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What? You Thought I Forgot it was Wednesday? September 29, 2011

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  • I’m running a bit late today.  Just a tad.  We got an unexpected date night tonight and went to see “Horrible Bosses” at the dollar theater.  It was really funny.  Then we came home and played canasta with some friends.  Cause we’re old.
  • Note to self:  now that I play canasta, I should probably also start keeping hard candies in my purse and a kleenex tucked under my sleeve.  I think that’s the rule.
  • Tonight on the way home from the movie, we passed a doughnut shop.  They were closed and the lights were out, but I saw someone moving around in there.  I pointed it out to Jason and said, “note the time!  7:18 PM”.  He had no idea what I meant.  Is it just me or do you always note the time anytime you see suspicious activity or hear a noise that may be a gunshot (or fireworks)?  You may have to report this to the police or be a witness in a trial!!  One day I’m gonna be a star witness, people.
  • The other day I had on a shirt with a scoop neck.  I think that’s what you call it.  It came down a little low in the back–not so low that you could see my bra or anything, but lower than a normal shirt.  When I picked the boys up from school, Isaac told me that my shirt was broken.  When I asked him why, he told me that he could see my back, and I needed a new shirt.
  • Last weekend I did the nicest thing for myself.  I was at Costco and I bought myself a pack of underwear.  And they are so cute and comfortable!!  I have just been tickled to death about it all week.
  • And yes, I realize how sad that is.  But Costco knows how to get me excited.  Comfy new underwear, ginormous bags of coffee and 1000 ibuprofen for less than $10.  That’s hot.
  • We got a new fish on Friday to replace Fishy Fish–our fish that died a while back.  In a burst of creative genius, Isaac decided to name the new fish Fishy Fish 2.  Jason asked if we could call the new fish FF2 for short, and Isaac was indignant.  He said if we wanted to call him something for short that we could call him Buttoner.
  • When Jason gives the boys their baths, he lets them have a while to play in the tub before washing them.  When it’s time for soap and shampoo, he tells them it’s time to get down to business.  So now, at bathtime, they are always asking “when is business?”.  Or if Matthew is in the tub, I will send Isaac up to see if he is almost done and he will scream down to me, “Matthew is about to start business!”.
  • So I made it in just under the wire.  Note the time–it’s 11:56 PM.  Boo ya.

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12 Responses to “What? You Thought I Forgot it was Wednesday?”

  1. Vicky Says:

    1000 ibuprofen for $10? Is that for real? The best we can do in Australia is 90 for $14!!

  2. deb jacobs Says:

    you will also have to always stick your arm out when you stop short in your van. and, your kleenix’s have to have lipstick all over them. and you will have to freeze the salad and start buying no-name brands even if they’re crappy, because they’re cheap. and you will have to put your lipstick on at the table when you go out to dinner. and you will have to have a coin purse. and anti-acid tablets. and you will have to start going to buffets. yes, the horrible ones.

    • joannworks Says:

      Oh you guys forgot a few oldies habits!
      -carry gassex and beano when out to dinner, also lactaid pills as you now are lactose intolerant.
      -several pair of reading glasses from the drug store will be tucked in to every nook and cranny around the house and car, so you don’t have to know where they are.
      -consider wearing Depends when walking at the reservoir, as they still refuse to put PortaPotties there!
      -elastic waist lycra filled blue jeans, from Lands End or LL Bean. “Comfort Fit” is the mantra, I believe. regular size butt and big belly = too many wedgies!
      -you must now buy day old vegetables as they are such a bargain (YUK!)
      -comfortable shoes rule! one pair for everything will work!
      -big butt underpants that don’t create a muffin top under your leggins..are a must!

  3. Amanda Meggs Says:

    I just wanted to note that we LOVE Canasta. Tom and I play whenever we get the chance with Mom and Dad. It is sort of our night with adults. We stay up until like 1:00 in the morning which is unheard of these days. Mom and I never win, the men won’t be our partners. We don’t care if we win, but Dad and Tom have a flipping ball making fun of us and teasing us about our losing streak.
    Comfy underwear rules! You are so right. I love my grannies and I wear them with pride.

  4. Kimberly Says:

    Ah… Costco! Gotta love that place.

  5. christine m tomberlin Says:

    Each paragraph made me laugh…but Buttoner? That was the cream on my coffee this morning! And I feel fairly offended that you get a lot of your old people stuff from Sue and me…you laugh now my child!

  6. Melissa Says:

    This was a great post – full of fun! Glad to hear you liked HOrrible Bosses. I’ve laughed at the movie trailer several times and wondered if I should try to watch.

    The comment about your broken shirt is hilarious.

    And I totally get your excitement over new underwear. I recently had a similar experience myself. 🙂

  7. Jenny Says:

    oh thank goodness I kept looking for WNW yesterday and was worried something happened to you! 🙂

    now I’m really jealous of your Costco, comfy underwear, I would love some! 🙂

  8. Yvonne Says:

    see, you’ve done something I just have allowed myself to do – buy new underwear. But now I’m going to be looking at Costco because I too would be ridiculously happy by something so simple…

  9. Lori Says:

    I’ve never thought of noting the time, but it makes total sense. Can you send a few Ibuprofen my way… I have a huge headache but refuse to spend $6.00 on four at the hotel!! Gotta run… me and Jack are about to start business!

  10. Enlighten me…what is Canasta?

    Oh – and as soon as I heard the phrase about getting down to business, I laughed and thought about this song – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGOohBytKTU Hilarious. Have you heard it before?

    I also loved Isaac’s comment about your broken shirt! I’ve heard from moms of older boys who say that their boys always notice when they think their moms have too much skin showing. Very protective, I suppose!

    • That video WAS hilarious!! I had never seen it before! Canasta is a card game that you play with teams. It requires 2 decks and it’s kind if like bridge in that a lot of old people play it.

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