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I Get it Now March 7, 2011

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You know how it isn’t uncommon to see a family with a few biological children who are boys and then they adopt a girl?  I have noticed and I think it is quite interesting.  I love being a mama to boys and I thought, what’s the big deal about little girls?  Besides, you rarely see families who have a bunch of girls and then adopt a boy.

Well, let me just tell you that I now get it.

Dear friends, I have some breaking news for you.

Boys are WILD.


Out of control.



I am beginning to see a glimpse into my future with these two, and y’all….I don’t know if I’m up for the task.

I’ve told you that the boys do not know what guns are.  But as Isaac gets older, even though he doesn’t understand guns, there is something written in his male genetic code that is really wanting to be aggressive.  He wants to chase me around the yard with a broom.  He knows the word “shoot”, as in, “I’m gonna shoot you!” (thanks preschool friends with older brothers), but he has no idea what it means.   He makes makeshift sticks (swords) out of his Duplos.

My aunt bought the boys some new toys.  Boy toys.  There is a Spiderman with a shooting claw, and some other no-name superheroes with various non-threatening “weaponry”.  Isaac immediately went berserk when he saw them.  It was like he inherently knew they were meant to “get” (fight) each other.  My sweet cuddly toy-playing 4 year old promptly transformed into a boxing promoter.  He began pitting Batman against Thomas the train, an old Buzz Lightyear glowing wand type thing became the Green Goblin (yes, I looked up the Spiderman villains on Wikipedia) and was forced to fight Spiderman.

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails?

Yeah right, try swords and superheroes fighting to the death and wielding a rake as a weapon.  That’s what little boys are made of.

Don’t forget peeing on the walls.

This wouldn’t be quite as annoying if Matthew would play with him, but Matthew is still very much in a “parallel play” developmental stage.  The only thing he plays “with” Isaac is chase, and that is rare.  So since Isaac is very much in a “play with somebody” developmental stage, I am his playmate by-proxy.

Yay.  Super.

Y’all, I am honestly only good for about 7-8 minutes of bash ’em up superhero play.  It is stupid.  I am a girl.  I’m not feeling it.

I can only run through the yard being chased by a broom for about 5 minutes.  I get winded.  I want to sit down and drink coffee.

This is my future, people, and it is bleak….and exhausting.

I now understand how some mamas with a house full of boys sit back and dream of a little girl to play house with.  Dolls (I loved dolls!!!), tea parties, painting toenails.  I get it.

It doesn’t mean I want a third child.  It just means I might need a lot of spa days…..and girls night outs (girls nights out??).  And a Kevlar vest.


12 Responses to “I Get it Now”

  1. Jenny Says:

    it is so true how much it is part of their make up and you don’t ever have to teach them about agression and fighting and jumping off of furniture 🙂

    I will say, I wanted more boys after having one of each, I find them easier in the emotions department, Kylynn is just SO emotional, all the time, the drama is constant. I love with Jack there is much less drama. But it is fun to have someone in the house who wants to do my hair for fun! 🙂

  2. Kelly R Says:

    Oh yeah. But, I have to say that my 7 year old girl plays dragons, knights, pirates, space police, etc. etc. much more than she plays dolls. In fact, the few barbies that we have she told me to get rid of. She’s pretty much done with cutesy dress up things. BUT, she still loves Tinkerbell. So, guess there’s still some sugar and spice in there instead of just Jedi Power.

  3. Chaukie Says:

    I feel your pain! Anything and everything is a weapon. Even things I thought were safe (i.e. a napkin!). And isn’t it funny how they know how to make gun/weapon noises? I have never, ever been able to do that. And the only cool toys are super heroes or something you can fight with or build to fight with. While I don’t like the fighting, I really don’t like ‘playing’ (girl or boy) at all. To sit on the floor and play bores me to tears. I’m good for about 5 minutes before I try to talk them into something else. I’m good for coloring, board games, video games, crafts, reading, baking, cooking – almost anything except playing. And I feel guilty about that.

