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21 Questions October 19, 2010

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First off, let me say I should totally be painting my living room right now. But since I’m not…….

Do you ever get random emails from Facebook saying things like “your friends have answered questions about you, click here to see what they said”.

Well, I just had to see what they were saying about me. I’ve never used this application, but some of the questions are amusing and bizarre and I got a real laugh out of seeing what people answered. Here is a random sampling….

Do you think that Elizabeth is trailer trash?
They answered No, but I am here to tell you that I lived in a trailer for 3 years during college. It was furnished too. FANCY. It had one of those huge console TVs in the living room that would cut in and out and you had to bang on the side of it to make it work. Eventually, we used the console TV as a stand for another smaller, functioning TV. Classy. The dryer would run continuously once you started it, unless you manually turned it off, so God help you if you left for class with your favorite jeans in the dryer. You could get home hours and hours later to find your size 8 jeans shrunk down to a 4T. Also, the sun would beat down on the metal trailer and it would become a sweatbox. We actually resorted to putting aluminum foil on our windows to reflect the sun away. So thank you, random friend, for assuming the best about me. But at one point in my life, (and maybe still a little bit in my heart), I am trailer trash. After all, I love singing “Redneck Woman” when I’m alone in the car. (by the way, I do not think that people who live in trailers are trash–that’s just a silly and mean thing people say, but I would recommend that they seek alternate shelter during tornadoes).

Do you think Elizabeth should have more self-confidence?
They answered No, which is correct. If anything, I am overly confident, but with no valid reason to be. I hope I am not annoyingly confident, but even my mom has stated that she’s not sure where I get it. Here’s a thought, mom, maybe you did a good job raising me.

Do you think that Elizabeth has ever given a dutch oven to someone?
Three people answered this one. Startlingly, two of them thought I HAD. For the record, I have NOT. Unless doing that to your cat counts, and I think we can all say it does not, then I am innocent. Wow. But I think it says a lot about my friends that they assumed I had…….like they know me pretty well.

Is Elizabeth a slacker?
They said No. We will ignore the fact that I am supposed to be painting my living room right now.

Is Elizabeth a cheapskate?
They answered no. They would be wrong. Let’s just say my birthday card this year said, “It’s your birthday–do something crazy. Go to a restaurant you don’t have a coupon for!”. And all I could think of while reading the card was, “card? Cards are such a waste of money!!!”. So yeah, I’m a cheapskate.

Do you think Elizabeth has ever picked her nose in public?
They answered no. Wrong again. I can’t cite specific circumstances, but get real, we’ve all picked our nose in public at one time or another. If you say you haven’t, then you’re a liar.

Have you ever fantasized about Elizabeth?
They said no, and I have to disagree. Granted, I don’t know who answered this, but my only rebuttal is this photo….

That’s hot.
A hot mess.

Do you think Elizabeth could be a gangster?
They foolishly answered No. Clearly they didn’t know that once I borrowed someone’s car and they had Notorious BIG in the CD player and because I was nervous about driving an unfamiliar car, I listened to the song “Hypnotize” on repeat the entire time….with the windows down. How gangster is that, I ask you?

Do you think Elizabeth is a spaz?

They answered no. Really, friend, really?
(and on an unrelated note, why is the inside of my nose so RED? No wonder my doctor gives me free nose spray every time I go in there.)

Do you think that Elizabeth cried while watching the Titanic?
They answered yes, and they may be right, but technically I was just wanting Celine Dion to STOP SINGING.

So now all of you out there in blogland know me even better than my Facebook friends. By the way, this was my 500th post. Thoughtful and relevant, don’t you think?


6 Responses to “21 Questions”

  1. Tracy Says:

    LOL… that was great. Thanks for clarifying all of that.

  2. Mom to 3 C's Says:

    Well, I sure learned a lot! And I had to consult Urban Dictionary… silly me thought a dutch oven was a pot… ya know, like a wedding gift!

  3. kelly Says:

    OMG, that was fun to read! Thank you. I also LOVE your new blog header photo. So sweet.

  4. Ha ha ha… you made me laugh (much-needed) my friend. Love this idea and love your answers. I think you and I need to get together and self-deprecate over coffee and sugar.

  5. Lori Says:

    500th? WOW!! I thought my 150 mark yesterday was a lot:)

  6. Christy Says:

    Wow! Congrats on your 500th post! I learned a lot (also the dutch oven thing – gross). You made me laugh and that is a wonderful thing! Thanks! Good luck with your living room!

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