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Whatnot Wednesday March 16, 2011

Filed under: whatnot — Elizabeth @ 8:06 AM
  • Isaac is not a big fan of writing his name or practicing his letters.  He actually still doesn’t hold his writing utensils correctly.  I have noticed lately that on the art that he brings home from school, his teacher writes his name on it and he draws a picture of himself on each page.  This is a picture of a fish he colored at church.  He didn’t have much space, but he drew his face on there and the Sunday school teacher wrote his name.  Hopefully he will not be signing his checks like this when he is 30.
  • At the playground yesterday, we met a Chinese family.  One of the girls told Isaac she spoke English and Chinese because she was from China.  I told her that Matthew was from Korea.  Not to be outdone, Isaac said, “I’m from my old house!”.
  • Are shoulder pads coming back in style?  I could swear that I have been seeing celebrities in shoulder pads lately.  This is a trend that needs to stay by-gone in my opinion.  My hairstyle is too tiny to offset shoulder pads.  I can’t pull it off.  I might be all wrong though.  It’s totally possible that I’ve fallen asleep to Golden Girls reruns one too many times and this is all just a bad dream.
  • Isaac started back with swim lessons this weekend.  He hadn’t been since last spring and as we drove there I told him that his teacher would be surprised at how big he had gotten.  He immediately got worried and asked, “Do you think I’ll be too big to fit in the pool?”.
  • Would you like to hear the saddest story ever?  Yesterday I went to the grocery store to buy prunes.  While there I violently sneezed and peed my pants a little.  Not to the point where I had to leave and go home but still.  I’m not sure which part of the story is the saddest, my express intent to purchase prunes, my blatant incontinence, or my 33-year old body that is betraying me at every turn.  On the bright side, I got all of this food for under $1…..

  • Poopy pants and poopy diapers are the only thing Isaac wants to talk about lately.  He thinks he’s hysterical.  Seriously.  When we’re in the car, he alternates between singing, “Happy birthday dear poopy pants” and saying “Once upon a time there was a boy named poopy diaper”.  Then he laughs until he can barely breathe and has veins popping out all over his head–which is actually my signature move, just so you know.  This morning at 5:20 AM (AM, people!) he was laying in bed talking about poopy pants and cracking up.  It makes me think of the beginning of the movie “Parenthood” when they are driving home from the baseball game and their kid is in the back of the minivan singing, “when you’re sliding into home and your pants are full of foam–diarrhea!  Diarrhea!”.  I am terrified.  This is my life now.
  • The boys have a tool bench and one of the tools is a Swiss Army Knife.  Matthew was playing with it the other day and trying to pull out all of the little gadgets.  Isaac asked what it was and I said it was a tool that did all sorts of things.  He said, kind of like a husband?  True story.  And on that note, the other day, Isaac told me a story and ended it with–True Story.  Then I displayed my signature move of laughing til I couldn’t breathe and had veins popping out all over my head.

9 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. Lori Says:

    Your post made me want to watch the movie Parenthood. One of my faves – and the TV show is my fave now too. I’ll have to check it out on Netflix!

  2. Beth Says:

    CRACKING me UP! I have started looking forward to ‘What Not Wednesdays’. Don’t worry….my (not so little anymore) sweet boy used to have the same poop infatuation. Not sure where it comes from – it used to drive me INSANE – but when they get so tickled, you can’t help but sometimes laugh with them…OH, and it does finally go away. Thank GOODNESS!! Just be glad you hadn’t already eaten those prunes when you viloently sneezed. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 🙂

  3. claudia Says:

    That is an insane – INSANE – amount of food to get for a dollar.

    (This post cracked me up, btw).

  4. Renee Says:

    Don’t worry about Isaac signing his checks that way. By the time he’s 30, there won’t even be checks!

    Great shopping!

  5. Grace Says:

    dude. you need to let us all in your secret — how did you get all that food for under a buck?!

    and, shoulder pads?! yick! stay away!

  6. Yvonne Says:

    I love hearing how Isaac views a husband – that’s awesome.

    And yeah, we have that poopy thing right now too. Ugh.

  7. Kristen Says:

    I just tried on a dress w/shoulder pads – GROSS!!!! I can’t believe that trend is coming back into style. I won’t be embracing it that’s for sure. Makes me feel like a linebacker, which isn’t ever the look i’m going for.

    I’d like to think the infatuation w/poop, pee, diapers & other toilet-related items fades away, but since my 31 year old husband continues to giggle right along w/the boys, I have a feeling its going to be a permanent part of my life.

  8. Classics! every. single. one. 🙂

  9. Kelly Says:

    I cracked up pretty hard at each and every tidbit (once again). True Story. Oh, and it’s true- I’ve heard that shoulder pads are back. Not on my shoulders though.

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