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Whatnot Wednesday August 17, 2011

Filed under: whatnot — Elizabeth @ 12:40 PM

  • Isaac used the word “cylinder” in a sentence the other day.  Correctly.  I asked how he knew what a cylinder was and he told me he learned it on Blue’s Clues.
  • Speaking of Blues Clues, when Isaac was about 2, he used to wake up every morning at 5 AM.  I would bring him in our bed and turn on Blue’s Clues and let him watch 2 episodes back to back for an hour while Jason and I slept.  Because I slept through most of it every time, I never really understood the plot of the show.  I would just wake up right around the time Steve was in the thinking chair and spend the rest of the day wondering how each pictures got in the notebook, what they meant, but mostly why my 2-year old seemed to understand a show that I couldn’t comprehend.
  • Strangely enough, even though now I watch the episodes all the way through while I’m awake, they still don’t make all that much sense to me.
  • Isaac has all of a sudden shown an interest in eating Korean snacks, which is surprising because he’s so picky.  Unfortunately most of them have ingredients that he’s allergic to, like these:

I have no idea what they’re called, but if a Nutter Butter and a Cheeto had a baby, this would be their crunchy love child.  Their crunchy, delicious lovechild.

  • I watched “Justin Beiber:  Never Say Never” last night.  Oh yes I did.  And lemme tell you, the Beibs has some mad skillz……that extend far beyond growing a great head of hair.  During one of the concert scenes it showed a mom in the audience singing along with the songs, trying oh so hard to be cool and hip and hang with the young folk.  And I realized, that is me, or it will be soon.  I am no longer the cool, young kid.  I am the old schlep who drives the cool young kid to the concert and spends the rest of the night singing along with the music only to embarrass my child.  Ouch.
  • I watched “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” on Sunday and realized that my life will probably not be complete until I sing “Twist and Shout” atop a parade float.
  • Saturday night we went on a double date and I was in charge of figuring out movie times.  When we got to the theater, I walked up to the window and asked for 4 tickets to “Horrible Bosses” only to find out that that movie wasn’t even showing at the theater.  Double date fail.  It gave me flashbacks to December 2005 when Jason and I went to NYC with my sister and her husband and I bought us tickets to see the Rockettes.  Then the night before we flew to the city, I realized I bought tickets for a night we weren’t even going to be there.  I cried so hard that when I called my sister, she thought someone had died and was then relieved to find out that it was only a ticketing snafu.
  • About 6 months ago, Isaac assigned me a stuffed animal to sleep with–Mommy Giraffe.  Now it seems I can’t sleep without it.  I even took it to KAAN with me:Isaac attempted to reclaim it this week, and I begged to have it back.  I can’t quit you, Mommy Giraffe.
  • Saturday we were talking about puke, because puke is funny to little boys and to certain demented 33-year old women.  I told Isaac that when I was in the hospital and he was being born, I had to puke and the nurse gave me a bizarre plastic sock looking thing to throw up in.  Isaac laughed so hard he almost cried and then for the rest of the day he would follow me around saying, “Tell me that joke again about how you frowed up in a plastic sock!!”.
  • A quote from Isaac:  “Come on Matthew, we’re on a secret mission to make sure someone’s in trouble.”
  • And lastly, I heard the boys up in Isaac’s room playing and this exchange went down–

Isaac:  Don’t worry, Matthew, there are no such thing as ghosts, or monsters….or sharks.

Matthew:  Or dolphins.

Isaac:  Sorry Matthew, actually, there is such a thing as dolphins.

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12 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. tina Says:

    Haha! Koreans make the best snacks. It’s called “Cah-rah-mehl Cohn Ddang Kohg.” Basically…Caramel Corn Nuts. 🙂

  2. Melissa Says:

    I’m thinking someone else should be in charge of all things double date related in your life. 🙂

  3. Isnt’ it amazing what kids learn from tv? Taft has learned all about animals from Diego and Wonder Pets.

  4. Jenny Says:

    Sorry, there is such a thing as dolphins…the boy needs his own show I swear!

    I used to nanny for a family and I developed a very strong aversion to Blues Clues, admittedly I was a cranky teenager but that show really bothered me! 🙂

    I’ve got to get over to our Korean market and get some Korean snacks, we enjoyed some while there but I didn’t think about getting them here!

  5. Christine Says:

    I finally had to start reading the originator of the what not wednesdays! I will be joining up in the future…

  6. claudia Says:

    LOVE that he knows what a cylinder is. I mean, seriously? Wow.

  7. Lori Says:

    I love that you are sleeping with a giraffe. My Jack and his Dave would be so proud:)

  8. Ted & Maria Says:

    Haha! I SO love Isaac’s last quote: “Sorry Matthew, actually, there is such a thing as dolphins.” I can totally picture that!

  9. I totally intend to watch Bieber’s movie. I’m totally impressed by his mad skillz as well! Of course he’s Canadian too 🙂

    I love Korean snacks. When you buy something new, you’re not sure what you’re getting, but that’s half the fun. We’ll have to get to our Korean grocer soon. I think M would love the snacks D loved as a baby. His foster mother gave us a bag of “Corn Flakes” which were nothing like Kelloggs and deliciously sweet.

  10. Kelly Says:

    I was quietly giggling in my head to this WW … until I got to “I can’t quit you, Mommy Giraffe” … and then I snorted. Oh, and I must try a snack that is described as a nutter butter and a cheeto having a baby. Mmmmmm, sounds right up my alley.

  11. Grace Says:

    okay, my favorite thing is that the peanut on that snack packaging is wielding a gun. nice.
    i need to watch the beibs’ movie. there. i said it.
    and can i please join you atop that parade float? and can we also sing danke shoen?

  12. Elizabeth Says:

    How super sweet is your mommy giraffe! I love it!
    Puking in a sock sounds super creepy.
    And thanks for reminding me how old I am. THANKS.

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