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Whatnot Wednesday August 24, 2011

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  • Let me start by saying that ever since I’ve gotten an iphone, every time I get an idea of something for Whatnot Wednesday, I go under the Notes feature on my phone and type it in there so I can remember.  So tonight, I got out my phone and opened up my notes.  My whatnot note was gone.  In its place were 2 other notes.  One that simply said:  Isaac’s.  The other one said:  ISAAC MATTHEW MOMMY DADDY.  (I’ll give you one guess as to who has been playing with my phone.)  Lucky for you, I have a fairly good memory or the whatnot post would simply be a roster of our family’s names.
  • At the grocery store recently, I saw a pack of ground pork.  This is not something that I always find at the grocery store so I snatched it right up.  (why? you ask.  Because Isaac is allergic to beef, chicken, and shrimp, so I get creative with pork.  And we’ve recently realized that meatballs made with ground pork are delicious!!).  So anyway, I grab up the ground pork and directly underneath it was this:  I literally let out a little shriek because I just wasn’t expecting it.  And then, of course, I whipped out my phone and took a picture.  Because I’m incredibly mature like that.
  • Thursday afternoon, the boys and I drove down to the beach to spend the weekend there.  Even though Isaac was exhausted from school, he didn’t take a nap.  It seems the unlimited movie time (only on long trips!!) afforded by our new van makes him force himself to stay awake.  So about 4 hours into the trip, he began sobbing because he was so exhausted.  We stopped at Waffle House to eat some dinner, and I got a taste of “drunk Isaac” (how fitting that this was at Waffle House).  Obviously he wasn’t drunk, but he was so exhausted, he was vacillating between hysterical laughter, sobbing because he missed his bed, begging my forgiveness for his misbehavior, stroking my hair and telling me how beautiful I was.  Throw in the green, heart-shaped sunglasses he was wearing and it was quite a scene.
  • While all of this was going on, Matthew was asking everyone who came close to our table, “Hey dude, do you know where Tiki Beach is?” and then laughing hysterically.  He has a minor obsession with the Backyardigans episode “Surf’s Up”.
  • Oh, who am I kidding?  I love that episode too!!!  Mystery lifeguard, they call me mystery lifeguard.  Of Tiki Beach, yo, that’s me the mystery lifeguard….
  • While we were at the beach, Isaac was drawing and told me that he could now draw a triangle.  I told him I would love to see that, so he drew this:  I asked what the “F” was for.  He looked at me like he could barely fathom my stupidity, and said very condescendingly, “because it’s the First time I drew a triangle on vacation”.
  • I’ve told you about my eyebrow situation, and now I get at least 10 emails every day from readers asking how it’s going as I grow my eyebrows out.  Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.  Actually nobody has ever asked but I keep annoying people by updating them on the progress, so why should you be any exception?  I can’t believe I’ve stuck with the growing out plan.  I would love to tell you that they have grown in beautifully, but I can’t.  Not only are they growing in patchy and sporadically, but they are literally growing straight out from my head at a 90 degree angle.  It’s not a good look, but I can’t bear to pluck them yet, because I’m holding out hope that somehow, one day they will be beautiful.
  • Want to know how hot it is here?  (How hot is it?)  So hot that I took the kids to Michael’s and spent $60 on crafts.  Crafts, people.  Paints, stamps, canvases, oh my.  I let the boys each paint a canvas that day.  Within 3 minutes, Matthew had mixed every color on his palette and painted the entire canvas a muddy brown color.  Meanwhile, Isaac asked me to sit and help him mix the colors vermillion, chartreuse, magenta, marigold, and “applemarine”.  I’m all, “what’s vermillion?? and don’t you mean AQUAmarine??”.  Again, thanks Blues Clues–now my child knows how to make colors that I can barely spell.
  • And now to incite panic in the heart of every mother–remember the rainbow rice the boys and I made at the beginning of the summer?  Well, I got it out again today (IT’S HOT OUTSIDE) and this is a picture of just some of the aftermath.  Are you sweating yet?  Is your blood pressure going up just looking at this?  Shouldn’t I receive a medal of valor or something?!?!?!

Need to clear your head?  Write your own Whatnot Wednesday post and link up below so that we can all see the randomness that fell out when you rinsed your brain.  Just don’t forget to link back here or grab my button–get your HTML on.


16 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. christine m tomberlin Says:

    When I painted with them, Matthew quickly lost interest in the paper…he was really into putting the paint in water and watching the water change colors. Stir, stir, stir….magic!

  2. Christine Says:

    Whoa. I’m pretty cool with anything crafty/painty/etc… but you totally lost me at the rainbow rice. Now, I’m having heart palpitations!

  3. just mom Says:

    didn’t you know that they make ground pork out of pig’s feet and chittlins? gotcha!

  4. Melissa Says:

    So the big question is did you buy the pig’s feet?

    So how old is Matthew again? Camden is 8 and still loves The Backyardigans (which Brian finds a little mortifying LOL).

  5. Christine Says:

    I’m in! And I *think* I linked up… Think being the operative word!

  6. Cari Says:

    I’m looking forward to pictures of triangle S and triangle T!

  7. Rachel Says:

    Laughed really hard again! Thanks!

  8. Jenny Says:

    Drunk Isaac…funniest mental image in a long time, so funny! 🙂

    your eyebrows I’m going to just say no pity here, from a lady who can grow hairs on her face way! too easily I’d be happy I had a hard time growing in some hair 🙂 but stick with it, it’ll happen and you’ll love it when it’s done, I’ve done it before (although now I know much! quicker)

  9. So many funny things this Wednesday. Drunk Isaac is hilarious, and I love the triangle picture. And wow, I totally admire your crafty exploits. We need to do more of that around here. I consider myself as “letting go” when I let Daniel mix the playdoh colours! And I usually have the vacuum cleaner close so I can clean up any errant playdoh pieces.

  10. Yvonne Says:

    those colors crack me up!! oh my goodness. way to go Isaac. And way to go mommy – painting AND doing it inside? Awesome.

    And that F – also awesome. And I’m also impressed that Isaac has been playing with your phone but you haven’t lost all the photos or phone numbers or anything else that is on there. Because I can assure you that if Natalie were ever get ahold of our phones, we would be in big trouble.

    Happy Wednesday!

  11. Lori Says:

    The eyebrows are coming along smashingly… really! I love that Matthew was calling everyone “Dude.” I call Jack dude and he tells me to stop saying that;)

  12. KJ Says:

    After Backyardigans wears out, you MUST go for Phineas and Ferb. There is this one episode where the evil scientist explains why he has to blow up a building, because they’ve built it in between his window and the drive-thru movie screen he used to be able to watch, and oh, yes, he COULD just move his chair and watch it out the OTHER window but no, because “then I would have to move this lamp, and the little table, and there’s no outlet, and I just thought, what the heck? I’ll blow up the building!”

    I’m a wee bit too into it…

  13. Grace Says:

    the drunk isaac story nearly made me pee in my pants! HILARITY!
    and then your eyebrows shot started it up again…sheesh! i’m gonna need some depends for these posts.

  14. Elizabeth Says:

    Wahoo! I’m officially caught up. Sorry for being a slacker reader. I miss you guys so much! 😦
    “drunk Isaac” is a total hoot. I want you to deprive him of sleep and bust out the video camera just so we can all enjoy it 🙂
    First triangle. Um, I have to say I have yet to draw my first triangle on vacation. I’d better get on that… goodness, I’m 34!!!

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