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Whatnot Wednesday–Friday edition November 4, 2011

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  • I’m running a little late here.  Did you notice?  I really thought with the boys in school 3 mornings a week, that I would have all of this time on my hands, and now it seems that I am just busier.  So I missed Wednesday because I was busy.  I missed yesterday because I was sick–more on that later.
  • The boys have been wearing their fleece footie pajamas.  Isaac is in the biggest size (5T) and I fear this maybe his last footie pajama year–at least in the Carter’s brand.  Anyway, I was reading to him one night and jokingly asked if I could borrow his cuddly footie pajamas.  He said, “no, these are a 5T, not a 34T!!!”.
  • The boys both LOVE to correct us when we are wrong about something.  Yesterday we were talking about Gingerbread Men and Matthew said, “No, you mean Ginger Batman!!”.
  • We’ve been getting a new roof this week, and if there is anything I loathe, it is having work done on the house.  I hate getting quotes, I hate talking to the people, I hate that our dog can bark for 8 hours straight at noise going on outside.  The problem is that I am the one home and mostly available.  The other problem is that Jason always has these special questions and specifications and he never expresses them to the workers, but expects me to.  I hate that.  So anyway, I was bringing the boys home from school on Tuesday.  We pull in the driveway, and I’m trying to herd them into the house through the debris of shingles in the driveway and yard, freaking out about roofing nails.  I was carrying both of their backpacks and a small trampoline that someone had given us.  So you could say that I was a little occupied.  One of the workers was having a smoke in the front yard and decided to get all conversational.  He was all, “we found quite a bit of rotten wood up there.  More than we expected.”  And then looks at me like we are about to discuss this.  I was all, “oh, that’s too bad”, and he was all, “yeah, we almost didn’t even have enough wood with us to replace it”, and I was all, “I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THIS”, (on the inside) then I proceeded to walk to the house where of course, I stepped on a roofing nail that went through my TOM like, well, like a roofing nail through a TOM.  Luckily I felt it poke my skin just in time and didn’t put weight on my foot.  So yeah, I hate having work done on the house.
  • So about me being sick.  Yesterday, I woke up feeling fine.  Great, even!  I got the boys off to school and got ready for my small group, which was meeting at a home about 30 minutes away.  On the drive out there, I started getting a headache, so when I got there I asked a friend for some Tylenol.  I had some food and we started our study, and my head started pounding, and I started feeling nauseous FAST.  I knew I was getting worse fast, so I told everyone I needed to get home.  It was a long drive home though, and I just knew I was gonna puke.  Soon.  There was a 10 mile road that was all residential and I couldn’t believe that I was gonna have to puke by the road.  How awful.  And that’s exactly what happened.  I finally made it home and was miserable for the rest of the day, but even in my misery, I found some humor in the fact that I had to puke on the side of the road.  And last night I wrote a poem about it…..in haiku form.  And yes, I know haikus don’t have stanzas, but I had a lot to say.  So here goes:

Today I puked at

A graveyard (I’m not pregnant)

And it was raining.

I didn’t puke on

A grave (don’t worry).  Just the

driveway part.  It sucked.

The good news is that

my new TOMS stayed clean (thank God)

And nobody saw.

I was twenty miles

from my toothbrush, so I vow:

Buy gum for the car.

Happy Friday.


9 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday–Friday edition”

  1. joannworks Says:

    Good to be getting the blog again.I have to sympathize totally on Jason wanting you to handle the home repair stuff…”as if you care.” I feel so the same. Rich sends me to buy paint and supplies, and thinks I will intuitively know I need 2′ brushes, or semi-gloss paint, or whatever. I get furious.I make all phone calls about anything, this summer it was to find concrete workers, painters, carpenters, roofers, tile laying, and on and on. Noone calls you back, or they have questions you can’t answer. Finally God gave me our Russian Randy, who could do all of it. Thank-you Jesus. Now I am supposed to make calls to find a guy to clean out the basement, take away trashy stuff and re-useable stuff. I hate it, it was never stated in the marriage vows, but apparently there is an unspoken clause that is in every marriage contract. (“Wife does home repair supervision and makes calls.”)
    And I SO DO NOT CARE so it’s hard to follow through. Thanks for this venting place. I also think “Peuking by the Side of the Road” is a country western song, or should be.

  2. Jaime scott Says:

    I’m sorry you puked, but your story and poem are hilarious. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 also, tyson has officially grown out of the 5t footie pajamas and it was a big (sad) deal for him, so we feel isaacs pain. Someone needs to make bigger footie pjs, cause big boys like them too!!

  3. Christy Says:

    I’m so sorry about your long drive home while sick! That’s the worst. I remember puking on the side of the road frequently while pregnant, but fortunately haven’t had to since. I did, however, have the stomach bug yesterday too. Weird. I’m glad you’re feeling better! I hope that the work on your house is done soon! That’s never fun!
    Your boys make me smile, as always. Just and FYI – there are footie pajamas that go up to 10/12 at least in case you want to keep going. Since Ella is 4 and already in a 7/8 I am very thankful for this! 🙂

  4. deb jacobs Says:

    oh i just hate puking out of the car. i get so embarassed, because i make a lot of noise when i puke.
    i loved your haiku! it was outstanding=)

  5. Lori Says:

    I had to puke out the car door last month and it was not my proudest moment, but the graveyard takes the cake. You win. I have to know which TOMS you got. And finally, thanks for doing this on Friday. Gave me a chance to participate. Apparently your boys being in school and me working a two day work week makes life so much busier thank working full time and having kids at home full time. I don’t know that I’ll get anything done when Jack starts Kindergarten next year.

  6. Daniel stopped wearing footie pjs when he was toilet trained, but I guess he really didn`t have to stop then, since he just wears pull-ups to bed and never wakes up to pee in the night. I just love the Carters zip-upfootie pjs and think that they`re one of the better things about cold weather. Sorry to hear that you were sick. I`ve never actually puked by the side of the road. In fact, I puke so infrequently that I find puking very traumatic. Your haiku is awesome though!

  7. Jenny Says:

    Oh the workman situation it drives me crazy, I’m always trying to communicate these things Kyle tells me and I feel like I’m quoting a different language, I cannot tell you how often I have called him on my cell phone and handed to the guy and said here talk to him!

    a 5T not a 34T, your son is so witty!

  8. claudia Says:

    My husband is up doing work on converting our loft RIGHT NOW. I had to scrape a thick film of sooty dust off the computer before I could touch it. Work on the house? HATE IT.

    Your poem on the other hand? LOVE.

  9. Melissa Says:

    Oh, puking is the worst. Puking on the road has to be even worse than that!

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