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Whatnot Wednesday February 16, 2011

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  • Isaac is incredibly literal.  I suppose all children are, to some extent, but he is so earnestly literal that I picture him growing up to be a lot like Amelia Bedelia.  (Please tell me you read the Amelia Bedelia books when you were growing up!!  I thought she was HYSTERICAL!!!!).  His biggest mix ups seem to come from comments teachers make at school.  For instance, the night before we left for Disney, Jason and I were packing.  I walked by Isaac’s room and was shocked to find him awake and sitting up in bed.  I went in and he asked if I was packing the suitcases.  I told him yes and then he asked me in total seriousness, “Is Miss Gena in my suitcase?”.  Apparently after he told his teacher that we were going to Disney, she said she wanted to get in his suitcase and come along.  He asked us many times during the trip if she was in the suitcase.  And yesterday I picked him up from school and asked how his day was.  His answer was, “Well, Miss Gena said she wanted to take me home.  But you did, mama.  You are taking me home.  So I guess she wasn’t right”.  I can just see her telling him he is so sweet that she wanted to take him home, and him being slightly concerned that it might actually happen.  Also, Matthew had to miss his preschool Valentines party because he was sick.  Matthew’s teacher brought all of his Valentines into Isaac’s class for Isaac to bring home.  She told Isaac that the Valentines would make Matthew feel better.  The next morning at breakfast when Matthew still had a fever, he proclaimed that Miss Nancy was WRONG.  The Valentines did NOT help because Matthew was still sick.  Little Isaac Bedelia.
  • Isaac is always making up words.  He makes up so many words that about half of the words he “makes up” are already actually words–he just hasn’t ever heard them.  For instance, he will make a long stick out of Duplo blocks, wield it at me like a sword and say, “I’m spying you, mom!”.  So anyway, this morning, I’m making breakfast and he says to me:  “Mom, what rhymes with %$&# (a very vile, dirty word)?”.  Now I am here to tell you that he has NEVER heard this word in any form.  I knew that he had no idea what he was saying, so I called absolutely no attention to it.  Just so you know, the answer is:  SUCKER!
  • I always turn my library books in on time.  I just do.  I am a stickler for rules.  But after our trip to Disney, I got a bit behind.  I am currently reading “Radical” by David Platt and it is overdue.  I tried to renew it online, but a lot of people have it on reserve, so they wouldn’t let me renew it.  Well, I’m not bringing it back until I’m done.  So the fines, they keep racking up.  Should I feel bad that the one time I decide to break the rules, it’s with a book on how to live a radically Christian lifestyle?  I’m not sure.  Jason thinks the fact that I’m letting fines pile up (at a whopping 5 or 10 cents per day) is about the most radical action I’ve ever taken.  Yeah, I’m kind of boring…..and cheap, but by God, I’m gonna finish this book.
  • I used to live in an apartment in a bad part of town.  I was single and carefree, and I thought it was charming and bohemian.  Besides, it was all I could afford.  The upside was that the apartment building itself was gated and safe.  That didn’t stop my car from getting broken into every other week, but I still always felt safe….once the big iron gate locked shut behind me.  This was back in the day when only rich people had cell phones.  Or maybe some regular people had them, but not me, and not most people I knew.  I mean, I was buying groceries on a credit card for pete’s sake–how was I gonna have a cell phone?  So anyway, outside of our apartment building was a phone, so if a guest came to see you or if you had a pizza delivered, they would have to call you and you would have to walk down to let them in.  It was a real phone, not like an intercom, so the problem became that homeless people would just use it to make phone calls.  So they (don’t you just love it when people say “they” and you don’t know really who that means?  We will assume in this case that “they” is the apartment management, okay?) decided to remove the speaker from the mouthpiece of the phone to deter the homeless people from using it.  So when I had a date or food delivered or anything like that, I had to go through this spiel and explain to them that they had to call me when they got there, but that I wouldn’t be able to hear them on the other line, so that they should just push buttons on the phone and I would hear beeping in my ear and know that there is someone at the door.  I don’t know why I’m sharing that except that I think it’s funny and I don’t want to forget it.
  • I don’t spend a lot of time mourning the fact that my kids are growing up and changing every day, but there are some little things that–when they go away–are going to make a small piece of my heart wither up and die.  For instance if, next year, they don’t refer to February 14 as Ballantimes Day, I’m done for.

