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Whatnot Wednesday October 12, 2011

Filed under: whatnot — Elizabeth @ 3:50 PM

  • I have poison ivy.  Pretty much all over.  It’s on my arms, legs, hands, and all along my jawline and now I am getting some spots on my face.  So when Isaac asked me if the big red spot on my chin was poison ivy, it hurt a little to admit that no, it was a giant zit.  But I can assure you that every other oozing bump on my body is, indeed, poison ivy.
  • On our big trip to Tennessee last weekend, I called home to talk to the boys.  I told Isaac that we were in another state.  His shocked response?  “You’re in outer space?!?!?”
  • Lately if Isaac is pleased with something you are doing, he will say, “I’m going to turn you into one of my BEST friends!!”.  He told me this the other day and I said, “well, you’re already one of my best friends!”.  Then he sighed deeply and said, “my wish is true!!!!”.
  • My husband is an Auburn football fan and the boys can identify Auburn paraphernalia when they see it.  The boys know when Auburn is playing and Jason is watching them on TV.  Matthew’s will actually sit with Jason and watch for a while, but Isaac isn’t that into it.  But I took him to Piggly Wiggly on Sunday and he saw an Auburn helium balloon.  After he pointed it out to me, the manager asked him if he liked Auburn.  He said, “Oh yes, Auburn is one of my favorite TV shows!!!”.
  • In the mornings lately, Matthew points out to me that he has crazy hair and he wants me to wet it and brush it.  When we were out of town, I was talking to John (one of our friends who kept the boys) on the phone and Matthew started throwing a tantrum.  John finally figured out that Matthew was wanting him to wet his hair and comb it!
  • I’m totally fine with him saying his hair is crazy and wanting it combed.  But when he looks up at me in the mirror and says, “you hair crazy, too, mama,” that kinda crosses the line.  🙂
  • My sister is going to have her first baby!  When I told the boys, Isaac asked if it was a boy or a girl.  I said that we didn’t know yet.  He said if it’s a boy, he thought it should be named Sis.
  • When the boys get home from school, Isaac immediately forces us all to re-enact the entire school day.  First circle time, weather watchers, someone has to do the calendar.  Then saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  I asked him to say it for me, and this is what he said, “Congratulations to the flag of the United States of America.  And to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, individuals with libergins (?) and justice for all.  And now a moment of silence……..Have a nice day!”

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10 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. Cari Says:

    “Individuals with libergins” – I think there is a cure for that.

  2. I think Tennessee is like outer space, too.

  3. Abby Says:

    I ran the name Sis by Byron. I don’t think it is going to make the cut.

  4. Lori Says:

    I think that pledge is fantastic. I feel horrible for you that you have poison ivy – that stuff is no joke. The upside is that you could totally lie and say the zit is poison ivy. Congrats on the niece/nephew and I’m actually putting my vote in for Sis. My uncle calls my mom that and it’s adorable – I don’t know how cute it would be the other way around though… I am going to do a WW post today (well, before midnight) if it kills me!! But don’t hold me to it:)

  5. christine Says:

    Oh, the things your boys say!!! Thanks for the much needed laugh!

  6. Yvonne Says:

    a boy named sis – awesome!

    and hope the poison ivy clears up quickly…

  7. Another hilarious post, Elizabeth! That pledge of allegiance is totally awesome, and so is Matthew’s need to have his crazy hair wetted and combed in the mornings. I hope your poison ivy goes away quickly.

  8. Grace Says:

    that is the best pledge i’ve ever heard.
    and speaking of outer space, one of my students asked me yesterday, “mrs. choi, are you from our world?” to which i replied, “what do you mean?” and he said, “i mean, are you from earth?”
    dude, my alien tentacles must’ve been showing.

  9. Jake Wright Says:

    Cole had a good one when he was learning the pledge at preschool. start as normal, then:
    …one nation, under God (he’s invisible!), with liverty and justes for all.”

    The “He’s invisible” line still gets me when I hear somebody saying the pledge.

  10. Melissa Says:

    The whole best friend bit melted my heart!

    And as far as Tennessee being outer space….well, I live here, and I might agree with him about that occasionally. 🙂

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