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Unique October 22, 2010

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Isaac still talks a lot about our cat, Tuffy, who died 15 months ago. Tonight we were driving home from a restaurant and Isaac said, “I love Tuffy, my cat, but he is in heaven. He had one blue eye and one green eye and that is different and I love different”.

I agreed that I loved “different” too. I tried to explain how everybody has something that is unique about them and it makes them so special. Isaac has a small patch of hair above one of his ears that is snow white. I explained that not many people have a patch of white hair and I love that about him and that makes him unique.

Jason then threw me under the bus by saying, “what makes Matthew unique?”. On short notice, I said that although there are many people in the world who have eyes like Matthew, his eyes are different from the rest of our family’s eyes. His eyes are beautiful and different and that makes him unique.

Isaac immediately began to argue. His eyes are not different. You guys are making a JOKE!! He went on and on and I was surprised how adamant he was being. I asked Isaac if he had really never noticed that Matthew’s eyes were different and he stuck to his story–we were playing a joke. Finally he says to me Matthew’s eyes are not different. THEY ARE BOTH BROWN!!!!

Jason and I exploded in laughter at the misunderstanding. After everything died down and I tried to explain that it was just the shape of his eyes that were different from the shape of our eyes. Isaac said no, we all had round eyes. I was just about to give up because, really, this was going nowhere, when Isaac suddenly asked….

wait, do you mean his eyes are rectangles????


9 Responses to “Unique”

  1. kelly Says:

    How awesome are kids?!! They make everything funnier!

  2. Eee-hee-hee… rectangle eyes. Now THAT would be different.And Jason, seriously? Way to put mom on the spot!

  3. Dena Says:

    Oh my gosh, did I get a laugh out of this!! Funny kid that Isaac. I love it!

  4. chris Says:

    Who ever knew there were so many ways to interpret something. Just goes to show you it takes a kid to wake US up to real differences.

  5. Christy Says:

    Rectangles?!? Interesting thought. So he thought that it was like the cat – one brown eye and one… 😉 How funny is that! Kids are the best (usually)! 😉

  6. Kala Says:

    Oh what a laugh those boys give me. I'm glad you have a blog so that they can look back on this someday!

  7. Grace Says:

    rectangles! i love it! this is why i love kids…too funny. 😉

  8. JoJo Says:

    hilarious! BTW, I remember you post about Tuffy…so sweet.

  9. Kristen Says:

    even though it happens to me all the time, i still find it so funny they way a conversation i think will be very straight-forward with the kids gets completely off-track. my oldest (adopted from Guatemala), recently told my youngest (adopted from Korea) that when he turned 4, he'd be Guatemalan too.

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