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Whatnot Wednesday December 29, 2010

Filed under: whatnot — Elizabeth @ 5:00 AM
  • I have been working on trying to force a part into Matthew’s hair.  Okay, I admit it, I haven’t been trying that hard.  But one morning, I wet it all down, combed it over and then added product to keep it in place.  And do you know what he did?  He climbed down from the bathroom stool, walked out into the hallway, and rolled all around on the carpet just like Batman used to do when he would find the french fry grease.  Wait, I see some hands raised in the back.  You are wondering who Batman is and why he would roll in the french fry grease.  Fair question.  Batman was a dog we had when I was growing up.  He wandered up into our yard during the big Elba flood.  (Can’t really remember the year–you might want to consult an Almanac on that one).  Anyway, when you live in the country, that’s how you get new pets.  They just show up and you’re like, {sigh} all right, well if it’s okay with Lady (our other dog) I guess you can stay.  So, yeah, we lived in the country.  Like, burned our own trash, couldn’t get a pizza delivered to us, participated in greased pig contests….I think you’re starting to get the picture.  Anyway, (and here is why we will forever bake french fries in our household) when it was time to dump the french fry grease (I shudder even typing that), we would go and pour it in the woods.  Well, darn it if Batman wouldn’t search it out every single time.  And it wouldn’t do for him to just find it and run a victory lap through it.  No, he didn’t even want to lick it up.  He wanted to roll all around in it.  It didn’t matter how far we went from the house, an hour later, he would run back, just as happy as he could be, greasy and slick and smelling like a Burger King dumpster.  And then it would be on one of us kids to wash him.  Darn you, Batman.  I shake my fist at you even now.  It was like one of those Dawn commercials where they are trying to clean off a poor goose who has somehow swum into an oil spill–except switch that out for an old, stinky dog and subtract the philanthropic warm fuzzies.  So where was I?  Oh yeah, I tried to fix Matthew’s hair one day, but it reminded me of Batman, and I gave up.
  • You know when your ear itches inside, like really deep inside your ear canal, and you can’t reach your finger inside to itch it?  And it is so deep it is almost like it is inside your head or maybe even somehow the mucous membranes of your cheek or jaw and you almost feel like you can use your tongue to reach over and scratch it like that, but you can’t get at it that way either??  UGH, I hate that.
  • I just finished another good book.  Not so amazing like with the intensity of Room where I am begging you to go get it right now….and what is up with you people that only one person has gotten back to me with their book report?  You act as if you might have been busy with something…..Anyway this is just a plain old good book called “Girl in Translation“.

It tells the story of a girl and her mother who immigrate here from Hong Kong and their life as they live in NYC in a condemned project and work in an illegal sweatshop.  At the same time, the main character is attending a private school and keeping all of this a secret from her classmates.  While it is fiction, the author, Jean Kwok, is an immigrant from Hong Kong who worked in an illegal sweatshop, so I have to imagine that much of the story rings true.  Very compelling book told from an Asian-American point of view that you don’t get to hear very often.  Put it on your list!

