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Whatnot Wednesday June 15, 2011

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  • I’ve recently discovered almond butter.  We decided to try it out with Isaac to see if he has allergy issues with it.  You can see how that worked out by visiting my totally awesome other blog (which I have thought up what I believe to be a hysterical button for if I ever get around to making it) here. In the meantime, I sit and eat it with a spoon.  It is delicious, and perfect for lazy people like me.  It is all the good things about almonds without the pesky exercise of chewing!
  • You know how sometimes you just cannot win with your children? When there is no good solution to a problem? The other day, Matthew wanted to ride in the wagon, while pulling himself around. Reread that last sentence. For him to be satisfied, he had to be pulling the wagon WHILE sitting in the seat and enjoying himself. You see what I mean? Nobody wins here.
  • Every night at bedtime, we individually pray with the boys.  I always start by saying, “Dear God, Thank you so much for Isaac” (or for Matthew, depending on who I am praying with).  Isaac always prays when I am done and he starts by saying, “Dear God, thank you so much for me.”  Incidentally, then his cuddly toys say a prayer (he provides the voice which happens to be a high pitched, exaggerated Southern drawl).  His cuddly toys always begin their prayer by saying, “Dear God, thank you so much for our boy, Isaac”. I would expect nothing less from his silkie.
  • As an aside, can I just mention that silkie’s middle name is Sweetie Pie?  Actually every one of Isaac’s cuddly toys shares the middle name Sweetie Pie.  True story.
  • Embarrassing confession time.  I have seen the trailer for the new Winnie the Pooh movie twice and I have had to stop myself from crying both times.  I think it is because the Winnie the Pooh movies are so sweet and innocent, and I’ve been having a lot of frustrations with the grown up themes and language (yes, stupid, idiot, moron, and hell really bother me!) in the movies that are supposed to be geared towards kids.  My boys really love Winnie the Pooh, and I love that they love it, and we were watching the preview and it’s playing that song I love by Keane, and I’m thinking that this might be the last sweet, innocent summer movie they ever want to see, and suddenly I’m a hot mess. See for yourself–does it mess you up too, or should I be looking into some sort of hormone therapy?
  • I just thought of a memory that I need to write down, because I don’t ever want to forget it.  First a little background, when I blow Isaac kisses, he always pretends to catch the kiss and plant it on his face.  Back at the beginning of May, the boys’ preschool had a spring concert and art show.  After Isaac’s class performance, before he left the stage, he looked at us, and I blew him about 15 kisses through the air.  He pantomimed catching all of the kisses mid-air, and then rubbed them all over his face, like he was literally washing his face in my kisses.  I never want to forget that moment when my son delighted so much in my attention and my love….in front of his friends!!!
  • I am sitting here listening to the boys playing with their trains (what?  you thought we would be doing more fun, crafty things like making forts or rainbow rice?  Get real.).  Isaac sets up scenes from Thomas movies or TV shows and has the trains “act” the scenes out.  He narrates.  I just heard him say, “and then Emily knowed she was magic”.  I love to hear the funny narration he comes up with.
  • So I am sitting here in the living room and the TV is on but it is muted. An episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” is on. Incidentally, I can’t stand this show, it just came on after “How I Met Your Mother”. Anyway, I glanced up and there was Aunt Bea…..and here is the depressing part. I used to always think she was really, really old, but today when I saw her, I just thought she was moderately old. Which could only mean one of two things–either this was a very, very early episode and I have only seen episodes filmed 20 years into the series or (and this is just a very faint possibility) I am old.

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16 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. Marcia Says:

    Hey, I always love your blog! Are you familiar with the kids song, “If I were a butterfly”? It is pretty old, but your boys would love it. Your story about the prayers reminded me of it. In it, it says “and I just thank you Father for making me, me!” It has great motions to go along with it, (or you can make up your own).

  2. aunt joann Says:

    I love every part of this particular netti pot rinse! We too discovered almond butter and cashew butter (our favorite) 24 years ago when we discovered Charlie’s ecezma was peanut and carrot allergy related.
    It’s so great to have those yummy nut butters to replace plain old peanut with.

    I also love the prayers Isaac says. How great!!

    Aunt Bea DOES seem to have gotten younger!

    Matthew will one day invent the wagon you both sit in and pull. I know it.

    I love the W the Poo trailer. A must see. Much more the world I want to inhabit, so not the one on CNN.

  3. Kristen Says:

    I 1st saw the WtP trailer in the theatre when I took the boys to see Gnome & Juliet and freaked the kids out b/c I had tears pouring down my cheeks. It totally is that realization that hte innocence of childhood is already beginning to fade away.

    The other day I caught myself thinking that the Golden Girls weren’t really THAT old – oh dear.

    Love that Isaac’s toys have a middle name (and that its Sweetie Pie).

  4. christine m tomberlin Says:

    I think the song is not just about the boys. We have lost our own time of innocence and sweet days of fantasy. Sniff.

  5. Grace Says:

    i love isaac’s cuddly toys’ prayer. SO cute! and i love that he says “our boy” — how sweet is that?!
    and now i’m a big nostalgic mess watching that trailer. i LOVED winnie the pooh as a child (okay, also as a teenager…my bedding set during my first year of college was classic pooh) and he will always have a special place in my heart. is it totally lame if i get CB a sitter and go it watch it by myself? 😉

  6. Melissa Says:

    Such a sweet Isaac story about the kisses.

  7. deb jacobs Says:

    i have to tell you, that neither of my kids ever went thru the “i don’t want to be seen holding hands with mom” or “don’t kiss me in public” stage. they were affectionate straight through. my son still holds my hand and sits next to me, with his head on my shoulder. it is very sweet and just as sweet as when he was little. it can happen=) xx

  8. Jenny Says:

    thank you for telling me about the movie, I never watch TV so I’m out of the loop, most “kids” movies are not kid enough for my kids, this one looks awesome! who doesn’t love Pooh 🙂

    Kylynn also starts every prayer with, Dear God pray for me (she means to say thank you for me, but that how she always says it).

  9. Summer Says:

    Almond butter is the bomb! Our family is peanut free due to our oldest son’s allergies and I am totally in love with almond butter as well.

  10. Lori Says:

    Ben and I just finished watching all five seasons of How I Met Your Mother on DVD. It was legend…wait for it…dary! And Barney blogs… have you seen his blog??? I love Winnie the Pooh too and we’re excited about the movie, but can I tell you what a horrible parent I feel like after the movies I just blogged about in WW and yours was about Pooh?? 🙂

  11. I love that he feels he must both sit in the wagon and pull it. That can be your new metaphor, all your life together, for having your cake and eating it too.

  12. Barbara Says:

    I am loving the image of Matthew sitting in the wagon while trying to pull it. Too funny and something that has actually happened here before. And no matter how you try to explain that it’s impossible, the stubborin child refuses to acknowledge you!! And seriously, “Dear God, Thank-you for me” is so freakin’ adorable!

  13. Kelly Says:

    Isaac’s prayers (about himself)? Adorable and hilarious. The blowing-kisses memory? To die for. I’m glad you shared that. He is the sweetest kid! As for the Winnie the Pooh movie, I want to see that now! (Even without Max).

  14. Elizabeth Says:

    LOVE the kisses story. Sigh…
    The wagon thing had me cracking up. If he can figure that one out, he’ll be a billionaire.
    The almond butter… I must know: salted or unsalted? Because they are two entirely different experiences, my friend.

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