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Whatnot Wednesday July 5, 2011

Filed under: whatnot — Elizabeth @ 10:30 PM
  • Recently, Isaac was having a bad night.  He had not napped and was being very cranky, so he had gotten in trouble.  At bedtime, he was being especially pitiful and asked me to sing him a lullaby.  I asked him which one he would like to hear and he said “Rock a Bye, Big Boy”.  A perfect song for those times when you want to be treated like a baby while simultaneously having your mature status acknowledged…repeatedly….to music.
  • Jason bought us both iphones today.  That’s right–after 5 years of using a dark blue Motorola Razr flip phone, I am making the switch.  I will also be able to text, which makes my friends (who would apparently like to limit their phone time with me) very happy.  So Jenny, tell your husband to pony up, because you are officially the last person on earth with a flip phone.  Also, if you get an iphone, we can play Words with Friends!!!
  • One morning this week, I was making breakfast and the boys were playing in the living room.  I heard Isaac tell Matthew:  you are the coolest Maffyou in the world.  There is no other Maffyou that is better than you!
  • I went to tell Isaac good night the other night and he told me that he had been throwing a lot of boogers onto the floor.  So yeah, I really should be vacuuming right now.
  • Last week, I was looking for a cupcake recipe that didn’t contain eggs or chocolate (or the million other things Isaac is allergic to).  I googled “vegan cupcakes” and came upon a blog that seemed to be dedicated to just that.  But as I was looking through the recipes, I noticed something strange.  She kept using the measurement 2/4.  As in 2/4 cup of soy milk.  Now how am I supposed to trust something as important as a cupcake recipe to someone who can’t even reduce a fraction?  Seriously, people.
  • I was out of town this past weekend, and before I left, I gathered up a bunch of towels and put them in the washing machine.  Apparently, I forgot to replenish the towels in our bathroom, because Jason told me that he got out of the shower, and realized he didn’t have a towel.  So he decided to dry off with my robe.  I am also guessing that was his way of telling me that I should wash my robe….as it was still hanging in its regular place.
  • Walking out of church last week, Isaac stopped short and announced loudly, “Mom, Dad–I’ve got BAD NEWS!!!”.  Everybody around us stopped to hear what might be going on, and Isaac announced, “Miss Norma does NOT recycle!”.  This is his summer session preschool teacher and apparently he went all Al-Gore-in-An-Inconvenient-Truth on her when he looked around for a recycling bin for his raisin box, and alas none was to be found.  Now he brings his boxes home to recycle them.
  • On my weekend away, I got to listen to some new music.  Jason put the Avett Brothers CD “I and Love and You” on my ipod and let me just tell you–it is fabulous.  Like amazing.  Like I was having a religious experience in my van–and not because of the amazing moonroof or the radio controls on the steering wheel.  I think part of it is that the sound and the lyrics are perfect for me right at this time in my life.  Kind of like back in the day when “Jagged Little Pill” came out and I was obsessed with it–you know because I was an angsty, pierced, hormonal, recent high school graduate.  Anyway, I am loving the Avett Brothers and not to oversell them, but I am kind of thinking of turning my kids into gypsies with dirty feet and dreadlocks and my van into some sort of hippie-mobile that we can use to follow them around the country while they’re on tour.
  • Okay, that’s not altogether true–you know I would not let a kid with dirty Piggly Wiggly feet get into my new van.  But I really want to see them live.
  • And yes, I agree–I do talk about my van too much.