  • I think Isaac might not have the best hearing.  I know I don’t–mine is from years of working around barking dogs and listening to my car stereo at top, top volume.  I am fairly sure that I could qualify for a hearing aid, but that’s a whole other blog post.  Maybe I could get one at the same time I get my “stop peeing my pants” surgery done.  I don’t know what his issue is, but he is always hearing things wrong.  Tonight, I was talking to some family about how Isaac takes after Jason’s tastes as far as favoring bland foods, and Matthew is like me and likes things to be very flavorful.  Isaac overheard me saying that he had Jason’s taste buds and he protested loudly, “I don’t have dad’s tool bits!!!!!”
  • I want a minivan. Uh-huh, you heard me.  Shocking, right?  I know you all think I am the epitome of cool and everything…..right?  RIGHT??  But the fact is that my teeny little Hyundai Tucson is not really working anymore for our growing family.  And when I say growing family, I really just mean Isaac, whose legs are getting about an inch longer every week.  I want something with a third row….and frankly, I’d like to put my kids all the way back in the third row and keep the normal backseat as a buffer zone.  I probably won’t do that, but I want to, and a minivan gives me that option if I so desire.  I also think it’s fancy when I see those moms in the parking lots and the door slides itself closed.  Ooooo-eeee, that’s sweet.  So yeah, early next year, I’m gettin’ me a minivan.  I think I’m just hot cool enough to pull it off.  So if you drive a minivan and you love it, tell me all about it.  I need swagger wagon recommendations.  And if you think they’re dorky, keep it to yourself, because I really don’t need you harshin’ my mellow.
  • A few weeks ago, I had to scold Matthew about something.  Isaac decided to turn the tables on me though.  After I scolded him and walked away, Isaac followed me out of the room and said to me, “Mom, it doesn’t sound like you are honoring your brother to me.”  I totally got schooled by my kid.

Okay, your assignments:  minivan recommendations, book reports on required reading, walking your french fry grease as far away from the house as possible, and help a sister out–what are some good books you have read lately??


11 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Hey lady… sorry about Matthew’s Hair. We feel you up here in Ohio! Ashers is the same. THough we do have some tame days.

    As for the books… I still have to read the help books so I can help my children!!! SOme day I may get the the fun to read books.

    Where mini vans are concerned… I ran the other way. I actually tried a toyota seinna, but could not do it. There just was not enough room and the “cool” pfttt… not there. So we got a SUburban. Talk about room!!! BUT… once gas prices started to FLY to the SKY, paying 100 a week to fill it up made us realize we could do with out some of the room. We DID NOT go back to mini vans. We got a Ford FLex. I guess if you have to say it, it is Fords take on a minivan, but not a minivan. We love it. COOL… YES… Good gas mileage and ROOM… I drove it to AL from Ohio with two adult men, a teen age girl, a pre teen and a toddler. Imagine all the STUFF… in cludding a full size computer and an acoustic guitar.
    OH. the cost of them is resonible. We got the bottom of the line model. And it still comes with great amineties. We added leather seats.
    I hope I convinced you to check them out. I was the first person in our little town to drive one… It was a little odd, but now… I LOVE IT.

  2. Renee Says:

    I always do what I’m told (ha!), especially when it comes to homework, so here goes.

    1. Minivan. I am on my 2nd Toyota Sienna. We bought a brand new 2011 4 months ago and love it! It’s the REAL Swagger Wagon! One of the coolest (I know it’s a van, but it can still be cool) things about it is that the 2nd row seats can slide all the way back to the third row. So you could still technically have your kids in the 2nd row, but they would be almost sitting in the 3rd row. Added bonus is that they then cannot kick the back of your seat with their muddy boots! We got the LE model with DVD players mounted to the back of the front seats. I’m telling you, the wireless headphones and resulting silence are heavenly when we travel! Worth every penny!

    2. Books. I literally just finished a fun, quick read. It was Take a Chance on Me by Jill Mansell. I’m actually heading to the library today to borrow another one of hers because I liked the other one so much. Also, have you read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy? That was a great series. I will warn you that the first 100-150 pages of the 1st book are a little slow, but if you can get past that, you will not regret it.

  3. Ha! Love our assignment review at the end of the post.
    Um… I’m not addressing the mini van thing because… I don’t want to “harsh your mellow.”??? Is that a southern thing again? Because, if so, I have so much to learn.
    Oh, Batman! So gross!
    And as for Room, my dang library hasn’t given it to me yet! There must be a long waiting list. Sorry, teach.

  4. Beth Says:

    Finished the book yesterday at work (yep, that is how good it was…could NOT put it down). A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! Seriously one of the best books I think I have ever read.

    I have never owned a minivan, but have several friends that do. Out of them all, there are 2 that I actually like. One has the Nissan Quest and the other a Honda Odyssey. I like the Quest the best on the inside, but they look wierd to me. The Honda is overall a really good “cool mom ride” if you ask me.

