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Friday Funny October 15, 2010

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Isaac has been doing this really annoying precious thing when we read to him. On every single page of every single book, he points at each character and says, “What is he is saying?”. Needless to say, it gets pretty annoying and drags out reading time quite a bit.

Speaking of bizarre things he says, he has entered the WHY phase. Unfortunately, he doesn’t ever ask me normal “why questions” like why is the sky blue? He asks me things like why is that the sky? If you have the answer to that one, please let me know.

But getting back to him wondering what everyone is saying….I bought some Halloween decals to decorate the walls inside the house, and hung some up in the dining room. Last night during dinner, this conversation went down.

Isaac: What is he is saying? (pointing to this guy)

Jason: I don’t know, what do you think he is saying?
Isaac: I think he is sad because he doesn’t have a mop….
or a spinning wheel.
I’m sure that’s exactly what he is saying. Good job, Isaac.

4 Responses to “Friday Funny”

  1. I love turning the question back on him – make him work for that answer! šŸ™‚

  2. Sue Says:

    Good inductive reasoning!

  3. Kristen Says:

    I love the new pic on your blog – how sweet!!!My youngest is really into the odd "why" questions too, it was cute for about 4 days, now I'm ready for it to end.

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