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Decoratin’ on the Cheap October 7, 2010

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So how is it going in the new house, you ask?

(crickets chirping)

Okay, fine, nobody asked, but I wanted to share some pics of things we have done with the house. I have a few little areas that I’ve dolled up….on a budget no less. There are still some things I am working on, especially in the living room, but all in all, this house is coming along, and I have to say I adore everything about living here.

First, the kitchen. Obviously, I love the kitchen, because it was renovated right before we moved in. My only issue with it is that it is ALL cabinets and backsplash. There is virtually no “wall area”, which makes it hard to bring in color.

However, there is a small seating area where the previous owners had a tiny breakfast table. I thought that would be unnecessary and redundant (wait a minute, I think me using the words “unnecessary” and “redundant” together is redundant) because the kitchen is open to the dining room. My aunt suggested a seating area and I ran with it.

I got the chair off Craig’s List ($45). The table at a flea market ($30). The curtains are from T@rget and do a great job brightening the room up! I love it because sometimes while I’m cooking, I will sit down and read a book while I’m waiting on something to boil or whatever. It’s just a cozy little unexpected area.

Then comes our office/guest room which is still a work in progress as you will see. We sold all of our office/guest room stuff from our last house and I have held out until I could find exactly what I wanted.

I finally found the desk I had been envisioning on Craig’s List for $35.

Then I found the chair at a flea market. I found a woman to paint them all shabby for me for $20. TWENTY dollars to paint a desk and a chair. Crazy. She also re-covered the chair pad for me with this fabric that I bought for $2.

So that part of the room is done.

I also found this awesome bedding, and since I got everything else for super cheap, I bought it full price. Not even a coupon code or free shipping. Almost unheard of, I know, but it is bright and I like it!

Then there is my all time favorite spot in our house……

This chair was a custom order from a local furniture shop, but it was on sale, and I think, a great deal. Especially since every time my husband walks by it, he calls it art. Sometimes I just turn off the TV and watch my chair. The pillow and lamp were both on clearance and the table is from T@rget. Of course, hanging on the wall are some bright postcards we picked up in Seoul. Postcards as art = beautiful and inexpensive.

Next up is choosing a paint color for the living room……To the left in the above picture is our dining room wall. I think the color I like best for the living room is the one closest to the dining room wall. We shall see.

I am also working on a separate painting project that will be unveiled shortly. And by working on it, I mean, I painted for a few hours a couple of weeks ago, and the half finished stuff has been junking up the dining room ever since.


6 Responses to “Decoratin’ on the Cheap”

  1. Christy Says:

    Looks beautiful! I love the deals you got too. ;)Also I just saw your post on Matthew's (costume) shirt! Great job! 🙂

  2. Oooh, so fun!!! Love this. I don't need HGTV after all. Just you 🙂

  3. Great job! I need to email you about when to start water aerobics. 🙂

  4. kelly Says:

    Verrrrry nice! Me likey. You are good with the bargains and the decorating. You could start a show!!

  5. Yvonne Says:

    I love seeing what makes your house a home! My favorite is your reading nook. I have a spot like this in my house (though it doesn't look nearly as nice as yours!) that is mommy's chair. I needed one spot that I could just go and sit and be. And great job on the deals – everything looks great.

  6. anymommy Says:

    We have the same cabinets. Gorgeous kitchen and nice job with the redos. A desk from Craig's list. Brilliant. I'm going to look for kids' desks there.

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