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Protected: The (Cloudy, Cold, Tornado-ey) Beach January 29, 2011

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Protected: Learning to Fly January 28, 2011

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Protected: Excuse Me While I Take a Photodump…. January 27, 2011

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Protected: Everything I Need to Know about Disney….

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Whatnot Wednesday–Disney Edition January 26, 2011

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  • At 11 PM, on our first night at Disney, we were walking back to our room.  I told the boys that we needed to get a lot of rest because the next day was going to be even busier.  Isaac said, “tomorrow will be even DISNEY-ER???”.  Well, technically, yes……
  • The last morning we were there, we had a wake up call because we had heard that sometimes it was a Disney character that would deliver the wake up call on the phone.  We had Isaac answer the phone and he had a long conversation with Mickey.  We heard him tell Mickey, “we are coming to see you!  We will be there!!!”.  After he got off the phone, I asked him what Mickey said to him.  He just sat down with a dreamy look on his face and said, he just said a lot of somethins’.
  • We stayed a the Port Orleans French Quarter, and there were lots of Mardi Gras decorations everywhere.  There was a huge jester over one of the entrances, and the boys asked over and over what he was.  We kept telling them he was a jester, but they couldn’t remember.  One morning, Isaac said, Look, it’s Justin!  And then Matthew said, No, it’s Ginger!
  • I enjoyed the magic of Disney just as much as the next guy, but I had one resounding thought the entire time we were there–SERIOUSLY, where is the Starbucks in this bad boy?? Of all the places a parent needs coffee, strong coffee, and not a drop of decent stuff to be found.  Not to mention that it was unseasonably cold while we were there–high of 58 and WINDY.  It was cruel, really.  I had to drink hot chocolate, which was good, but add that to the fact that we didn’t have internet the entire time we were at Disney and we have been without a DVR for 5 nights….well, we may as well have been vacationing in Amish country.
  • We paid $31 for a double stroller for one day.  Coming from the cheapest woman in America, I am telling you–best money ever spent.  Wait, I take that back–the character meals were the best money ever spent.  Double stroller was a close second.  If you look up “completely unaware of self and surroundings” in the dictionary….well, you won’t find it.  But if it WAS in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Matthew walking into a metal pole.  Just underneath that, you would see a picture of Isaac walking head first into a stranger’s crotch.  I am telling you that the most enjoyable times I spent at the park were when the kids were strapped into a ride or strapped into the stroller.  $31 is a bargain, my friends.
  • On the day we went to the Magic Kingdom, we had to go back to the hotel in the middle of the day to take a nap. When Isaac woke up, he cried and told me he wanted to go home. (We had been away a mere 24 hours) I asked him why he wanted to go home and he said, “because home is funner than here.” He also told me he had one sad heart and one happy heart.  When asked why one of his hearts was sad he said it was because of the hotel.  I am thinking if your kids prefer their home life to Disney World, we must be doing something right.  As fun as Disney was, I think home is funner too, and I am stoked to be headed back today.

Protected: What are the Chances? January 24, 2011

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Hard Labor with a Dash of Magic January 23, 2011

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Here’s the thing.  I’m just gonna put it out there.

Traveling with kids is not fun.

There is a quote from Modern Family–I think the mom said it when they were going on vacation to Hawaii–“I’m a mom.  This isn’t a vacation, it’s a business trip.”

It’s not relaxing, and except for about 20% of the time, it’s  not fun.  And I love my kids.  I adore them.  But vacationing with them?  It’s just a lot of work.  No sleeping in.  No zoning out with your ipod on the plane.  No romantic dinners in nice restaurants.

They wear you out.

They molest every garbage can they walk by.

They require 18 snacks for one plane ride…….that lasts 75 minutes.

They break ornaments in the Disney Christmas store.

They do not feel appropriate shame for breaking ornaments in the Disney Christmas store.

One runs 100 yards ahead of me everywhere we go while the other one lags at least 100 yards behind.  (Just so you know, there is not any chance that anyone will invite Matthew to be their partner on the Amazing Race).

They dance around you, screaming at top volume (while molesting garbage cans and licking the floor) while you read every menu in a crowded and noisy food court and try to do dining point calculations in your head.

They lose their sunglasses and then earnestly ask every Disney employee if they have found their sunglasses.  (Okay, that one was kind of funny)

They wait until everyone gets quiet on a crowded bus to announce, “I just poot!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

But here’s the thing.

Then something amazing happens.

Isaac, on a roller coaster.  Screaming, laughing.  Joy unspeakable written across his face.  I couldn’t look away.  I had to swallow down sobs before the coaster ended.  I will never, ever forget that joy.  The mental image is mine forever.

Matthew meeting Minnie Mouse.  Burying his head in her skirt.  Too excited to use real words.  Later he picked out a Minne doll and has been carrying her around ever since.

That’s how they get you.  Not just on vacation, but throughout the entire parenting journey.  It’s work, toil, cry yourself to sleep, JOY, anger, pain, MIRACLE, sleeplessness, more work, frustration, LAUGHTER.

And suddenly it’s all worth it…..and after you’re home for a few weeks, you forget the garbage can molestations and the broken ornaments and public poot admissions….at least I hope I will.

But you remember the joy.  The moments that made it all worth it.

We must, because we do it again and again.

It’s fine.  You can tell me “I told you so” when I start to plan this very same trip next year.

**Pictures to come tomorrow after I bathe the family in Germ-X and begin to recover a bit from the trauma that is “traveling with children”**