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Protected: On Your Fourth Birthday October 30, 2010

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Protected: The Adventures of Dr. Fireman and the Amazing Robot Mummy October 28, 2010

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That Sounds Super Fun! October 27, 2010

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Matthew’s EEG is scheduled for tomorrow. During the doctor’s appointment, we had discussed him being hospitalized for a 24-hour EEG. But when I got the email saying everything had been scheduled, it said, good news!! the neurologist said an ambulatory EEG would be fine. Then it went on to tell me where to be and when but with no further details.

A couple of days later, out of curiosity, I googled “ambulatory EEG in children”.

Then I gasped.

Frantically, I called the EEG department and had them explain exactly what was going to happen. So basically, they are going to start by supergluing electrodes all over his head. Then they will wrap his head in a helmet of gauze to secure it. There will be a ponytail of wires coming out the top of his head. They will attach a valuable computer to him via a belt or a backpack–he isn’t supposed to mess with it. THEN THEY SEND ME HOME WITH HIM LIKE THIS FOR 24 HOURS! Oh yeah, and we maybe should have him sleep with us so he doesn’t strangle himself in the wires. Good times.

I did ask in a half kidding, but mostly serious way if they didn’t think it would be a better idea just to do this all in a hospital. I mean, really. This is a child who can scream for hours just because there is a new pair of shoes in his room. They said, oh don’t worry, we do this all the time. Meaning they suit the kids up and send them on their way all the time. That’s the easy part, friend.

So to say I’ve been dreading this is a major understatement, but like most everything in life it is what it is. It’s like when I was pregnant. People would say stupid things like Aren’t you so scared about labor??? First of all–not helpful. Second of all–of course, but in the end, it’s a fact of life. The baby has to come out sometime. People are born every day, and I will suck it up (and beg for drugs). I can do anything for 24 hours.

I’ve kind of become resigned in the same way about this. Yes, I am dreading it. Yes, it will stink. Yes, it is a bit inconvenient that Matthew will be wired up on Thursday and Friday while I am trying to prepare for Isaac’s birthday party on Saturday. But worrying about it isn’t going to change it. And frankly, it will be completely worth it to find out if he is having seizure activity. It’s time to stop worrying about it.

Let’s just do this.


Protected: Dream Weekend October 26, 2010

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Unique October 22, 2010

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Isaac still talks a lot about our cat, Tuffy, who died 15 months ago. Tonight we were driving home from a restaurant and Isaac said, “I love Tuffy, my cat, but he is in heaven. He had one blue eye and one green eye and that is different and I love different”.

I agreed that I loved “different” too. I tried to explain how everybody has something that is unique about them and it makes them so special. Isaac has a small patch of hair above one of his ears that is snow white. I explained that not many people have a patch of white hair and I love that about him and that makes him unique.

Jason then threw me under the bus by saying, “what makes Matthew unique?”. On short notice, I said that although there are many people in the world who have eyes like Matthew, his eyes are different from the rest of our family’s eyes. His eyes are beautiful and different and that makes him unique.

Isaac immediately began to argue. His eyes are not different. You guys are making a JOKE!! He went on and on and I was surprised how adamant he was being. I asked Isaac if he had really never noticed that Matthew’s eyes were different and he stuck to his story–we were playing a joke. Finally he says to me Matthew’s eyes are not different. THEY ARE BOTH BROWN!!!!

Jason and I exploded in laughter at the misunderstanding. After everything died down and I tried to explain that it was just the shape of his eyes that were different from the shape of our eyes. Isaac said no, we all had round eyes. I was just about to give up because, really, this was going nowhere, when Isaac suddenly asked….

wait, do you mean his eyes are rectangles????


Protected: Mommy Bragging Rights October 21, 2010

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Pep Talk October 20, 2010

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Last night was Isaac’s last soccer practice. I knew that they were going to be doing a very short soccer game and then having a cupcake party. After last week’s debacle, I wanted to prepare him for what was coming. So on the ride over there, I told him about the game. I kept telling him that the only thing that was important was that he try his hardest and that he have fun. I told him I didn’t know if he would get to kick the ball or not, but that he should try. He kept stressing to me that it was going to be HARD. He didn’t say it in a whiny way–it was more matter of fact, like, of course, since he had a hard time last week, soccer must be very HARD.

He was excited about it, especially since I kept stressing the fact that there would be a cupcake party at the end. They divided up the teams and were about to begin.

At this point, I have to rewind and share a bit about how Isaac is with Matthew. Isaac watches the way we talk to Matthew and deal with him, and he tends to do the same. For instance, he feels like he needs to “prepare” Matthew for things. Once they were leaving a babysitter and she would always give them lollipops when they left. Right when I arrived, Matthew started jumping up and down and saying LOLLIPOP!!!! The babysitter winced and explained that she only had Smarties. Isaac sensed that this could bring on a meltdown, and bent down so he was face to face with Matthew, put his hands on his shoulders and said calmly, “Now Matthew, she doesn’t have any lollipops, but it is okay. She has something else, Matthew. It is okay.” He is very much his brother’s keeper.

But back to the soccer game. The teams were divided and almost ready to begin. I reminded Isaac of which goal he should try to kick the ball too and told him to have lots of fun. He looked around and found the smallest kid on his team. He walked up to him, put his hands on his shoulders and leaned forward, looking him in the eye, and he gave him the best pep talk he could come up with…..

“This is gonna be REALLY hard. Okay?”
Then he walked away.

Way to encourage, son. Good job.