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Thanks Universe, for Keeping me Humble June 27, 2011

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Today has been a good day.  A friend and I made plans to leave our boys with a childcare provider who does drop-in care, and we were going to have coffee and enjoy some much-needed catch up time together.

The boys and I got up this morning and had a relaxing time at home.  I packed their lunches, showered, and we weren’t running late at all.  They were excited to go play somewhere new, and nobody cried or protested as I left.

I felt so luxurious driving around in my new minivan (oh, I haven’t told you yet?  Yep, I got a minivan!!  More on that later).

My friend and I went to Panera and had coffee and a sandwich and chatted forever.  It was amazing.  She had her baby with her and he even fell asleep!  We were living the charmed life, I tell you.

When we said goodbye, I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and on the way to pick up the boys, I passed a compounding pharmacy, and remembered that I had been meaning to go in there for something for months.  I made the stop, got what I needed, and made it to pick up the boys with time to spare.

I walked in the room to find my boys sitting quietly, listening to a story, while the 2 other boys there were screaming and pushing and falling all over each other.  Yes, my boys were being the good ones.  Mrs. Evelyn told me that they had been so wonderful and polite and asked how I got them to eat so well, and how Isaac even asked to be excused when he was done.  I humbly said that they are sometimes better for others than they are at home, but I mentally patted myself on the back for raising polite kids.

They cheerfully got into the van and on the way home, I ruminated at my wonderful morning with a friend, congratulated myself on having the ingredients I need for dinner, for finally stopping at the pharmacy and taking control of my health (picked up something for migraines), for having the best kids in the world.  Oh yes, I was having a good day.

And then we walked into the playroom door to find it.

A diarrhea grenade had gone off….on the Berber carpet.  Because when dogs get the runs, tile and hardwood will just not do, my friends.  And also because (inexplicably!!) when dogs get the runs, they do the walk-and- poo.  They give traveler’s diarrhea a whole new meaning.

The boys were aghast.

I sucked it up—literally, I had to hold my breath–and unloaded the groceries and then got down on my hands and knees in my cute-meeting-a-friend-for-coffee outfit and cleaned up the sh!t. While the boys stood safely on the untouched tile screaming, “oh gross, stinky!!!!”.

And I thought to myself, welcome back to reality–hope you enjoyed your 3-hour break.

(And I did.  It was totally worth the diarrhea, even though I will never again walk around down there barefoot.)



12 Responses to “Thanks Universe, for Keeping me Humble”

  1. jaime scott Says:

    completely hilarious!

  2. Yvonne Says:

    Yeah…nothing like poop to keep it real.

    But LOVE that you had a place for the boys to spend some time and that you had your time. Awesome!

  3. deb jacobs Says:

    the walk-and-poo!!! my cat does the walk-and-puke!! and of course, on the rug. last week henry pooped and then spread it all over the carpet in his bedroom. the time before that, he deep cleaned the boys’ room, then five minutes later came back to find they had shredded tp all over it. he said with a chuckle “why do i even bother?!” kids and pets, keeping it real=)

  4. hardingswing Says:

    Totally deserving of the “Bless your heart!” comment.

    Glad you got to enjoy your time with your friend, though!

  5. claudia Says:

    ARGGGHHHH! How horrible!

    But yeah, sounds totally worth it 🙂

  6. It sounds like an amazing morning minus the sh!t…but I do think that I’d clean up dog poo on carpet for 3 hours of fun 🙂 Will you be able to use this sitter more often? It sounds like a great arrangement! How absolutely wonderful when your children are the good ones! For us, it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, big smiles!!

  7. Jenny Says:

    Oh my, yes that is definitely the worst smell in the world, I’ve had to tie something over my nose and mouth to clean it up.

    Love that the boys were standing there making comments the whole time 🙂

  8. Lori Says:

    Totally worth the break, but yeah, the universe always brings us back, doesn’t it??? 🙂

  9. Grace Says:

    oh dear. that is just awful! at least it gave you great blogging material, huh? 😉

  10. Melissa Says:

    Oh, my. That’s all. 😉

  11. Yikes. That is soooo nasty. It makes me thankful that we’re cat people & that MOST of the time, the diarrhea is contained. Yikes.

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