    Also a home grown country girl…my dog Blackie used to do the same thing. He also liked to venture out and find anything that was dead and had been rotting for like WEEKS, and then come home smelling all wonderful.

  5. Lori Says:

    Well, I don’t have a minivan but my best friend had a Honda Odessey and she loved it. I thought it was a pretty cool ride too and the door slide open by themselves:) I reread “Safely Home” by Randy Alcorn recently and it was just as fantastic this time around as the first time! Also, “An Unlikely Disciple” is a neat read that I would only recommend to someone very grounded in their faith. I found it extremely interesting!

  6. Jaime Scott Says:

    Okay, I have a Hyundai Entourage (mini van) and I LOOOVE it! I mean, I can’t say enough good about minivans, esp. with small children. It has doors that automatically open with the push of a button (amazing!) and there is so much room. We took out one of the middle seats, and Tyson and Peyton sit in the back seat. Hudson is in the other middle seat where I can reach him to shove a paci in his mouth if need be. We store a potty in there for emergencies. There is room for diaper changes on the floor (you are past that stage though), or room to change kids clothes when there are accidents. It’s so much easier to get kids in and out of a mini van (a major plus for me). Maybe when the kids are older and we don’t have carseats, I would consider something else, but our minivan makes life so much easier for me right now. You can basically live in it. Love it.

  7. Kristen Says:

    I am one of the anti-minivan people, but I’ll try not to “harsh your mellow”, which may be tricky since i’m not entirely sure what that means 🙂 All my friends who have minivans LOVE them, the Odyssey and the Sienna seem to be the hippest ones from what I can gather.

    Oh holy french fry grease Batman – that is gross!

    Please don’t be made teacher, I still haven’t started Room, but I promise as soon as I do, you’ll have that book report.

    Two books I’ve enjoyed recently are The Lace Reader and The Scent of Rain and Lightning.

    I think we need to start an online book club or something…

  8. Grace Says:

    oh, batman…too funny!

    i am anti-minivan just ’cause i want to look cool and hip and non-mommy-like for as long as i possibly can. i’m shallow like that. 😉

    thanks for your book rec! will get on it. i just started “the red thread” and so far, so good. it’s about adoption, so a lot of it hits close to home. i also loved “the help,” but i’m sure you’ve already read it. and “the art of racing in the rain,” “lottery,” and the “guernsey literary and potato peel pie society” are also recent favorites 🙂

  9. Yvonne Says:

    thanks again for the smile 🙂

    my dream vehicle was a minivan, filled with my children. it took 6+years to convince my husband, but we now have a kia sedona and love it. My husband even loves it. And while the buffer row might be nice, what we love when traveling long distances is having one adult in the middle row with one child and the other two in the back. That way the middle row adult can reach everyone. Very important requirement on long trips.

    Happy van shopping!

  10. robyn Says:

    i just read the distant hour by kate morton, love her books!

    and by the way, just bought our first mini yesterday! got an odyssey so i can loose it in the parking lot with the sea of other odysseys. but i am pretty pumped. we are a used car family, so we kept searching honda dealerships til we found one at a good price…then it’s still covered under their warranty.

  11. Jenny Says:

    First of all, love the whatnot wed. you are cracking me up! thank you.

    Second, love the mini, actually when we got ours I acted like a complete diva and said I was just too cool to drive one…which is hilarious because I am not even a little bit cool. But then I gave in after seeing the price tag on the suburban, and as I tell everyone..I was wrong, I love my mini, love it! I drive a Toyota but we look at both Honda and Toyota loved them both equally just found a used toyota we like more first. My doors and get this, my trunk close by me pushing buttons, it’s too cool!

    I’m going to get back to you on books b/c I LOVE to read and for some reason have really not been reading lately, thank you for the recommendations, I’m going to request them at the library now.

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