then get it out so we can play with it, you know???

Which led to these pictures……

Score 1 for the hoarder.

So, if you’re keeping score, which is kind of the point here, in case you didn’t know, we are tied 2-2. I will pause here to say that I am proud of Jason for actually purging a small fraction of the stuff we went through….even though we are taking massive amounts of old GI Joe toys and football cards to the new house. It was hard to say good bye, but the retainer is toast. He did pull a “Grandma Special” though, which I must call him out on. The “Grandma Special” occurs when you want to get rid of something….but you don’t. So because it is so hard to throw it out or give it away, you give it to one of the boys….as a gift.

Do you know how maddening this is to me, someone who always wants to be cleaning out? Punk move, Grandma. And punk move, Daddy.

Okay, last but not least, another find from the manila file bearing my initials…..which could totally go either way (stalker….or true love). But since we got married, we will say true love. The date on the cover of this was May 26, 1996, and was my version of a love letter…..

….and he did hold my hand while I got my belly button pierced. And he still checks the air in my tires. And just so you know, Jerry Maguire stole his famous “you complete me” line from ME…he just changed it up a little bit to give it cinematic flair.

So, yeah, we can score 1 for the hoarder cause this is really sweet, but since I wrote it and even color coded it, I am going to give myself a bonus point.

So let’s just call it a tie.


Separate Lives..and That’s Okay July 22, 2010

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Matthew and Isaac are only 6 months apart. Every time someone hears me say that I have two 3-year olds, they ask if I have twins. Soon after we brought Matthew home, I would think how great it was to have “virtual twins”. They would have the same interests. They could be on the same T-ball team. Things would easier that way without running all over town. Some days it does seem like I have twins, but in reality there isn’t much about Isaac and Matthew that is the same. They have very different interests and personalities and as we make plans for them this fall, we have to take into consideration their very different needs, interests and abilities.

For instance, the past few weeks, they have been going to preschool 2 mornings/week. They are in different classes, but see each other throughout the day and it is going well. However, this week, we had Isaac signed up for gymnastics camp. Every morning this week, Matthew and I have taken him there. On the first morning, Isaac took his shoes off and ran off to the mats, and Matthew tried to take his shoes off too. He was disappointed to see his brother running off to have fun without him. I don’t think he understood why he didn’t go. The fact is that Matthew is really good at lots of things–art, singing, even soccer. But he is clumsy and uncoordinated–the poor child tripped and fell just walking IN to the gymnastics studio. The balance beam is not his friend. And while we could have sent him to this camp with Isaac, it wouldn’t have been fair to the other kids or the teachers since he would have required constant one on one help. It also would have been extremely frustrating for him, and that is simply not our goal.

He was very bummed that first morning as we left the gymnastics studio, but the true sadness came when he found out he still had to go to preschool…..without his brother. The carpool line, which usually is a time full of excitement and laughter for the boys became a tearful, anxious time as he realized he had to go in without his brother……as he realized he wouldn’t be sitting on the carpool bench with his “security Isaac”.

Things have improved slowly as the week has gone on. Matthew realizes he isn’t going to stay at gymnastics, but he still delights in seeing his brother run out to the mats. This morning we stayed awhile and I was holding him and we were watching Isaac. The music started and the kids were warming up. Matthew delightedly told me “Isaac dancing!!” without a bit of bitterness or jealousy.

Matthew was filled with joy to see his brother doing something that filled him with joy.

And isn’t that what love is all about?

One of my goals as a parent is that we are able to help the boys pursue the things they love, the things they naturally excel at. Since I don’t want either of them dwelling on the things they can’t do, I won’t dwell on those things either. And yes, that means I will be driving them to different activities on different sides of town…for about 13 more years. It also means that their fall schedule requires a spreadsheet and a flowchart to figure out. But that’s okay, because they are both going to be getting what they need.

Even more importantly, I want them to cheer each other on, to be each others biggest fans. Somehow I know that when Isaac competes at a gymnastics tournament or a track meet, Matthew’s cheers will be heard above all others. Or when Matthew’s art project wins first prize or he gets to perform a solo in front of the school, Isaac will tell everyone around him, that is MY brother.

I don’t think a mother could ask for much more than that.


Protected: Succint Wednesday July 21, 2010

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I Believe the Children are our Future July 20, 2010

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Yesterday at noon, I went to pick Isaac up at gymnastics camp. As I waited for the teacher to retrieve him, I watched the other children coming out and proudly showing that day’s craft to their parent. It was a personalized door hanger (Isaac kept calling it his doo dad). Child by child walked by with their colorful, foam doo dad, festooned with hearts, stars, letters, numbers and other shapes. I was excited to see what kind of colors and shapes Isaac had chosen. When he emerged, he proudly handed me this…….

After I suppressed a guffaw, I silently congratulated myself. I guess I have done my part–my duty–in raising up the next generation of minimalists. Either that, or Isaac is slightly less creative than a box of hair.

