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Jingle Elf, Jingle Elf, Jingle Elf Rocks December 20, 2010

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Jingle the Elf has been up to even more hijinx at our house.  The morning that we rode on the Polar Express he brought a HUGE surprise for the boys–a Christmas train!

Jingle brought with him a letter from Santa himself, explaining that the train was a gift so that they would always remember their ride on the Polar Express…

This is how the boys found Jingle that morning….

One morning, the boys awoke to find Jingle reading some books with a common theme.  We talked it over and realized that maybe Jingle wanted to remind us that even though Santa was a lot of fun, it is also important to remember what we truly celebrate at Christmastime.

One night, he broke into our sweets…..well, you know how much elves love sugar….

Then one morning, he tried to blend in with our Christmas card collection.  Although the picture is bad, you might be able to spot one from Korea!

One night, it was almost as if Jingle was channeling me.  The poor elf seemed to be exhausted from coming up with different places to hide flying back and forth to the North Pole, so he just made himself a sleeping bag and spent the day napping.

This morning, he was found enjoying some cinematic adventures in our den.  You may not be surprised at what movie he was found watching…….

Oh, Jingle!  You have been so much work fun this Christmas!  We will miss you when you have to fly back to the North Pole for good on Christmas Eve!

But I’m sure he will get up to plenty of things in the meantime.


5 Responses to “Jingle Elf, Jingle Elf, Jingle Elf Rocks”

  1. My goodness, that Jingle has the cutest ideas! My faves are his little bed, and the bites out of marshmallows. He has a pretty big mouth for a little elf! 😉

  2. Kristen Says:

    After reading about so many wonderful ways other moms were making advent fun, I decided we’d have our own elf visit us for the last 12 days before christmas. I’m so glad I can borrow ideas from you and other moms, b/c after about 3 days, I was out of my own.

    I love that train Jingle brought; I bet your boys were beyond excited when they saw that!

  3. Christy Says:

    So cute! Glad the boys are enjoying. Hope you er Jingle gets some rest soon! 😉

  4. Tricia Says:

    Jingle is absolutely adorable and oh so busy. What a sense of magic wonder this must provide for the boys. You’re a great mom.

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