  4. Yvonne Says:

    First, thank you Chaukie for your comment because I am the same way – I love doing things with my kids but I’m not good at playing with them. My husband, on the other hand, is great at that. So he plays, I bake and do crafts with them. We all win. But I feel guilty too since I’m home with them full time…

    And Elizabeth – I get this! My boys are very different from each other but Daniel’s obsession with cars, trains and trucks is so inherent and not learned from his older brother. It amazes me. And swords – oh yes, the swords. I threw away the guns that came with Andrew’s coast guard playmobile boat. Decided I really didn’t want to explain what they were to him and really didn’t want that in my house. He loves the rest of it though. And the rough housing and all other typical boy behavior.

    I don’t always get it. But I’m learning it and trying to embrace it as much as I can. And then I take my daughter out for tea and shopping 🙂

  5. I’m with Kelly… my girls embrace the big-time physical play. Now, granted, we don’t get into weaponry, but chasing and rough-and-tumble type stuff? Totally down with that.
    Now, this topic interests me b/c do you *really* think they’re hard-wired to be this way, or do they explore play like this and we just accept and encourage it because they’re boys? (I’m not accusing, I’m seriously curious) I just wonder how much of boy behavior is natural and how much we create b/c we expect it?
    And you can come play with my girls any day 🙂

  6. Christy Says:

    I do have to say that I “get” dolls and tea parties more than bash-em-up, chase, I’m gonna get you games. But at the same time, I’m getting really excited for trains and tools again (Ben has outgrown that stage – still in the bash-em-up stage though – sorry to say). And my little girl – she loves to chase and run around crazily with her brother so that must be inherent in kids!!

  7. deb jacoba Says:

    HA. noah was hyperactive, but not agressive like that. neither of my kids were allowed fake guns. i have confrontations with my sil because she has her ten year old shoot bb guns and i would never have. now noah is still against guns, and sasha knows how to shoot. go figure.

  8. anymommy Says:

    This absolutely cracked me up. As a momma with three bio boys and an adopted girl, I hear you. Except my little girl gives those boys a run for their money on wild!

  9. Tracy Says:

    Yes, boys and girls CAN be quite different. But not always. There actually are boys who are not so drwan to the wild and crazy “typical” boy stuff. Not to embarrass my eldest son, but he actually was quite sweet. Did not like getting dirty. Did not like fighting. (though he did like Power Rangers) He had a barbie and a ken, a dolly, a kitchen and cars, trucks action figures etc… I just wanted to teach my son to be well rounded! I know most parents do. I did the same with my girls. Neither of my older girls liked playing dolls. They would rather be rough and tumble. They liked getting in the dirt and having fun. Asher, at this point is only interested in trains. Emi… well she is more of the silent observer of everything. Occasionally trying things out. So… if you did go for another.. and tried for a girl, no garuntees! She may be the toughest/rowdiset of the bunch!!!

  10. Aunt JoAnn Says:

    Welcome to the boy toy world. It sucks! I hate to say it but it is in their genes. Literally. It’s the sword in their pants. They can’t help it, Freud was correct. and for as long as I’ve been in my field (35 years?) mamas have swore no gun play will cross their doorsteps, but their unsuspecting boys might as well say to each other, “I need to aggress you!” Its so built into their machines.
    Good luck, just lay down and play dead, or sleeping I guess ..zzzzz
    Aunt JoAnn

  11. Sue Says:

    and, once again i feel as though you are my southern twin!! it is so exhausting…these boys are crazed at times and it’s daunting to know that the oldest to teaching the youngest all he knows. (and if you’re read my about my past 24+ hours on FB you’ll know i’m quite fearful of my future. i don’t know if i am going to survive)
    so no third (sweet girl) here…though i get it too!! so, that is why i am really hoping that my brother and his wife who just announced they are having their first baby have a girl. 🙂

  12. Grace Says:

    so, my 18 month-old has decided that EVERYTHING is a sword. 18 months! oy…i’m in for it.

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