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Whatnot Wednesday January 18, 2012

Filed under: whatnot — Elizabeth @ 9:52 AM

  • Jason has a grand plan to teach the boys to play Go Fish.  Actually, as a romantic gift to me, he also has a grand plan to teach Isaac to play solitaire.  Anything to get that child to stop talking for at least 3 minutes at a time.  So anyway, while I was taking Matthew for a haircut on Monday, he got out a deck of cards and started teaching Isaac about them.  So he taught him about hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs.  Then he set out the face cards and asked Isaac what he thought they were.  He got King and Queen right, but when Jason showed him the Jack, he looked at the “J”, thought for a minute, and guessed–juggler??
  • Listening to Isaac pray is always very sweet and sometimes really funny.  One night when he was praying before dinner, he finished up with an “amen” and then said, “oh, and I forgot!  Happy New Year, God”.  Last night, he asked if he could pray for me and closed with, “in your whole name we pray”.
  • Oh and while he was praying for me, he was doing it right into my ear.  When he was done he said, “now I will blow it into your brain so you will never forget it.”
  • We’ve been buying this new cereal by Cascadian Farms called Clifford Crunch.  Basically, the kids wanted it because it had Clifford on the front.  Basically, I bought it because it seems fairly healthy and it’s organic.  And Isaac isn’t allergic to it.  What I can’t figure out is, what makes the cereal Clifford-specific.  As far as I can tell, there are numerous shapes of cereal pieces, but none of them seem dog-related.  Unless Christmas trees, Jesus fish and Xs have anything to do with dogs.
  • This morning, I called Isaac into the kitchen to get his backpack on.  He called out–okay!  Be there in a jiggy!

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5 Responses to “Whatnot Wednesday”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    As always, this made my Wednesday. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    The praying and blowing into your ear: half sweet, half creepy. But totally lovable 🙂

  3. Jenny Says:

    I think that will be my new phrase, “be there in a jiggy” 🙂 he always cracks me up and love him praying in your ear, too cute.

  4. Sue Says:

    “now I will blow it into your brain so you will never forget it.” CLASSIC! i love it. (after this week, i think i could use some prayers blown into my brain so i will never forget them)
    you must play will smith’s jiggy song for isaac…because it’s stuck in my head after your last bullet.

    enjoy your lunar new year feast!! have fun and enjoy every bite!!!

  5. Melissa Says:

    The solitaire comment cracked me up because we did the exact same thing with Camden when he was 4 – Brian taught him to play solitaire for the sole purpose of giving us a little break from the constant questions. 🙂

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