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11 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. Oh my. The Isaac going all Al Gore on his poor teacher had me CRACKING up.
    I will happily share my # with you so that we text hilariously back and forth, should you be so inclined. I can bore you with the random minutia of my day! I know, you’re saying “SIGN ME UP!” 😉
    And may I point out that it is Tuesday night? Were you one of those nerds (like me) who finished a 3-week project the night after it was assigned? Well, technically I was that person in high school. Now I’m the uber-cool idiot who waits until 11pm the night before and stays up too late finishing…

  2. Aunt JoAnn Says:

    You will be surprised to learn that my family is still a family of flip phones! Rich, JoAnn, and Chuck still are holding out! Tessa has left the fold….blackberry convert. We do text, but it’s the caveman way, by using the letters on the number pads…..very tedious. What I cannot get beyond is the extra $30 per person per month to go to super phones. The cell phone bill for 4 of us now is at least $220 a month. Add another $30 each and it will be $310 a month? Wow, it blows my mind.Maybe I have this all wrong, there is some deal I have not heard about, but for now I am still a flippin cheapskate, walkin with my head up and thumbs idle.
    “Miss Norma does not recycle” could be the name of a song, I swear! I love it! That boy is one of a kind. Rock-a-bye Big Boy and coolest Maffew in the world are too cute.

  3. tina Says:

    I loved Jagged Little Pill, too! I listened to that CD so much. It made me much angstier than I needed to be, I think. And I got an iPhone, too! I HEART IT SO MUCH. By the way, I am super duper jealous of your minivan. I’ve wanted one since I was in college. Yes…true story.

  4. Grace Says:

    the fractions! hahaha! so with you on that.
    i love isaac’s passion for recycling…right on, dude. 🙂
    um…i’m hoping you’ve done some vacuuming and laundry since you posted this? maybe? 😉
    and girl, your love for your minivan is hilarious. it *almost* makes me want to entertain the thought of one one day…almost.

  5. Yvonne Says:

    Jenny isn’t the last one – I’m still using a tracfone and there is not flip action going on at all. I would love an iphone but know that once I have it there is no going back. So, we’re holding off…for now. But enjoy! I know they are great!

    And I love Isaac’s pronouncement! That’s awesome.

    And never too much talk of the minivan. It’s good to enjoy a perk of being a mama 🙂

    Happy Wednesday!!

  6. So many funny things this week! 2/4 of a cup?! Hilarious! “Rock a Big Boy” is awesome as well. We hear “Matthew” pronounced as Maffyou all the time here. Very cute. I am going to have to check out the Avett Brothers, since I could rock out to them in my mini van. And yes, you’ve got to love the radio controls on the steering wheel. Now, when I drive our other car that doesn’t have them, I’ve found myself pressing buttons that don’t exist!

  7. Jenny Says:

    Oh, sweet friend, can I tell you I had a bad day and I sat down and saw the shout out on your blog and it made my day! even if it was to tell me that you have joined this century and sadly I have not 🙂

    your life is entirely funnier than mine! I am so proud of Isaac I’m a bit of a recycling nut and always am shocked by people who don’t, next time I think I’ll call them out in church like that! love it!

    going over to check out your new music in just a minute, sounds good! I’m into music that “speaks” to me. Jagged little pill actually broke from over use and I had all the lyrics memorized.

    If I ever get an iphone (don’t hold your breath) I will be there for words with friends!

  8. You should totally become hippies with dirty feet. It has worked out great for us! 🙂

  9. Lori Says:

    Whatnot Wednesday has really brought back some old school music back for me. I mean, first it was Ace of Base, then Hootie and the Blowfish and NOW I’m going to have to see if I can find my old Alanis CD!!! Seriously…

    I love that Isaac is helping his teacher go green:) Hilarious!

  10. KJ Says:

    Dang, there’s this awesome vegan and everything free book and blog that absolutely has cupcakes and i can’t remember the name! Wait–found it! Ok, there’s a cookbook, but she does do some recipes and links on the blog and I know you can trust her:


  11. Kelly Says:

    2/4? WTH?! Love Avett Brothers too! They are great, and I really hope you turn your minivan into a hippie mobile. Please? Oh and I still like to listen to Jagged Little Pill when the mood strikes me. I love that Isaac Gore ratted out his non-recycling teacher. Hello, it’s 2011, where’s your recycling bin? Sheesh! As for the boogers, no comment. Oh and speaking of the 21st century, congrats on the iphone. Although I do recall (back in the late 1990s?) when the razor was THE BOMB.

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