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Whatnot Wednesday April 6, 2011

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  • Tuesday was apparently One Day Without Shoes.  From what I hear, it’s brought to you by Toms and is to raise awareness of the millions who live their lives every day without shoes.  The point was for people to go about their daily life with no shoes on today.  I didn’t even know about it until after lunch and I thought about joining in, but then I remembered that I was going to the dollar theater to see Black Swan that night.  I’m all for social awareness, but those floors are sticky–can I get a witness??  I couldn’t bring myself to do it–does that make me shallow or wise?
  • Matthew’s teacher gave him this necklace:  Well, it’s not this particular necklace–I’m too lazy to go take a picture of it and upload it, but this is a passable representation of the necklace.  Anyway, Jason asked him what the necklace said.  His answer:  “S-U-S-E-J spells FISH!!!
  • Is it just me or is feeding your family fresh food especially exhausting?  I have found I can’t buy for more than about 3 meals in advance if I’m going to be using lots of fresh ingredients.  And what the heck–fresh cilantro lasts about 45 seconds, so good luck with that.  I find that I get so sick of going to the store that about once a week, I feed the boys frozen corn dogs (obviously I cook them first!), thus filling them up with nitrates, preservatives, and whatever the heck else they put into hot dogs, thus undoing any good I did the whole previous week with fresh food.  But by george, the house always smells like the fairgrounds when they’re cooking, so there is an upside.
  • I think Isaac is enjoying karate.  It’s certainly having an effect on him.  A few days ago, he called Matthew and me into his room.  He was standing on his bed and he bowed to us and said, “Welcome”.  Then he asked us to bow before entering. He also informed me that we do not say “yeah” and we do not say “sure”.  We say “yes sir”.  He hasn’t broken through any boards or swept any legs, but at least there’s been some kind of takeaway, even if he is having delusions of Mr. Miyagi grandeur.
  • Today I let the boys paint, much to the disturbance of basically every cell in my neat-freak, anal-retentive body.  As I put Isaac’s apron on, he told me he was a “paintiste” (pronounced paint-teest.  Like an artiste.).  Clearly this is his way of letting me know that he is a serious artist and paint is his preferred medium.
  • No matter how much sweet tea I make, every single time I go to pour myself a glass of sweet tea, there is only about a half of a glass left in the pitcher.  What is happening to the tea?  Seriously, I make a gallon at night and the next afternoon it’s gone!  I know Jason drinks a lot of tea, but he isn’t even here all day.  The kids sure aren’t allowed to drink it.  I’m starting to wonder if I have some kind of sleepwalking disorder where I get up and drink all of the tea at night.  But my bedwetting hasn’t increased any, so that shouldn’t be it.
  • Okay, you all know that was a joke and that I don’t really wet the bed, right?
  • Today I reminded Isaac that he has karate tomorrow.  Matthew piped in and announced–“Isaac, you wear your unicorn!” (uniform)
  • We interrupt this Whatnot Wednesday for my blog to have an identity crisis and strive to be food-related.  I made this deep-dish pizza the other night, and it was FAB to the U to the LOUS.  You may ogle it now.  Then we will reurn to our regularly scheduled blogging.
  • On the rare days that both boys nap, there are a few shows I like to veg out to on TV.  One of them is Dr. Phil (and if you don’t like him, I don’t wanna hear about it.  I dig the common sense-how’s-that-workin’-for-ya smackdowns.  Because let’s face it, if you’re on Dr. Phil, whatever you are currently doing, it isn’t working for ya).  Another one is Real Estate Intervention, a show where a real estate expert steps in to help a family who can’t sell their house.  After giving staging suggestions, and taking the owners to see other comps in the area (that are nicer than their house and sold for less–BOO-YA!), the expert breaks it to them that their house is not worth what they are asking.  Two shows.  Two tell-it-like-it-is, bald, mustachio-ed men.  And is it just me, or were they clearly separated at birth?  

