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Like the High School Cafeteria all Over Again July 24, 2011

Filed under: KAAN — Elizabeth @ 3:47 PM

I’m going to KAAN (the annual conference for the Korean American Adoptee/Adoptive Family Network) in Atlanta this weekend.


On the one hand, I am simply excited to be going–all of the different speakers and activities.  So much to learn!  Not to mention staying in a hotel–by myself!!!  No kids, keeping the TV on all the time, eating in bed.  That’s the life.  (Although in looking at the schedule, I don’t think I’ll be in my room all that much.)

On the other hand, I am kind of terrified.  I don’t really know anyone who will be there!  One person through a Yahoo group gave me her name and told me to say “hi” if I see her.  And then Margie, who used to blog at Third Mom (who to me, is like a celebrity!!) said she was looking forward to meeting me.  But then I think that she had to say that to everybody, because she’s in charge of registration or something.

So now, in addition to trying to decide which sessions I’m going to attend (there are so many good ones–I have no idea which ones I’ll choose), I’m worrying about walking into the continental breakfast and breaking into a cold sweat as I freak out about where to sit.

On the bright side, now that I have an iphone, even if I’m by myself, I can fiddle with it and pretend like I’m doing something important, even if all I’m really doing is updating my Facebook status or challenging every friend I have to a game of Words with Friends.

I’m worried that Friday night, I’ll be huddled in my room, eating vending machine food, and watching HGTV–not because I want to (although let’s be clear–there is some beauty to that situation!!) but because nobody asked me to dinner and everybody else is having a blast and making lifelong friends and talking about the weirdo with the unkempt eyebrows.

So is anybody else going?  If so, I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you, if you see this person–

you TOTALLY want to sit with her at breakfast.  Yes, her eyebrows are weird and she has a funny accent, but she really is kind of a hoot…..and I hear she writes a killer blog.


9 Responses to “Like the High School Cafeteria all Over Again”

  1. deb jacobs Says:

    your eyebrows look just fine!! xoxo

  2. christine m tomberlin Says:

    Hey–great drivers license photo. Remember this…YOU are the one to find a friend and invite her to eat with YOU!! Shrinking violet==NOT!

  3. tina Says:

    ok, you are too cute. if i were fortunate to be an adoptive mom, i’d be there and be your friend. alas, i am not. so i’ll just have to look forward to hearing stories about the conference! and something tells me that i should agree with christine and say you’re not a shrinking violet…at least not as far as i can tell from bloggyland!

  4. claudia Says:

    This is hilarious. Looking forward to the follow-up photo of you with all ten thousand of your new conference friends on the last day!

    • Jen Says:

      WHY didn’t we get a photo together?! I would LOVE to have be one of your conference friends on your blog (although I’m sure you had many to choose from!!) I think I could even make this face :/ I am laughing hard to your blog and couldn’t wait to get home from dinner to finish reading a few more posts tonight. My blog is more like a ‘slog’ compared to this and yes, Margie is my favorite blogger too… but she better look out… You have so described my feelings on our first (and every since then) KAAN. Be careful, it is hard to wash this KAAN stuff off. I’ll keep reading… It was so nice to meet you Elizabeth.

      Jen H.

  5. Amber Says:

    You are a riot! I wish I was going just so I could sit with you!

  6. Melissa Says:

    Wow! What a fun opportunity, although I have to admit that I would be terrified to not know a soul. Good luck!

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    sigh… how i wish i were going!!!

  8. Cari Says:

    I went to Las Vegas for a WEEK a few years back. It was a business trip and I didn’t know a soul. I thought I’d be in the same boat, but what I found was that everyone is in the same boat and they are all willing to engage. That’s the point of a conference. I promise that you’ll have a blast and you won’t eat alone. Sit down, introduce yourself, and be your wack-a-doodle self. I had a blast with a girl who was there with her husband. We hung out all week and still write from time to time via email.

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