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So You’re Saying KAAN Starts TOMORROW? July 28, 2011

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As in Friday?  As in this Friday?  Like tomorrow?

Ohhhhhh, okay.

This was my thought when I woke up this morning.  And last night, when my husband asked me if I was excited about going, I wondered why everybody kept talking to me about it when it wasn’t until the weekend, which is…..oh yeah–tomorrow.

I think I mentally lost a day this week because on Tuesday, I was busy with the semi-annual event that every mother dreads, the “My Kid is Puking on the Leather Couch-a-thon”—brought to me by Matthew.  And of course, not to be outdone, Isaac (who wasn’t sick at all) violently choked on his last bite of dinner that night, which resulted in him vomiting his entire meal back up onto his dinner plate.

Hello $10/pound Alaskan salmon.  While I have heard that salmon like to swim upstream, that really took the cake.

And you know when you’re a mom, you can never just go out of town.  You have to set the entire household up for success while you’re gone and then as an afterthought, you throw a toothbrush in a paper bag and run out the door.

So in between teaching 4 water aerobics classes today, I need to make sure that there is enough food here for everybody to eat healthy, well-balanced meals while I’m gone.  With all of Isaac’s allergies, running by Chik-Fil-A isn’t an option anymore, and as much as I love Jason, I can’t imagine that he will be thumbing through the vegan cookbooks looking for culinary adventures to be had.

I should really decide what to wear, which is always stressful.  Something to offset my eyebrows, I’m thinking.  There is a “gala” Saturday night, and the word gala makes me want to call all of both of my girlfriends and say, “well what are YOU gonna wear”, but I don’t know anyone else who will be at the gala.  And that wouldn’t make a difference anyway, because let’s face it, I’ve got about 2 options, so it will be one or the other.

Let’s not forget, I am also involved in several heated Words with Friends matches, so I have to stay on top of that.

Also on the agenda: decide which sessions to go to.  Now I have really taken initiative here.  Last night, I looked at the schedule and picked my top 2 for each time slot.  Birth parents, white privilege, dual citizenship, cultural connections, politics of identity–how will I ever choose??

Also, do you think it would be weird for me to bring my netbook in the sessions to take notes on?  I can type so much faster than I can write.  For years now, I have only handwritten grocery lists and about 2-3 checks/month.  And if I try to write more than that, my hand curls into a claw and begins to tremor.  But I don’t want the presenters to think I’m just reading The Onion or something while they’re pouring their heart out.  Of course, if I was reading The Onion, I would be snorting and laughing out loud and elbowing my neighbor saying, “you’ve gotta read this!”.  And I would never do that.  I mean I do that to Jason every night at home, but I would never do it at KAAN.

Oh, and I promised the boys that I would make pumpkin muffins.  Also known as mommy-is-deserting-you-for 48-hours-of-grown-up-time-muffins, or guilt-kin muffins, for short.  So I gotta get on that.

And time just keeps getting away from me.  I mean, here I am trying to blog, for goodness sakes, and a child needs a #2 assist in the bathroom that also somehow involves a song with 7 verses called “My Mommy is a Baker”.  Apparently, I can’t even procrastinate in peace anymore.

So I guess there’s nothing left to do but get ready to go.  Well, I better make the guilt-kin muffins–I mean I can’t have my kid singing that his mommy is a baker and not leave him with delectable home baked goods.  That would simply be cruel.

But first I have to administer a smackdown of epic vocabularic proportions on this Words with Friends game……..


6 Responses to “So You’re Saying KAAN Starts TOMORROW?”

  1. Lori Says:

    First, I totally think you should take your computer b/c I took notes by hand and missed tons of stuff during the autism conference. Second, thank you for introducing me to the onion – just superb! Third, even if you forget the toothbrush in a bag, the hotel will probably give you one and I bet you still feel more put together and pampered than you do at home. Fourth, I’m really jealous and also excited about your weekend. I thought you deserved this special weekend away anyway but after the vomiting I REALLY think you deserve it!!

  2. Grace Says:

    this sounds like it’s going to be awesome! totally bring your netbook — people do it all the time. and the gala? to be safe, just wear something black. and bring both cardigan and some nice jewelry to either dress it down or up.
    have fun!

  3. christine m tomberlin Says:

    You are the multi-tasker supreme. I bow to you!

  4. KJ Says:

    Have a blast! mmm….grown up time and new people with lots to talk about. sounds awesome.

    ANd btw, that’s MY iced coffee!!!!


  5. This tired me out just reading it — though I find myself identifying too well, too well.

  6. Summer Says:

    Can’t wait to hear everything you learn. Hoping to make it next year. Have a great time!

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