11 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. Susan W Says:

    Do you like the Radical book? I guess so, if it’s worth getting late fines for. 🙂 I have it on my Kindle but haven’t started it yet.

    Our DD is pretty literal, too–maybe not as much as your funny Isaac. Poor thing, thinking his teacher was in the suitcase!

    love your phone story.

    Would you mind sharing your password? I’m enjoying your blog. We’re in N Alabama.

  2. Kristen Says:

    Oh Isaac – stories about him always end w/my happy sigh.

    I still love Amelia Bedelia…to the point that if I ever have a daughter, she may be named after her.

    For some reason the vision of you telling the pizza guy to push buttons on the phone so you would hear the beeping in your ear almost made me spit out my coffee.

  3. Meredith Says:

    I loved Amelia Bedelia, wonder where all my books?

    Can I just say I laughed imagining your conversation on what rhymes with sucker! Hilarious

  4. The intercom at your apt. Classic. 🙂

  5. Lori Says:

    Everywhere I turn, somebody is reading “Radical” – that may be God trying to tell me something! Our church has some small groups going thru that book right now. On another note, I NEVER turn my library books in on time. What makes it worse is that I go to our (very small) library all the time so they know me there. Always late!! A few times, they have actually told me to just hold onto the book until September (fees are forgiven month) – it’s just that much of a problem!

  6. Aunt JoAnn Says:

    In reference to Ballentines Day, there is an Ale he just might be attracted to one day, in his nastalgia for his early Ballentines Day with mom…

    I am always struck by how many adults still say Valentimes Day! Amazing what sticks with us over the years.

    Sometimes I dream about my adult kids (21 and 24) and in the dreams they are 2 and 5, or some age in those early years when their cuteness filled my daily life with such joy . I wake up and feel incredible longing, and more often than not, I think, “Oh I used to have these little children, and now they are gone!” It feels at that moment as if they have died. It’s hard to shake off the grief, because that is true. I have wonderful 20 something adult kids now, and I love them dearly, but my cuddly babies, my wonder-filled toddlers, my funny precious preschoolers are gone. It is a true loss. Must be why God (eventually!) gives us grandchildren..

  7. Christy Says:

    Happy Ballamtime’s Day!!! 😉 So sweet.
    Isaac Bedilia! So sweet! I love it. Those books are great, I was thinking that Ben might be getting old enough for them. I’m just afraid I might have to explain every single one and that would get old! But poor Isaac made me laugh!

    It’s nice to hear another Mom talk about the swearing (and rhyming). When Ben was little he used to sing his own made-up rhyming song. He’d just pick a word and say as many (made up) words as he could to his own little tune. He swore frequently. I’d sometimes tell him that we can only do the rhyming game at home…

  8. Grace Says:

    oh, i love isaac and his amelia bedelia-isms! so sweet and innocent 😉 and goodness gracious, way to go on keeping your cool when that potty word came out as an invented one!

  9. Kelly Says:

    Of course I read Amelia Bedelia growing up – she might have been my personal hero at the time. Love Isaac’s literalism and the fact that his made-up words are actually words. SUCKER!! 🙂

  10. Beth Says:

    LOVE some Amelia Bedelia. My (not so) little one, used to take things literal also…also I canNOT tell you also how many times my mouth would drop with some of his cuss words (that were not cuss words to everyone). Like the time he came home telling me a little boy said the “s” word (shut-up), or even better, how little Billy said the “F” word. When the “F” word was used, he kept asking if I wanted to know what Billy had said. I told him it was a word that should not be repeated. FINALLY he could stand it not longer, he had to tell me….Billy had said FART at school!! That WAS/IS a dirty word at our house, but you know – that “f” word NEVER crossed my mind when I was DYING thinking that my 4 year old had heard the REAL “F” word. haha!

  11. Sue Says:

    isaac bedelia…hehe!!
    aren’t you glad that library fees are still so tiny…hope you enjoy finishing up that book!!
    and…boohoo on that last one. our boys are indeed getting so big so quickly. may there always be something cute and special about each and every age they are at!!!

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