Nah, definitely a minimalist. Proud of you, son.


From the Mixed Up Files….. July 19, 2010

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Last night we began packing up our office. It was a room I have been dreading to tackle, because junk tends to accumulate in there, but soon after diving head first into the filing cabinet (metaphorically, people!!), I came upon a virtual treasure trove of memories.

I found the paint chips of the colors we used when we painted Isaac’s nursery. Everybody together now, “Awwwwwwwwwwwwww”. So sweet.

Then I found the receipt for my wedding dress. $934.92–and that is including veil, alterations, cleaning, etc. Boo-ya, Kleinfeld!!!

Not really, though, because Say Yes to the Dress is one of my favorite shows. It has seriously made me consider jettisoning (is that a word) my biology degree to wear all black every day and be very chic and sell overpriced gowns. But only if Randy can be my sidekick…..

or I can be his. We can work all of this out in the negotiations, people!

Oh, and I tried to find a picture of me looking all elegant in my wedding gown, but I liked this shot better. My face says it all…..sorry guys, I’m taken.

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, me and my immature co-workers. Back in my oh-so-glamorous days of pharma employment, our cylinder (that means our local team, but it sounds much more scientific and corporate, right?) was in charge of planning a team-building activity for our larger regional team. I can’t remember exactly what we planned, but before we started, we read this to the team.

It was a joke, of course, but people were freaking out wondering what was about to happen. Hello? Lighten up. Like I said, I can’t remember the exact activity, but later that night, I drank copious amounts of wine and referred to someone in another cylinder as Fire Marshall Bill.

I know, I know. How cruel and uncalled for, right? In my defense, that was before I got my heart right with God……and she (yes, SHE!) really, really reminded me of Fire Marshall Bill.

While you already have a poor opinion of me, I will show you this next thing. I will preface it only by saying that in general, I get rid of everything. I am a minimalist and I just don’t see the point of keeping useless stuff (how ironic considering this post of all the stuff I have kept). Jason is more on the “keep everything” spectrum. We had a heated discussion the last time we cleaned out the file cabinet about some old (elementary-high school) stuff of his. Stuff like report cards, scores for the PSATs, stuff like that. I put it all in this envelope…..

sealed it, and wrote the date across the seal. See below.

My point being, if you didn’t need to reference it for 5 whole years, was it really that important? I thought it was funny. He thinks I am wretched. You decide.

Moving on….

I bet you didn’t know that once I had a dog named Monkey. I bet you didn’t know that she got dressed up all the time and wore hair bows and pearls….

….and had her picture made professionally. I bet you didn’t know she was fancy. Well she was….even her cataracts were fancy. Don’t hate. You could have a fancy dog like that too if you tried really hard.

Finding those pictures reminded me that Monkey wasn’t just fancy on that day…she was also fancy at my wedding.

That’s right–she’s wearing a custom collar of flowers that matched my bouquet. Like I said, don’t hate.

Which also reminded me that Monkey was ALSO present for my senior pictures.

Swallow any liquids in your mouth right now or your monitor will be damaged when you spew it out laughing.

Okay….deep breath….scroll down.

Get it? Cause my name is Elizabeth? And it was 1995? And I was a director? Oh wait, that part isn’t right……and yes, I am fully aware that my hairstyle in the above portrait is eerily similar to Hugh Grant’s hair in the movie Nine Months (my sister doesn’t miss an opportunity to point that out to me). Rest assured that when he went to the salon, he asked for the “Elizabeth”. I did not request the “Hugh”.

Last, but not least, I found our application for the Amazing Race! My sister and I wanted to apply but that year, they were only taking applications for teams of 4. So Jason and I applied along with my 2 sisters. I have been trying to upload our application VIDEO all day to no avail, so I will just leave you with some highlights of our application.

When asked what TV family reminds us of our family, I answered:
Designing Women. Chrissy (oldest sister) is ditzy like Charlene. Abby (middle sister) is spoiled like Suzanne. Elizabeth is mostly normal, like Julia. Jason is our Anthony except he isn’t black and he hasn’t suffered an unfortunate incarceration. If all goes as planned, we hope to be like the Golden Girls in the future. Sorry Jason, let’s face it, men almost always die first and you have high cholesterol.

When asked what skills we have that would make us a good candidate for the Race:
Jason–can drive a stick shift and is able to maintain patience in the midst of 3 hysterical women
Abby–fast clue reader, excellent dog paddling abilities
Chrissy–not afraid of doing stupid, life-threatening challenges, can swim without holding her nose
Elizabeth–decisive, can entertain teammates on long plane rides, big head=looks good on TV.

Still can’t believe the producers never called. I’m sure someone lost their job over that.

So that’s what I found in my file cabinet…..which is so much more entertaining than bank statements, pay stubs and tax returns….I just throw all that lame stuff away……:)