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Whatnot Wednesday July 13, 2011

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  • I really like scary movies.  Let’s be clear.  I like the monster kind, but not the torture kind.  I really, really like the zombie kind.  So Jason put (the newer) Dawn of the Dead on our Netflix queue.  We saw it in the theater when it came out–probably about 6 years ago–and I was a little curious to see if I would still be into it (I was).  Anyway as the beginning credits were rolling, we were both surprised to see that Ty Burrell is in it.  That’s right, Phil Dunphy from Modern Family–arguably the funniest character on TV in the past 10 years.  It was really bizarre because he plays a jerky, womanizer.  Towards the end, he gets attacked and turns into a zombie himself.  Phil Dunphy as a zombie–it was kinda weird.
  • The boys were playing outside the other day, and I can’t remember what we were talking about, but Isaac was saying that he didn’t have a sister.  I asked him if he wanted a sister and he thought about it and said no.  Then I asked him if he wanted another brother and he thought about it and said, “no, let’s just keep Matthew”.
  • Is it me or every time you see a Volkswagen Van do you automatically think of the Libyans?  And worry that they’ve found you and they’re coming back for their plutonium?
  • So one morning at 6:30, I got up with Isaac.  We went downstairs to feed the pets and he went into the playroom and said he was going to make me a necklace.  5 minutes later, he hands me this necklace.  I put it on without really looking at it, and he says, “do you like my pattern?”.  I was seriously impressed!!  I’m not saying he’s a genius, but…….well, actually, I think he might be a genius.
  • There’s this house in our town that has a mannequin in the front window.  She’s been there for years and it’s kind of like a running joke.  Whoever lives there dresses her up depending on the season and holidays.  But she is always scantily clad.  For instance at Christmas, she had on red lingerie and a Santa hat.  This was her outfit last weekend.  It’s an American flag bikini top, what seems to be a skort, and a men’s shirt as a cover up.  Patriotic, right?
  • Okay, so you know that I teach water aerobics, right?  Well, I’ve been teaching for 4 years and the chlorine in the pool will eat right through a bathing suit.  So after buying about 25 regular bathing suits and having to throw them away after a few months, I finally ordered an expensive one from a catalog that was chlorine-resistant.  I HATE ordering clothing from catalogs because I’m never sure of the sizing.  Normally I would buy a bathing suit in a size 6, but I took all of my measurements and according to the catalog, my chest measurements indicated that I needed a size 6, my waist was a size 8 and my hips were a size 10.  I ordered the 8 and when it arrived, I ripped the tags off and wore it immediately.  It is a true sport fit suit, so it is really snug.  Really, really snug.  Don’t get me wrong–it looks fine, it isn’t obscene, but getting it on sometimes is a task.  For instance, I teach every Tuesday morning and I’m always in a hurry.  So I put it on right when I climb out of the shower, when my skin is still a little damp.  It is just like that scene from Friends with Ross and his leather pants.  I swear I start sweating and get more of a workout just getting the darn thing on than I do during the 2 hours of water aerobics I do after that.
  • Isaac was taking a long time to get dressed after his bath the other night, and he suddenly looked up at me and said, “Mom, why doesn’t Roo wear underwear?”.
  • You know how I know that I’m getting old?  I mean other than the fact that I now say things that my mom would say like “this zucchini needs to be eaten” or “I can’t have anything nice”.  I finally understand the Playtex 18-hour bra commercial.  I always wondered what the deal was with that.  Were they saying that other bras stopped working after only 12 hours?  Ah, the ignorance of youth.  Dude, I totally get it now.  If Playtex makes a bra that is still comfortable after 18 hours, sign me up.  While you’re at it, throw in some of those Hanes panties that don’t ride up.
  • On everything Isaac draws, he includes the same thing.  It’s like his signature.  Even if he is doing a certain project for church or school, on the back he draws his signature……It’s him, his Silkie, and a rainbow, and if that doesn’t make you smile, then there’s not much hope for you, my friend.

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8 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. Aunt JoAnn Says:

    I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog! Every time too. I am 60 and I appreciate your setting me straight about the playtex 18 hr. bra, and I plan on going out to find one! All of mine definitely quit on me after 12 hours. So I have wasted a lot of years here without that 18 hour garment. I too think that Isaac has some genius going on. What a guy..and I would think you can deduct your bathing suits on your taxes, as it’s a unform for work, no question. Remind him of his signature when he is older, it’s such a statement!

  2. Becky Says:

    The Volkswagen and Libyans thing totally cracked me up! You can not be serious about that mannequin – someone really has that in their front window?!?! And Isaac’s necklace is impressive!!!

  3. Tiffany Says:

    Again! With the Back to the Future references…love it. And you will always get me with a good Friends reference. This week my husband and I were moving a couch from our second floor and it took me back to Ross with the couch….”Pivot!”

  4. I love that Friends clip – one of my faves for sure. I’m also loving this dressed up mannequin. One house in my sister’s neighbourhood has an Elvis mannequin in their front window. I’ve always found it rather hilarious, but this mannequin tops it for sure! As well, I totally understand the bathing suit situation. As a lane swimmer, I now only buy the polyester expensive bathing suits. In my first month of lane swimming, I went through two lycra bathing suits in one month. What brand did you end up buying? Finally, I love Isaac’s little “signature” for his drawings. So cute.

  5. Grace Says:

    isaac is TOTALLY a genius! what a beauty of a necklace!!!
    that mannequin is hilarious, but would really freak me out at night…it sounds like you have super cool neighbors, though 🙂
    and goodness gracious, i am cracking up at you trying to put on your bathing suit! except that kinda means i’m cracking up at you being in your birthday suit which makes me feel bad and creepy. sorry.

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    Love Isaac’s “signature”.
    But dude, that mannequin is CREEPY. I can’t believe the townsfolk put up with that.

  7. Melissa Says:

    Totally impressed with that necklace!

    And I SO cannot do scary movies!

  8. Kristen Says:

    Isaac is for sure a genius…and much crafty than I. Ask him if he can create some fun summer projects I could do with the boys at home 🙂

    That mannequin is C.R.E.E.P.Y.

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