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Whatnot Wednesday January 12, 2011

Filed under: whatnot — Elizabeth @ 8:26 AM
  • Isaac and I were playing a game the other day where he was the mom and I was the kid, which was fun because he read me books, and tucked me in with lots of cuddly toys.  He also fixed me a pretend PB&J.  Of course, during the entire game he referred to me as “KID”.  After about 30 minutes, I really needed to wash dishes so I told him I was ready to be the mom again.  He asked if he could be daddy.  I said okay and then asked him what we should do first.  He said, “well, first we better check the weather”.  Perfect daddy impression–that is SO Jason!!!
  • On the morning of our “blizzard”, I opened Matthew’s curtains and blinds so that he would see the snow outside right when he woke up.  Later, I went in his room and found him sitting up in bed looking outside.  I said what do you see?  He said, “I see ice cream!!!”.
  • So I’m 33, but I still only eat my cereal dry.  I love milk, but I have a soggy cereal phobia.  This is just one of my many food phobias–others include normally leaving one bite on my plate when I’m done, being terrified of other people’s refrigerators (I attribute this to my mother putting leftovers in old margarine containers, which led to unwelcome shock therapy) and holding my breath to the point of nearly fainting when opening any container of leftovers.  But hey, at least, I stopped dry heaving about it.  Oh, and I hate sharing food, which most of you know.  Actually I went to the movies with a friend right before Christmas and had a box of Junior Mints.  I offered her some, even though she knows I hate to share.  She laughed and declined saying that was very big of me.  I totally agreed.  Anyway, I eat cereal out of a box or the bowl dry while drinking a glass of milk.  SOMETIMES I will put milk on granola, but only if I know I can dedicate 3-5 minutes straight for wolfing it down while it’s still crunchy.  So that’s how the boys eat cereal too.  I’m raising a whole new generation of weirdos.
  • Last night at dinner, I told the boys we were going to say a new blessing.  Normally they sing a simple, little song, and I was concerned that they weren’t getting much out of the meaning.  I was going to introduce the idea of just praying and thanking God for our food.  I told Isaac we were going to try a “talking” prayer instead of a singing one, and before I could go on, he folded his hands began:  Dear God, thank you for this food, that was soooooo nice of you to make us dinner.  Amen.
  • Remember Silly Gilly Gumbles?  Well, he has been replaced by someone named Smelly Fox.  Last week, Matthew’s vocabulary list had a lot of animals on it.  One was a fox, but he would only identify it as Smelly Fox.  They also refer to me as The Monster when I vacuum.  At least I think that’s the only time they call me that…..
  • Meteorology nerds:  Answer me this.  If it’s 34 degrees outside, why does it feel like 26?  How did you measure all that, and if it feels like 26, then why isn’t it 26?  I don’t get this AT ALL.  I just want to know when the inch of ice is going to melt off my car, so I can leave the house…..because this is Alabama and I ain’t scraping it.  Living here also allows me to use “ain’t” in regular conversation, along with “fixin’ to”, “y’all”, and “up the road a piece”.
  • And, if we can measure what the temperature really is, along with how it FEELS, then why can’t we measure useful things like how tired a person is.  I mean we can measure energy, so why not the lack of??  It would be very useful, for instance, if your kid was crying in the middle of the night, you could do take your tired measurement and compare it to your husbands and make HIM go take care of the kid.  Ideas like this–I got a million of ’em.
  • Isaac to Jason:  “I got some ice cream for you….it’s in my pocket.”

8 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. Joyce N. Ingram Says:

    I…LOVE… reading your post. It makes my day so much brighter. Glad to have met you. Isn’t God great to cross our paths just so I could get a pick me up when I read your post. Love you.Joyce

  2. Grace Says:

    so i’m sitting in carson’s room while he’s napping trying to be all quiet and then i read isaac’s prayer and burst out laughing. good thing the boy is a sound sleeper!
    and, girlfriend, i’m thinking some of your food phobias could get you on “my strange addiction”…haha, just kidding. maybe. 😉

  3. Christy Says:

    Great post! I’m really enjoying Whatnot Wednesday! 🙂
    Love Isaac’s prayer, playing “kid” and measuring tiredness (what a terrific idea!). Have a great day! Thanks for your sweet comment on my post!

  4. Oh, the ice cream in my pocket made me chuckle. That and his daddy impression. Men DO like to know the weather. Them and old people. 😉
    I’m not quite as extreme as you, but I despise soggy cereal. It’s why I refuse to eat rice krispies in milk. I’m shivering just thinking about it.

  5. Yvonne Says:

    Playing the parent with Paul is one of Andrew’s favorite games. He too calls daddy “kid” which I think is pretty funny. And I would like to know why 68 degrees in the spring/summer feels different than 68 degrees in the winter – why am I cold in the winter when the house is at 68 but if my air is set for 68 degrees, I’m freezing? I haven’t figured that one out yet…

    Love whatnot Wednesday! Thanks for making me smile 🙂

  6. Kristen Says:

    I love that your kids come up w/names like “silly gilly gumbles” and “smelly fox”, but when you play, you’re simply “Kid”.

    You do have some serious food phobias, I’m going to get out the book Buddy’s food therapist gave us, “Just Take a Bite”, and copy some pages for you 🙂

    Ever since I saw Gone with the Wind for the 1st time (I was 12), I’ve wanted to have a Southern accent. I’m so jealous you can say “y’all” and “up the road a piece”!

  7. Kelly Says:

    Oh my gosh, your Whatnot Wednesdays do NOT disappoint! I love these little tidbits. All of them. Thank you for keeping track of all the funny stuff and for writing about them in such an entertaining way!

  8. Sue Says:

    your whatnot wednesdays rock!!
    i’m with you on the windchills (aka feels like temps)…i am so confused as to what i am supposed to tell drew the temp is when he asks (7 degrees or 5 degrees below zero?!?)
    ice cream in a pocket…isaac might actually be on to something!

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