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My First Black Friday November 29, 2011

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So do not ask me how it happened that after brining, cooking, baking, hosting Thanksgiving dinner, and cleaning up that I came to be standing in line at midnight for Black Friday shopping.

I do have a hypothesis though.  Every year, I eat ham on Thanksgiving.  Every year, I go to bed and say “screw it” to Black Friday.  This year, I ate turkey, and I was pumped up like a maniac.  My hypothesis is that retailers have secretly been injecting commercially sold turkeys with crack cocaine.

I shouldn’t have even been awake past 9 PM.  On a regular day, my eyes are closing at 9, and I worked my butt off on Thanksgiving, so this was incredibly unnatural.  Especially since it wasn’t like I was really going to buy a bunch of stuff.  There were just a couple of small things I wanted that were at Kohl’s and my sister wanted to go get a comforter.

So off we went.  We got in line at 11:40 PM and there were already about 200 people in line.  It didn’t really hit me, what we were doing, until the doors opened and we started going in.  Then I started to panic—what if I got a nervous stomach and spent the entire Black Friday in the Kohl’s bathroom?  Why wasn’t there a fire martial at the door?  Shouldn’t they be counting the number of people and limiting how many can go in at once?  Oh God, why did I bring a clutch–I needed both hands for shopping!!!  We didn’t even have a game plan–if we separated, how would we ever find each other again???

Luckily, we got in and we both got what we were looking for, and since my sister’s husband had come along, we had him stand in line while we browsed.  After we left with our loot, I was PUMPED.  It was about 1 AM and I felt like I could have gone all night, which made no sense at all.

Thankfully, clearer heads prevailed (they must not have eaten as much crack-injected turkey as I did) and we went home.  I slept until 9:45 the next morning, which I’m pretty sure hasn’t happened since we had kids.

It was pretty awesome.  Honestly, I felt a bit like a rock star for doing it all, and I think the boys will be pretty pumped on Christmas morning when they see their huge cardboard rocket ship!!!


Protected: At Least it was Fresh Scent

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Protected: Methinks Someone Hijacked my Camera November 28, 2011

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Then and Now November 19, 2011

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Two years ago, we got off an airplane with our new son and became a family of four.  Many things have changed in that time….and a few things have stayed the same.

Two years ago, Matthew’s first encounter with a tricycle involved him standing straddled over the seat and dragging the tricycle around.

Today, Matthew is riding a two-wheeled bike with training wheels.

Two years ago, two of Matthew’s favorite snacks were apples and shrimp crackers.

Today, two of Matthew’s favorite snacks are apples and shrimp crackers.

Two years ago, Matthew didn’t know a word of English.

Today, I am very sad to say, Matthew only knows a few words in Korean.

Two years ago, Matthew didn’t want to take off his blue shoes from Korea.  He has always had a hard time with new shoes.

Today, Matthew is wearing a pair of shoes that he chose himself at a shoe store.  (HUGE progress!!!)

Two years ago, Matthew drank a yogurt drink every morning with his breakfast.

Today, Matthew drinks a yogurt drink every morning with his breakfast.

Two years ago, for Christmas, I had no idea what to give Matthew.  I had no idea what would make him happy or what he really liked.  I ended up buying him a huge stuffed dog from Walgreens, because it made him smile one day while we were shopping there.

This year for Christmas, he has already told me that he wants a panda pillow pet.  Which is no surprise to me, because I know he is into panda bears right now.

Two years ago, I sat in a rocking chair in Matthew’s room and cried because I felt overwhelmed, wondering what we were going to do with this sad, scared child.

Today, we wonder what we would ever do without him.

Happy Forever Family Day, Matthew.


Whatnot Wednesday–the Chronically Tardy Edition November 18, 2011

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  • Isaac is having a mild Spiderman obsession.  Just with the one Spiderman book he has though–we got a DVD of Spiderman cartoons from the library, and it proved to be too scary.  So Isaac has begun drawing his own comic-type stories.  And I think we can rest easy that Isaac is not criminal mastermind waiting to happen.  In the first one, the bad guy throws marshmallows.  From there we went to pointy needles and throwing mud.  That’s as bad as it gets in Isaac’s world.
  • Isaac grabbed a large textbook about copper (BO-RING!) that Jason has for school and plopped it in front of me on the coffee table.  He announced, “we are about to read a boring story out of this Bible right here.”
  • In addition to his spiderman obsession, Isaac is also really into PBS right now.  He doesn’t even watch that much TV, but it usually is PBS, and he also likes to play games on their website.  The other day he was riding his bike and he screeched to a halt next to me and said, “Super Isaac is made possible in part by contributions from viewers like you!”.  He also wrote on a number on his drawings “go to PBSkids.org”  after asking me how to spell “PBSkids.org”.
  • Gave Matthew a clementine with dinner and it happened to have some seeds in it.  He found one and yelled, “HEY!  This clementine has beans in it!”.
  • I told you about Matthew singing along with Feliz Navidad.  Well both of the boys LOVE the song.  But Isaac calls it “Elise Andida”.  No matter how much I tell him the right way, he insists.  Hope he doesn’t get beat up by any spanish speaking kids at his school.
  • Don’t you just hate auto-correct when texting?  I was responding to Jason the other day, and I was trying to say “Fanks”, which is how Isaac used to always say “thanks” and it has kind of become something we say now.  I know it’s not a word, and my phone auto corrected it to “Ganja”, which is like another word for pot, right?  So now instead of saying “fanks”, Jason and I say “ganja” when we mean “thank you”.  We get weirder every day.
  • Sometimes Isaac comes home from school talking about TV shows he watched there.  I’m not a fan of this at all.  It seems on rainy days when they can’t go out on the playground, they let them watch TV.  Not even PBS or educational DVDs though, things like Special Agent Oso, Third and Bird or Bubble Guppies.  I understand that they need something to do inside and I even understand that the teacher needs a bit of a break, but seriously, if anybody is going to rot my kids’ brain out, I would appreciate it if I could be that person.  Thanks.
  • You know how sometimes you have something at your house and it seems you’ve just always had it and you’re not even really sure where it came from?  Well apparently, our cat brush is one of those items.  Jason came upstairs and said to me, “are you aware that our cat brush pre-dates the fall of the Berlin Wall?”.  Apparently, printed on the back is “Made in West Germany”, which according to Jason happened when I was 12.  So where did this thing come from–is it some kind of relic that has been passed down generation to generation?  Maybe.  I think my aunt gave me a bag of cat stuff when her cat, Sweet Pea died and this may have been a part of that.  Either way, it still works just fine.  Maybe it will be a family heirloom and one day, Matthew’s kids will take it on Antiques Roadshow.  Or maybe they will just laugh at how their grandmother almost never bought new things.



