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Whatnot Wednesday June 29, 2011

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    • This weeks Whatnot Wednesday is brought to you by “Cruddy Bullet Pointing”.  WordPress still perplexes me.  If I can’t figure out the bullet points on here, it is no surprise why I rarely win at Words with Friends.
    • Isaac learned the song “The Ants Go Marching” at preschool and he is giddy with it.  Personally, I only know about 5 verses (up to “the ants go marching five by five, hurrah, hurrah).  But he seems to think that it goes on forever, much to the delight of Matthew, who says, “do it again!!” after every verse.  It’s kind of like their own version of 99 Bottles of Beer on the wall.  The funny thing about it (and by funny, I mean if you are not enclosed in a van with him) is that on every!single!verse!, the little one stops to tie his shoe.  Which leads me to believe that if the little one’s shoes are coming untied that much, he may actually be a millipede instead of an ant.
    • Get it?  Cause a millipede would be wearing 1000 shoes?  Versus an ant who would only be wearing 6?
    • Which still isn’t actually true because I googled “how many legs does a millipede have” and they really only have between 36-400 legs.
    • I don’t really fold underwear.  I fold everything else, but underwear I just toss into the designated drawer after they are washed and dried.  So when Isaac gets dressed, some of his are inside out.  This perplexes him and he cannot figure out how to get them right (Matthew can’t either, but it doesn’t stop him–he just wears them inside out.  Actually one night, his underwear AND his pajama pants were on inside out and the tag was sticking right out from his butt and it looked like he had grown a tail.)  But I digress.  Isaac always calls me in his room and asks me if I can “un-inside-out” his underwear.
    • If somebody calls your phone, from a number you do not recognize, and you miss the call, and they do not leave a message what do you do?  I just assume it was somebody with a wrong number or somebody that I didn’t want to talk to anyway.  I have noticed that a lot of people immediately call you back and say “somebody just called me from this number”.  Are you that desperate to talk to someone new on the phone?  Do you think that there was a good chance that it was Ed McMahon calling to give you sweepstakes money (and he didn’t leave a message)??  If I missed a call and didn’t get a message, I count it as total victory–I just dodged awkward phone time.  I just think that’s weird.
    • Now you must be wondering, do I call a lot of people who don’t know me without leaving them a message?  No.  This usually happens to me AS I’m leaving the message.  They call me back.  I click over, and they say in an all-important voice, “someone from this number just called me” as if they are freaking Columbo.
    • Let’s talk about my new (2-year old) minivan.  So it’s pretty much awesome.  It’s got wireless headphones with the DVD player so the kids can watch a movie while I listen to NPR or the non-radio edited version of “Golddigger”.  It even has a hookup for a gaming system, not that my kids know how to play video games yet, but the point is that I could have a Wii tournament in my van if I wanted to.  It’s got those cool installed shades in the backseat, that can even remain up when the windows are down.  So no more crappy suction-on shades for me.  It has tons of storage, including a cool place in the floor that opens up where I can store Twilight memorabilia umbrellas or atlases or whatever!!  It’s got a newfangled hologram thingie in the rearview mirror and every time I put it in reverse, a backup camera shows up there!  Tons of buttons and about 6000 cupholders, which is good, because I am a very thirsty person.
    • We drove to a small town in Mississippi to buy the van and we saw this clock tower.  With the thunderstorm brewing in the background, it made me feel the need to string a wire up there and try to harness 1.21 gigawatts of electricity and turn my new minivan into a time machine.  Unfortunately though, I got the model with seat heaters and not the flux capacitor.

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In A Whispered Prayer June 28, 2011

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Matthew has been praying.  It started a long time ago, at the dinner table–he would say the singing prayer that Isaac learned in church preschool (God our father, God our father, we thank you….).  As the boys got older, we’ve encouraged them to try “talking prayers” and we taught by example.

Isaac caught on quickly and now he does long, rambling prayers every night.  Sometimes I find myself about to keel over from hunger or call a stop to the whole thing before dinner gets cold, and then he will say something so heartfelt that I am suddenly choking back tears.

Matthew’s talking prayers started with a very self-conscious and hurried, “Dear God, thank you for our food.  Amen.”.  As we encouraged him and applauded his efforts, he branched out into “Thank you for our food.  Thank you for our love.  Amen.”

But in the past week or so, he has come out with some long and rambling prayers that put Isaac to shame.

Mostly his prayers make me chuckle because he repeats himself a lot, and you know that he is just thinking of words to throw in there.  It’s very cute.  Tonight’s dinner prayer went a lot like this:

Dear God, Thank you food.  Thank you love.  Thank you breakfast….boys and girls….toys…..feed the pets…..trains….breakfast…..eat it all…..family…..breakfast……………..in Jesus’ name, AMEN!

We also pray with each boy at bedtime, and because Matthew really won’t engage with me at all in any adoption talk, I find that’s a good time for me to put it out there.

I always begin by thanking God for Matthew, and thanking God that we were allowed to adopt him and be his family forever.  When I’m done, I ask him if he wants to pray.  Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn’t.  It’s all good.

Tonight, he asked to pray before me.  This was new.  Here’s how it went:

Dear God, Thank you food.  Thank you love.  Thank you toys….wonderful day….thank you Isaac vitamin…..thank you school….thank you dopt me…..thank you me Isaac together forever…..Jesus’ name I pray.  AMEN.


Dear God, Thank you for helping him understand.


Thanks Universe, for Keeping me Humble June 27, 2011

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Today has been a good day.  A friend and I made plans to leave our boys with a childcare provider who does drop-in care, and we were going to have coffee and enjoy some much-needed catch up time together.

