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Whatnot Wednesday May 17, 2011

Filed under: whatnot — Elizabeth @ 11:46 PM
  • The stroller workout class I teach meets in front of a Gold’s Gym.  Isaac calls it the Golden Gym.
  • So, you know Sir Toppham Hat, right?  Of Thomas the Tank Engine fame?  Well, did you also know that his brother’s name is Sir Lowham Hatt?  And his mother’s name is Dowager Hatt?  This is the crazy minutiae that is cluttering up my mind.  I used to be smart.  There was organic chemistry in this brain.  And physics.  And lyrics to angsty 90s alternative songs.  Now people from my high school class friend request me on facebook and I can’t even recall who they might be.  But you can bet your bottom dollar I know who freaking Dowager Hatt is.  So I’ve got that going for me.
  • A co-worker of Jason’s (Tony the cowboy, as Isaac calls him) loaned us 2 movies.  “Iron Man 2” and “The Princess and the Frog”.  The boys found them and immediately refused to watch the Disney cartoon.  Their reasoning?  You see that dude in the upper right hand corner?  Isaac said, “I’m scared of she”.  Matthew’s reason?  Isaac said it was scary.  On the other hand, they both knew who Iron Man was and have requested repeatedly (with zero success) to watch that movie.
  • The other day, Isaac brought me a marker and a piece of paper and asked me to draw a hippo.  I’m no artist, but I gave it a shot.  I drew an oval for a body, a circe for a head, and then paused to ponder how I might proceed.  He snatched the marker out of my hand and screamed, “WRONG!  You drew a squirrel!!!!”.
  • As a mother, there are many times when you hear yourself saying something that you never would have imagined would be coming from your mouth.  Case in point–just yesterday I said, “Are you sticking Candy Land cards down your pants?”.  And yes.  He was.
  • Would you like to know what word I hate?  Meme.  I just don’t like it.  Mostly because I don’t know how to use it correctly.  Mostly because I’m not sure exactly what it means.  Oh, and also cause it’s stupid.  And don’t feel like you need to comment with the definition.  I can look it up if I really want to.  But you might make me laugh if you can work that word into your comment in a natural way.  Good luck with that though, because if I haven’t mentioned it before, it’s a dumb word.
  • I’m pretty sure I don’t have a diagnosable medical condition, but there are certain things, that if I really sit and think about them, make me a nervous wreck.  I think it’s because they are so far out of the realm of my understanding.  Like the internet.  And how email works.  And how google works, and how that one website is somehow able to harness information from every other website in the world and HOW IN THE HECK DOES THAT EVEN WORK?  And what is the internet really?  And eternity and infinity and unstoppable forces and immovable objects.  What’s that about?  And like way back when, when people were building roads and they had to make interstates and highways and decide how they were all going to intersect and stuff and oh my goodness, someone get me a paper bag to breathe into.  It’s all too much for me, I just need to go watch Thomas the Train.  Where’s Dowager Hatt when I need her???

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19 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Oh, yes, I know who Sir Topham Hat is. 🙂 Camden was a HUGE Thomas the Train fan at age 2-3.

  2. deb jacobs Says:

    a meme is usually completely mislabeled. a meme is something that caught your attention and you say it or sing it because you heard it all the time. like “thats a spicy meatball” or “where’s the beef”? or “i’m going to disneyland!” seriously. it irritates the crap out of me.

  3. Lori Says:

    I never even hear that word but I’ll got with you – it’s a dumb word. And yes, I did know Sir Topham Hatt and his family! Jack won’t watch Princess and the Frog either b/c he also finds it scary just from the cover. However, he lumps it in a category with Inception, True Blood and The Town (movie covers that he talks about a LOT – he can spot those suckers in a store from a mile away!) He’s also a fan of Iron Man although he’s never seen it either:)

  4. Jenny Says:

    Oh my golly you are funny.

    When I was little (and maybe when I was in my 20s) I was really scared of heaven b/c the idea of something that lasts for eternity and never ended…scared me, my brain kept trying to grasp it and it couldn’t. Now I know there’s very little my brain can grasp so I’m ok with that.

    I’ve never heard the word meme, so I was glad when you said it’s a stupid word b/c at first I thought oh no I have no idea what she’s talking about.

    I wish I wrote down more “things you never thought you’d say”, that was a good one

  5. Jenny Says:

    Oh and WRONG you drew a squirrel, perhaps the funniest thing I’ve heard all week, we don’t get out much 🙂

  6. Aunt JoAnn Says:

    OK! First of all, you need to go pick up pinecones because you said stupid and dumb too many times here. I am telling the boys. Second, a meme is a french child’s grandparent. Like Meme Sue. Up here in Ma. we have so many french canadian descented people we hear them constantly referring to going to Meme’s house. Italians go to Nono and Nonnie’s house. Irish go to Grandma’s house.
    Now on to eternity. I laid in bed many nights as a child trying to visualize eternity, being terrified of course. I saw it like a road that never ended, i remember always moving forward somehow and “world without end amen” was the soundtrack to that nightmare.
    and those scarey guys on the DVD covers? I used to be scared of Barney as a mother. His creepy dopey voice made me sure he must be a perv under that purple pink suit. Yet I had to watch those videos endlessly during age 2 of Tessa. Mush brain motherhood, it’s a phase. World without end amen.

    • Beth W Says:

      Ok- you must get your EXTREME FUNNINESS from your Aunt. I think I laughed just as much from her comments as I did from reading this post. Great way to start out my hump day! Thank-you!!!!

  7. Joanna Says:

    Apparently I draw a lot of squirrels around here too, based on your description.

  8. Grace Says:

    I totally get you…when I was in high school, a teacher tried to explain this new-fangled Internet thing and my brain was so boggled and confused, all I wanted to do was listen to the spice girls.
    And I almost peed my pants reading what was in your boy’s pants!

  9. christine m tomberlin Says:

    boys are soooo funny…they love what’s in their pants and think everything else will love it as well. LOL

  10. emily Says:

    I also cannot fathom the internet and have forgotten most of what I’ve known in life. Although, I never knew organic chemistry to start with. Be proud you knew that at some point. 🙂

  11. Shilpa Says:

    Can LOL be considered a meme? I had to look it up, what a bizarre concept :-).

  12. Cindi Says:

    The only time i hear the word meme, is what my son calls my MIL = Meme. 🙂 Funny about the Candy Land cards. That was my most favorite game when I was little.

  13. tina Says:

    Thinking about how things work and what the internet even means makes my head want to explode!

  14. As usual, the post cracked me up. But I was literally laughing out loud (*I* hate “lol”) when Isaac snatched the marker from your hands and yelled “WRONG!” a la some ruler-wielding schoolteacher nun.

  15. Yvonne Says:

    squirrel – that’s awesome.

    And I have the lyrics to Veggie Tales silly songs in my head and can discuss in minute detail different kid movies – including “Cars.” And yes, I have my masters degree. Sigh.

    And my kids won’t watch many Disney movies because the cover scares them too. But Andrew wants to watch Spiderman. So I’m hearing you!

    Happy Wednesday!

  16. claudia Says:

    Yeah, the princess and the frog IS super-scary. We bought it because it ticked the ‘diversity’ box but after viewing it ourselves it’s going to be MANY years before we let our kids actually watch it!

  17. Your kids are so adorably hilarious. I HATE it when Daniel asks me to draw things, and I almost always defer that task to Andy, who actually has some skills. Daniel would probably scream, “Wrong!” at any of my attempts.

  18. Tiffany Says:

    The hippo and squirrel note made me laugh out loud. I can’t wait to do that to one of my students. 🙂

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