Time Is On Our Side November 16, 2011

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This is a week of anniversaries, of remembering.  Two years ago we were in Korea, meeting our youngest son.  Last Saturday was the anniversary of getting on the plane to Korea.  Monday was the anniversary of meeting him for the first time.  This Saturday will be our second family day.

But today?  Today’s occasion is different, and somehow even more special.  Today marks the day that Matthew has lived with our family longer than he’s ever lived anywhere else.  Today is a day of permanence.

This isn’t an occasion I’m going to discuss with Matthew.  Not right now, although as he gets older and feels more comfortable with his story, we will go there.  (For now, the fact that he talks about being born in South Korea and being adopted is a huge thing.)

As I’ve come to learn with nearly every milestone in adoption, an occasion I’ve looked forward to with happy anticipation also brings sadness.  I’m so happy that we have been able to provide permanence for him.  And I’m also quite angry for him that it has taken 4.5 years to have this kind of permanence.  It makes me sad to think of the first 6 months of his life–such an important time for attaching and bonding to someone, anyone, and he was let down.  I think of the wonderful home that was provided by his foster family from the time he was 6 months until he was 2.5 and I feel terrible that he had to leave that.

But here we are.  This is forever.

As the years go by, I see him settling in.  It helps that we are a family big on traditions.  At Christmas, I imagine him thinking–I remember this.  We put a tree in the living room.  We ride that train and meet Santa.  Jingle the Elf visits us.  We wear special pajamas and that one–that one right there is MY stocking.  We get down the music box that Nuna gave me in Korea.  We do this every year.  I get it.

Or on vacation–Okay, we always drive to this same house.  We turn in and drive over the rocks and over a bridge and I know this house!  There are toys in a basket and I always sleep in THIS room.  There is the pool and we drive to the beach and I remember.  We do this every summer.  I was here the last time we came and next summer we will come again.  Together.

I won’t go all cliche and say that time heals all wounds, because it doesn’t.  And while we’re on cliches, love doesn’t always conquer all, either.  But I do see him healing.  And in a way, time and love are both playing a part.

So today, I won’t mention this anniversary to him, but I will make him hoddeok as an after school treat……and  I will pray that he feels the safe and warm feeling of forever in his heart.


Whatnot…..Wait, What Day is It? November 11, 2011

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  • Isaac asked me the other day, “Mom, can we pretend that I’m a virus that makes people sick and you’re an emptybody that tries to stop me?”.
  • Today, Matthew was singing along so loudly with “Feliz Navidad” in the car.  He was LOVING it.  Then “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” came on, and he didn’t know any of the words, but he was belting something out.  Hopefully I am raising at least one Christmas fanatic.
  • Remember that Isaac requested Silky cupcakes for his birthday?  Well, here they are, next to their namesake…..
  • Matthew knows all the letters and their sounds, but he is having a hard time putting it all together to sound out words.  So we have these wooden letters that go with a puzzle, and he loves to play with them.  Sometimes, I will build a word and he will try to figure it out.  So I wrote “bat” the other day.  First we went through each letter sound.  I said, “what does a ‘b’ say?” and he said “buzz”.  Pretty funny.  I clarified that I meant the LETTER B.  After he got all of the letter sounds right, I said, “now put them all together”.  Then, very carefully, he reached down and pushed the wooden letters all very closely together.  I could never be a teacher!
  • Isaac drew this picture the other day.  I asked him who it was.  He said, “me.  Up close.”.
  • Matthew is still super obsessed with the new cat, Collin.  Collin purrs very loudly and Matthew will say, “he’s a-rumbling!!”.  I told him that it was called purring, and now he says, “he’s Furring”.  Which in truth, he usually is doing that as well.
  • Speaking of fur, Isaac saw a tuft of white fur on the floor, and said, “Look, Collin lost some of his stuffing!”.
  • I bought a cat bed/scratching post type thing for the cat and the boys were helping me put it together.  The parts were called pipes and joints.  So I’m sitting there saying, “Isaac, can you pass me a pipe?” and “Matthew, can you pass me a joint?”.  They had no idea how funny it was.  But it was.  Maybe you had to be there…..