The boys and I got up this morning and had a relaxing time at home.  I packed their lunches, showered, and we weren’t running late at all.  They were excited to go play somewhere new, and nobody cried or protested as I left.

I felt so luxurious driving around in my new minivan (oh, I haven’t told you yet?  Yep, I got a minivan!!  More on that later).

My friend and I went to Panera and had coffee and a sandwich and chatted forever.  It was amazing.  She had her baby with her and he even fell asleep!  We were living the charmed life, I tell you.

When we said goodbye, I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and on the way to pick up the boys, I passed a compounding pharmacy, and remembered that I had been meaning to go in there for something for months.  I made the stop, got what I needed, and made it to pick up the boys with time to spare.

I walked in the room to find my boys sitting quietly, listening to a story, while the 2 other boys there were screaming and pushing and falling all over each other.  Yes, my boys were being the good ones.  Mrs. Evelyn told me that they had been so wonderful and polite and asked how I got them to eat so well, and how Isaac even asked to be excused when he was done.  I humbly said that they are sometimes better for others than they are at home, but I mentally patted myself on the back for raising polite kids.

They cheerfully got into the van and on the way home, I ruminated at my wonderful morning with a friend, congratulated myself on having the ingredients I need for dinner, for finally stopping at the pharmacy and taking control of my health (picked up something for migraines), for having the best kids in the world.  Oh yes, I was having a good day.

And then we walked into the playroom door to find it.

A diarrhea grenade had gone off….on the Berber carpet.  Because when dogs get the runs, tile and hardwood will just not do, my friends.  And also because (inexplicably!!) when dogs get the runs, they do the walk-and- poo.  They give traveler’s diarrhea a whole new meaning.

The boys were aghast.

I sucked it up—literally, I had to hold my breath–and unloaded the groceries and then got down on my hands and knees in my cute-meeting-a-friend-for-coffee outfit and cleaned up the sh!t. While the boys stood safely on the untouched tile screaming, “oh gross, stinky!!!!”.

And I thought to myself, welcome back to reality–hope you enjoyed your 3-hour break.

(And I did.  It was totally worth the diarrhea, even though I will never again walk around down there barefoot.)



Protected: A Dollar Saved June 23, 2011

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Protected: How Do You Work this Thing, Anyway?

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Whatnot Wednesday June 22, 2011

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  • Today’s Whatnot Wednesday is delayed for many reasons, but mostly because I am involved in a number of heated Words with Friends games.  Including one with Grace, which I am gracefully losing.  If you wanna play me (which could further delay other blog posts–it’s your call), my user name is I’mABlogger.  Cause I am.
  • Look, I know you’re not supposed to wish time with your kids away.  But here’s what I want to know—when won’t I have to talk my kid down from a ledge every time the need to go poo strikes?  When won’t I have to go through the same mantra, “Calm down.  It’s fine.  First, put the potty seat on the toilet.  Now pull down your pants.  Good.  Now climb up.  Now push your wee wee down.  Good.  Now call me when you’re done”.  I’m just saying, I don’t think this is one of those things I’ll miss one day.
  • I recently built 2 retaining walls.  Go ahead, be extremely impressed.  Oh, and that fence behind the walls?  Yeah, my husband did that.  We’re basically like a modern day Bob Vila couple.  It’s so hot here though, that I probably won’t be able to plant anything until October.

  • On the morning of my mom’s surgery, I got up with her at 4:45 AM to help her get ready to go to the hospital.  Once my aunt picked her up to take her, I was awake, so I thought I’d make some homemade pumpkin muffins.  I made the batter and it was so thick, but I had never made the recipe before, so I didn’t think too much of it.  Even after they baked, they were like hockey pucks.  But they tasted fine.  We all ate them, even though I was perplexed.  Later that day, I was sitting on the couch, and all of a sudden, it came to me.  I didn’t remember getting down the can opener to open the pumpkin.  I didn’t remember anything about adding the pumpkin–because I forgot!  Brilliant, right?  So in the interest of full disclosure, Jason and I called them “spice-kin muffins”.
  • In other news, Isaac kept calling them pumpkin mumpkins.
  • Isaac has been asking for a Patchwork Hiro.  If you don’t know who that is, then you clearly are not up on your Thomas trivia, so I will offer you this tutorial.  This is Hiro (who we have):This is patchwork Hiro (who we don’t have, and who I am not prepared to shell out $25 more dollars for):So my mom got the idea that we make our own Patchwork Hiro and we did…..

which has ceased the endless begging at least for a while.

  • Did I ever tell you that we got 2 fish?  My mom gave them to Matthew for his birthday.  Isaac named one Fishy Fish and Matthew named the other Matthew.  Original, I think.  Anyway, to prepare the boys that fish are fragile and not the heartiest of pets, my mom gave them a warning that if we overfeed the fish, they will die.  The boys warn everyone who visits that the fish could die at any time, which is a super-cheerful way to greet guests.  Well the other night, Matthew accidentally dropped in about 40-50 flakes (and the fish are only supposed to eat 2-3 a day).  And do you know that the darn fish are still alive?  So if you want a hearty pet, get a couple of tetras.
  • Did you see those crazies out this morning in their pajamas?  They went to the bank and then they were at the gas station?  Well, why didn’t you wave or honk at us for pete’s sake?  Do we EMBARRASS you???  Do you think you’re better than us?  Oh well, you probably are.

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Protected: Father’s Day June 20, 2011

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