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Whatnot Wednesday May 31, 2011

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  • You know what I noticed recently?  The commercials they play on PBS are the same exact ones they played when I was a kid.  The Louie the Lightning bug ones?  Those are from the early ’80s!!!  And it’s obvious–the quality is HORRIBLE!
  • Have you ever seen those saxophone players who can play really, really long notes because they have somehow learned the art of circular breathing?  They are literally breathing in through their nose and blowing air through the trumpet simultaneously.  Well that is how Isaac eats bananas.  He is chewing and swallowing all at once.  The banana just continually disappears into his mouth without pause.  He does the same thing with bacon.
  • I noticed while showering the other day that the body wash I use has detailed instructions on the back.  You know, like put some on a washcloth or poufy thing and then rub it all over yourself.  Something to that effect.  It worried me that those instructions might be necessary for some people.  And then of course there is the 800 number there if you have any questions.  I would kind of like to have that job for a few days.  Those people must get some crazy phone calls.
  • Have you ever heard of the “brown note“?  I can’t bring myself to describe it here, and although it is mythical, the idea of it is pretty hysterical….at least to someone with an immature sense of humor such as myself.  Anyway, you remember when I referenced a particular tone that Matthew has to his voice sometimes?  How it can literally send shock waves throughout your limbic system?  Matthew was really giving it a go on our recent 5-hour car trip and Jason named that particular tone the “red note” because it can actually, through sound waves alone, send you into a blind rage.
  • This next thought does not want to conform to my bullet point, so we are going to let it hang out in the middle of space.  As Isaac would say, it’s okay to be different…..
    • Speaking of sounds that can throw you over the edge–I was shopping at a Stride Rite outlet and the musak being played in there was a children’s choir singing “How to Save a Life” by the Fray.  It was horrific.  Imagine the chorus of that song.  It is not meant to be sung by a group….a group of off-key children.  It was horrible.  Then I walked over to the Osh Kosh outlet and those darn kids were singing some other pop song.  I asked the cashier what was going on, who had hijacked their airwaves.  She told me it was some kind of Kid Bop and they had no control over it.  My response was simply, “I am so sorry.  This must be so horrible for you”.
  • You know how they want you to label EVERYTHING you send with your kids to preschool?  Well, I am a compliant parent.
  • On vacation, I read 4 books and one was really, really good.  Great even.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s called The Silent Land. It is about a couple on a skiing vacation.  On an early morning outing, they are caught in an avalanche.  They survive, barely, but return to their resort to find it deserted.  Any efforts to leave the resort or town brings them full circle back to where they began.  They are not able to make contact with anyone else.  While it seems that this book could easily stray into Steven King or Dean Koontz territory, it never does.  It reminded me of “Lost”, if it had lasted only one season and if only the ending had been everything I really wanted it to be.  In other words, I highly recommend it.
  • I’m not saying I like kids TV shows, but I am saying if I have to get songs stuck in my head from a kid’s show, I’d like it to be the Backyardigans.  Those dudes have some really catchy songs.
  • On vacation this week, on Isaac’s first jump into the pool, he was counting in anticipation.  “One……..Two………Half and two……..Three!”.

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10 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. Aunt JoAnn Says:

    Reading your enjoyment of that book about the avalanche makes me realize we sure do not like the same books! I never told you I bought that book you once said you liked called ROOM. Yikes! I had to put it down and step away from the book. I found it too sad, and worried it would get creepy! I am always amazed people read books that are murder mysteries, thrillers and wierd themes. But to each her own..isn’t it amazing how different all of our likes can be in the reading department?

    • Jason Says:

      I read ROOM last week and it gets better. The first 1/3 of the book is tough but it changes drastically and moves more into your realm of expertise as it goes on. I liked it.

  2. Barbara Says:

    I definitely agree with you on the Backyardigans…it was the only show my husband would let Daniel watch when he was home with him on parental leave. I love how each show has a music theme, like reggae, ska, songs from Queen…

  3. Karen Says:

    Horrible shopping music – I feel your pain. A couple of weeks ago I almost ran screaming from the store the music got on my nerves so bad (but I figured being apprehended by mall security would be worse than the music, so I just left – without buying anything!) Music in eating establishments isn’t much better, especially when they play it so loud you can’t converse with your friends…

  4. Cindi Says:

    Checked out your “brown note” – oh my – you could do some serious damage with that! :0) Just sayin’

  5. Christy Says:

    Love the banana, want to read the book, and COMPLETELY agree about the Backyardigans.
    Oh – and I’m pretty sure my daughter has that red wave frequency to her voice sometimes. especially in the car. on loooong car trips.

  6. Renee Says:

    Monkey has been telling me that he loves Kidz Bop & would rather listen to that than what is on the radio. Only place he has ever heard it is on commercials. I was actually thinking of buying it, so thanks for the heads-up.

    I just finished a fantastic book – The Kitchen House. Loved it. Couldn’t put it down.

  7. Emily Says:

    Oh.my.goodness. I heart that banana. When my oldest started kindergarten we actually had to write her name on every.single.crayon. And she had to have a lot. I spent a lot of time repentin’ about how I felt toward that teacher….

    Thanks for the book suggestion! I really am going to read a book soon, I just know I am. 🙂

  8. Ok, I’m totally cracking up about poor Emily writing a name on a freakin’ crayon! SHEESH! and then the “repentin'”… you southerners. Love ya.

    So because I’m totally anal about things like this, I was completely disturbed that you wrote “The Silent Town” in your post, and had a picture of a book called “The Silent Land”… I even rolled over your link to the book and saw that it was, indeed, “land”… I clearly have issues. But now I want to read that book! And The Kitchen House.

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who knows about the brown note. Of course, my husband IS an audio engineer. So don’t even think we haven’t tried it out…

    Imagining children singing “How to Save a Life” sent shivers (SHIVERS, I say!) up and down my spine. Repeatedly. There they go again. (Insert Sideshow-Bob style shiver here).

  9. Grace Says:

    oh dear, i had not heard of the brown note before and am seriously wish i didn’t click on the link to find out. nas-tay!
    i had a parent once label every marker, crayon, pencil, etc she sent to school for her child. except in my classroom, we share all our supplies. so once we broke out the “kirsten” crayons, markers, etc, all the other kids would go about returning them to her. mass chaos ensued. not cool.

    sorry i missed out this week! i’ll be back next week!

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