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Cause English is, Like, Hard November 1, 2010

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I think it’s safe to say that Matthew’s new favorite holiday is Halloween……he is crazy for candy. And he has an entire bucket of it that he is carrying all over the house with him. I only let him eat a few pieces at a time, but he still loves to touch it all, lay everything out on the floor, count it….it is a nearly religious experience or him.

Most of the stuff in the boys’ buckets is unfamiliar to them, since I don’t give them a lot of candy, so this morning, they were pulling things out and asking me what they were. My conversation with Matthew went a lot like this:

Whee called, mama?
SKITTLES, he repeats reverently.

Whee called, mama?
Laffy Taffy
LAF-FY TAF-FY, he says studiously, memorizing every syllable.

Whee called, mama?
Rice Krispy Treats

Hope you had a yummy Halloween!!! I think we will be eating from our buckets until February!


7 Responses to “Cause English is, Like, Hard”

  1. Abby Says:

    I could just eat him up. Sooo sweet.

  2. Christy Says:

    I just threw away candy from Easter (and I think a piece or two from Christmas – yuck!). At Christmas I will throw away all of the Halloween Candy. We are definitely overrun by candy!But they have so much fun!

  3. Cori Says:

    I'm so glad Matthew loved this important holiday in your home!!!

  4. hee hee… "nearly religious experience"… i know how you feel, little buddy.

  5. Grace Says:

    i laughed so hard when i read this. like, snorted laughed.

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