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Why I Oughta…. December 10, 2010

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I don’t usually use our family blog to vent about random things but two things have happened today and I just have to get them off my chest.  So who’s up for a good rant?

Oh, good.  Here goes.

So yesterday, we were expecting a package to be delivered to our home.  Jason actually was tracking it online and called me while I was out running errands and told me it was shown as being delivered to our front door.  The package held a Christmas present–a DVD player for our car with dual screens that the boys can use in the back seat of the car.  Clearly, we were excited about our purchase and were anxious to have it inside the house rather than on the porch.  But when I got home it was nowhere to be found.  I called FedEx and explained the situation and they have started a little investigation.  They took our phone numbers and said they would be in touch.

Fast forward to this morning.  On the mornings that Matthew attends his developmental preschool, we have to be out of the house at 7:20 to get him there on time.  Many days, Jason will take him on his way to work, but today I had to take him which meant I had to get both boys and myself ready to go by then.  On days like that, I get up before anyone else so that I can shower.  So I was up at 6 AM, trying not to stir the kids or the pets.  I had gotten completely undressed and turned on the shower.  And the phone rang.  At 6 AM.  I wasn’t even really awake yet.

It was FedEx wanting to know if we knew anything about our package.  I was so confused.  I kept asking them to repeat themselves.  I was turning off the shower, pulling on a robe, saying who is this again???.  They kept asking for Jason and finally I said we have NOT heard anything about the package and he is asleep, IT IS 6 AM.  Right when I hung up, the dog jumped out of bed and started whining, the cat began meowing and Isaac whined, Moooooooooommmmmyyyy from his room.

Seriously, FedEx?  Seriously?  I mean, we get up early around here, but 6 AM?  And you don’t even start out with an apology for calling so early?  And the worst part is that once I hung up I thought of all the things I wanted to say like, “Have YOU heard anything about the package??  YOU’RE the one who is supposed to be investigating, not me!!”.

Okay, fine.  I’ll get over it.  I mean, I will if they turn up our package or replace it.

But then this morning at our very favorite grocery store……I was halfway through shopping when I realized I had left all of my coupons in the car.  I know, no big deal, right?  Well, yes, it is a big deal.  On today’s trip, I saved $65 and $23 of that was with coupons, so it was kind of a huge deal.  So there I was with a cart of groceries and two kids nearing the end of their rope.  The last thing I wanted to do was take them out of the cart, walk them out to the car, get the coupons, come back into the store, put them back into the cart and continue.  That, my friends, is a huge hassle, and it is kind of cruel to 2 kids who really just want to be done with it already.

So, I had an idea.  I thought I could ask an employee if they would walk to my car WITH me (with my kids in the cart that held the unpaid-for groceries) so that I could get my coupons.  That way they could be sure I wasn’t trying to steal anything.  I really didn’t think that was asking a lot.  I looked around for a manager, but most of the people were busy.  I spotted a bagger standing around not doing anything and approached him.  This was not some teenage kid.  This was a man that was older than me.  I asked if he could help me and told him the deal.  He looked at my groceries and said he did not feel comfortable with that.  Okay.  I understand.  The logical next step to me would be for him to ask a manager, but he felt like he had a better solution.  He thought it would be brilliant for me to leave my cart (and my children!) with him, in the store, while I go outside to get my coupons.

Okay, sir, let’s review.  You do not feel comfortable ACCOMPANYING me, a woman who you clearly outweigh by at least 70 pounds, out to my car with $150 of unpaid groceries for fear that I might….what?  Overpower you?  Outwit you?  Run like the wind with 2 preschoolers in a rocket ship cart?  YET!  Yet, you suggest that I leave my CHILDREN (!), the most precious things on this earth, in your care so I can go outside to get my coupons.  I, sir, do not feel comfortable with that!  When I told him there was no way that was happening, when I explained that the whole point of my asking for his help was to avoid the hassle of removing them from the cart, dragging them through the cold parking lot, and wrestling them back into the cart, he suggested that he have another employee HELP him watch them.  As it that was going to make it all better.  Then in a fit of pure genius, he suggested I take one with me and leave one with him…..as collateral?  I still haven’t figured that one out yet.

I could have gotten a manager, who probably would have walked with me.  This store is KNOWN for its customer service.  I should have just approached a female employee, but alas, the female employees were all busy doing something and this guy was just wandering aimlessly.  So I did what women have been doing since the beginning of time when faced with a helpless or a hapless man who just doesn’t get it.  I sighed loudly and shook my head and looked at him with a look that implied, I have bothered with you enough, I can do this myself faster than you can scratch your own butt.  I can’t believe I have wasted this much time on you. Good day, sir.

But that’s not all.  Do you know what he had the nerve to say to me when I came back in the store, dragging along 2 whiny kids who just wanted to go home and EAT! LUNCH! ALREADY!, as he stood there next to my cart with his arms crossed? 

There now, that didn’t take so long, did it?

I cannot say for certain, but I am pretty sure he is on the naughty list.


8 Responses to “Why I Oughta….”

  1. sheesh. that last comment of his is so “i hope you’ve learned your lesson, lady.” where’s HIS xmas spirit? booo!

  2. Melissa Horton Says:

    Oh yes, that deserves a call to management! I was speaking to a friendly bagger on the way out to my own car one day and he told me that people who do not convey the spirit of customer service at Publix stores do NOT last long–and that management WANTS to know if anyone is like that! Yikes…I would call them…not that I’m full of fear and think the worst…but it is creepy to suggest that a mother leave her children with him. Ugh. Glad it “didn’t take so long”… 🙂

  3. christine m tomberlin Says:

    Oooo–I get mad just reading it. He was so CLUELESS! And then so smug and demeaning. Print this out and take to the manager next time–If she is a woman, she will be outraged and you may get some freebees.

  4. Kristen Says:

    both those situations are definitely vent-worthy. UGH.

  5. deb jacobs Says:

    i hope it isn’t OUR favorite store! they are so nice! that’s crazy.
    vent away, woman-i LOVE your posts!

  6. jaime scott Says:

    You are HILARIOUS! THanks for ranting and raving. Made my day!! 🙂

  7. Lori Says:

    I just think it’s really absurd that you had a problem leaving your precious boys with a total MALE stranger in a store full of people you didn’t know. I mean really… (total sarcasm implied).

    Also, I totally stole your drawing from the elf idea. Our elf named Pinocchio (cause that’s just my kid:) drew Mater from Cars this morning and wished Jack a Merry Christmas! Thanks!

  8. Tracy S Says:

    Totally relate!!! I am so glad I have a 14 year old who I can have stand with the little kids, or go to the car for me! However she is not ALWAYS with me when I need the help.

    It was a funny story though!!! Hope you can laugh about it some now. Did Fed ex ever get your package to you?

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