  • In semi-related news, one of my other very favorite TV shows is Income Property.  It’s where this Canadian guy with an almost-mullet and a penchant for muscle shirts remodels people’s basements, thus turning them into landlords (the people, not the basements).  I have no idea where my fascination with this show comes from, but probably it has to do with my thrifty nature and wanting to have a really cheap mortgage.  My friend MK asked me if I thought the host was gay because she just couldn’t tell.  I told her I think he’s straight, but he’s Canadian, which just gives him that edge of something not being quite right…..which eventually spawned the game “Gay, Straight, or Canadian” (coming soon to a board game store near you, or you can just play at home for free while watching HGTV).
  • Matthew is all about being in charge of reading time around here.  He has about 5 books memorized, so he chooses those books so that he can be the reader at storytime.  But sometimes, he wants to be the reader even when he doesn’t really know the words.  He was reading “Spot Goes to the Beach” to me the other night.  One page says “Spot, where’s your father?”.  Matthew definitely knew the gist of what was happening on the page and he thought about it for a while.  Finally he said, “Spot, where’s God our Father?”.  Hilarity ensued.
  • WordPress has a feature that tells you what search terms are used that lead people to your blog.  Here are just some of the things that have brought people over to my blog:  “are shoulder pads coming back in 2011”, “Kate Gosselin hairstyle”, “cerealphobia”, “poopy pants wearing diapers”, “peed my pants”, and “pad sneeze pee”.  Welcome, new readers.  You all sound super classy so clearly you will fit right in here.

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14 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. deb jacobs Says:

    hahahahahahaha. well, we seem to be the only ones who like dr. phil. he gives the same advice i used when i was raising kids. he makes perfect sense to me. but everyonei know thinks he is a jerk. oh well. he gives good advice, all the time. so there.

  2. Lori Says:

    I totally was the first one to link up! I think that is as it should be:) The chances of that happening again are next to nothing but still… I’ve sent a couple of my blogger friends the link b/c I’m dying to know the useless things going thru their brain so maybe they’ll stop by. I totally have a Karate Kid reference in mine this week. Also, I had NO idea about the TOMS day. I wouldn’t have gone barefoot at work but I would have worn one of my 50 pair of TOMS (a slight exaggeration there). I totally think my guy Blake is one of the most brilliant people alive however. If there are more perfect shoes, I have yet to find them!! Can you tell I love TOMS – I do! Thanks for letting us link up!

  3. Tiffany Says:

    As an art teacher the “paintiste” comment totally made my day. I’m going to make all of my students call themselves paintistes from this point on. 🙂 Oh, and I’m the one that searched for “pad sneeze pee.”

    jk 🙂

  4. Emily Says:

    I linked up!! I must say I love Dr. Phil and would give my right arm for a piece of that pizza! 🙂 I am dying to know what you thought of Black Swan. I watched it for the ballet, but came away feeling very traumatized. How about you?

  5. Jen Says:

    Holy crap woman! You are certainly raising two little bible-thumpers down there!!! That is what cracks me up the most, because I have never heard two preschoolers so fascinated by our Lord 🙂

  6. I still don’t believe that you don’t wet the bed.
    And sorry… Dr. Phil can take his mustache elsewhere…

  7. Karen Says:

    Hi – thanks to Lori, I’m linked up (I think – still don’t totally have the linking thing down). I’m glad to know someone else has the same problem with disappearing sweet tea (sorry you only got one glass) the same thing happens here ALL the time – I’m threatening to stop making tea altogether…

  8. Cindi Says:

    What an awesome idea! My mind feels so free and empty! Um, yeah, don’t let my husband hear that…can only begin to think of the comments he’d make 😉 Thanks Emily for posting the link in your blog!

  9. Kelly Says:

    Totally separated at birth! I don’t think I’ll ever try that wordpress function because I’m sure I don’t want to know ….

  10. Yvonne Says:

    the last one was the best – and I don’t think I can do that with blogger but I agree with Kelly – maybe I just don’t want to know…

    And LOVED the painteste and Andrew LOVED the fish necklace because he has one just like that…

    Love whatnot Wednesday! perfect time for a smile and a laugh 🙂

  11. Yvonne Says:

    I did it, I did it! I linked! what fun 🙂

  12. Jenny Says:

    Ok, out of energy on all the things I loved…45 sec. cilantro, preach it girl!

    Share that recipe please!

    love you, so needed the laugh today!

  13. Grace Says:

    that is just mean to post that pizza picture and not share a recipe!!! please post soon! 😉

    my sister and i play “gay, straight, or from korea” as well as “gay, straight, or european.” it’s super fun, but often confusing to play when we’re in nyc. 🙂

    and, i’m cracking up at your tv choices and the search terms. love it!

    thanks for the link up party!

  14. claudia Says:

    My favourite is the fish spelling. Heh.

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