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Whatnot Wednesday December 22, 2010

Filed under: whatnot — Elizabeth @ 4:47 PM

It felt good last week to get all of the whatnot out of my head.  So good that I am considering making a weekly thing of it.  Whatnot Wednesday might just become a therapeutic purging of all the useless information in my head that I feel sure that others are dying to know….so brace yourself.

  • The boys invented a monster called Silly Gilly Gumbles.  They pretend he is chasing them around the house.  I asked what he looks like.  Isaac told me he has long eyes, stars on his head and purple freckles on his back.  No wonder they run.
  • Perfume commercials–are they not the most nonsensical things imaginable?  It’s always some half naked woman running through the rain or rolling in the sand, while someone with a heavy accent narrates in a whisper.  How does that translate to perfume??  Speaking of perfume commercials–does anyone remember the one from YEARS ago where Cindy Crawford sang?  It was for Charlie.  Agonizing….and look here, I found it just for your viewing pleasure!
  • I just saw a preview for a new show on TLC about strange addictions.  One woman is addicted to eating toilet paper and one woman is addicted to sleeping with her hair dryer.  I don’t know if I will laugh or cry…..but I have to watch it.  I have to.  It is possible that this show will make me become addicted to feeling superior.
  • The boys have been doing a lot of building with Duplo blocks.  They also like the Duplo people that they can use in their creations.  One of their gifts this year is a pack of Duplo “People of the World”, a racially diverse pack of these people.  Isaac has this idea that he only gets one gift every year for Christmas, so he has this running list of what he wants for the next 20 years.  Seriously–for instance, for his 23rd Christmas, he wants a green cup.  The precious child has such simple requests.  He’s going to be kind of surprised on Christmas.  Anyway…..this morning, he says to me, I know what I want for my 28th Christmas.  I want my favorite block person.  When I asked him to clarify, he said, you know those people with holes in their butts.  (just so we’re clear, their “buttholes” are actually thigh holes that are part of the Duplo design that allow you to sit the person down on the blocks).  But yeah, kid, you’re getting like 12 people with holes in their butts, so Merry Christmas to you!!!
  • If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you saw this confession yesterday, but it bears repeating.  Maybe this will be an a-ha moment for you as well…..I only realized a few years ago that the song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” meant that mommy was kissing daddy who was dressed up as Santa Claus.  I blame this on being a child of divorce and finding out the truth about Santa at a very young age (6!).
  • Another embarrassing a-ha moment for me:  realizing that Ronald McDonald was a clown.  I don’t know what I thought he was, but once when my husband called him a clown, I loudly protested, then it slowly dawned on me.  Maybe I thought he was a poorly dressed, red headed mime?  I have no idea.  But now that I know he is a clown, I am traumatized by him.  How’s that for the power of suggestion?

Have you had any weird a-ha moments as an adult?


6 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. Beth Says:

    SERIOUSLY Laughing Out Loud!!! Elizabeth, you crack me up!!

  2. Yvonne Says:

    people with holes in their butts – love it. so logical! and yes, sounds like he will be quite surprised…

  3. Grace Says:

    hilarious! the today show had some of the people from the TLC show on today and i was so weirded out. eating toilet paper?! what the…
    and confession: i didn’t realize that about the “i saw mommy kissing santa claus” song until…just now when you wrote it. i don’t know what that never crossed my mind!
    and i figured out the truth about santa at age 5. i know. it’s cause we didn’t have a chimmney so my parents told me santa came in through the window, and that REALLY freaked me out.

  4. Isaac… you are just too sweet for words!
    And dude… Ronald McDonald totally freaks me out. Clown = evil.

  5. Kristen Says:

    Silly Gilly Gumbles – Hilarious
    TLC Show – Must See TV
    Ronald McDonald – Scary
    Weekly WhatNot – Great Idea, you should do it!

  6. Pixie Says:

    Love this! Yes, you should make it a regular Wednesday feature. The addiction show sounds freakishly fun. Good think we don’t have cable or I’d be addicted for sure. As for a-ha moments…I realized about a year ago that Jimmy Buffet was singing about a “lost shaker of salt” and NOT the “chigger and saw” that I had always sung. Of course, my husband, who pointed out this lyrical error, finds it hysterically funny.

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