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But Enough About Me….Oh, who are we kidding? January 30, 2012

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So recently, this fun little award has been going around the blogosphere, and it has been bestowed on me from a couple of other bloggers, including Sue at All Accounted Four, Grace at Chois R Us, and Melissa at Life as a Lewis.  I am proud to count all of these ladies as friends, even though I have never met any of them in real life.  They are just one of the wonderful things that adoption brought into my life, as I met them because they are also adoptive mommies to beautiful Korean kiddos.  Thanks ladies for the love!

the rules of the award:
1. thank the person who gave you this award
2. list seven things people may not know about you
3. pass it on to 15 (or so) other bloggers

1.  Costco is absolutely my new happy place.  My old happy place being…..I don’t know?  My bed?  Okay, I suppose Costco and my bed are tied for my 2 happy places.  I live near our Costco, so I’m there at least once a week, and sometimes more.  I know–don’t laugh, but if I’m driving by, I will run in for a gallon of milk and a honeydew!  I usually just buy 5-6 things at a time, but there is just such a good feeling when you unload and think, “wow, we’re not gonna need dog food for a LONG time”.  Or “if the apocalypse happens, we are SET with Ziploc bags”.  Or “wow, this is enough minipads to last me until menopause.  Score!”.  Last time I was there, I actually upgraded to an executive membership.  I think when you invest in a 25 lb bag of flour, it shows some serious dedication on your part.  I may not have a full time job or ever wear suits or heels, but by George, I get executive respect at Costco.

2.  I haven’t met very many famous people, but I did pee in a bathroom with Janeane Garofalo once.  And Jimmy Carter was on our airplane when we flew to Korea, so I got to shake his hand.  And I smiled at Ruben Studdard in the produce section of Whole Foods.  And once, my sister and I dressed up as the Dixie Chicks and won a karaoke concert and got free tickets to their concert.  So no, I didn’t really meet anybody famous that night, but a drunk person in the bathroom thought we really were in a band.  So there’s that.

3.  Once I won a trip to Mexico on the radio.  I was driving to work and listening to a nationally syndicated morning show.  They were doing a “trip a day giveaway”.  I decided to call in, on a whim, and they had me play a quiz game.  I was a nervous wreck, and pulled over to concentrate, but realized that I would be late for work.  So then I had to do the quiz while driving.  I had to identify celebrity voices and they would give three hints for every voice.  The answers were:  Anna Nicole Smith, Carrie Underwood, and Hayden Panetierre (?).  And then I won!  I was so excited and walked into the pool area and told everyone I had just won a trip to Mexico and it was all of the older ladies and they literally just said, “that’s nice”.  Then they told me it was too bad because I would probably have to pay taxes on it.  BUZZKILL!!!!

4.  I love nachos and popcorn.  Like the nasty nachos you get at a ballpark or the Target snack bar.  With jalapenos.  Dang, they are just so good.  We have tickets to a college basketball game this week, and I keep thinking, I hope Jason doesn’t want to go have dinner before, because I really just want to eat nachos and popcorn and sprite.  And I seriously never eat like that around my kids.  I just will not encourage that nastiness, so I have to indulge when they are not around.

5.  If I was ever in an all you can eat contest, my best chance of winning would be with Thin Mints or popcorn (or possibly nasty nachos).  Somehow I think that I have already shared this information on this blog.  But it bears repeating.  I can eat a lot of that stuff.  And just so you know, Costco (of course!!) has a delicious equivalent to Thin Mints.  Year round.  For a much better deal.  Take that, Girl Scouts!  And the popcorn at Costco is going on sale this week.  Just so you know.

6.  Our wedding was unique.  All of the music at our wedding was popular music that Jason and I chose.  No instrumentals or classical stuff.  My best friend, Rusty, walked me down the aisle…..to a Pete Yorn song.  Which was nice, but I still think it would have been funny to walk/dance down the aisle to Cake’s “Love You Madly”.  The man who married us was my best friend’s mother’s ballroom dance instructor.  Total coincidence.  My dog was there, wearing a collar of roses.  And we sang karaoke at the reception.

7.  This is kind of a weird one, and definitely along the lines of TMI, but don’t act like this doesn’t happen to you.  There are certain places, that when I go there, my digestive juices flow.  Know what I mean?  Let’s just say I know where the bathroom is at the library.  And bookstores.  And antique stores.  And model homes.  Do NOT take me to a model home.  That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

You see, that is the danger of asking someone to list 7 things about themselves.  I’ve shared almost everything there is to share on this here blog and I really had to reach for that 7th one.  I hope you aren’t too traumatized.

So I don’t know if I have 15 people to pass this onto, as many of the blogs I read have already done it or already been tagged.  I have a couple of new readers that I will tag and they are:

1.  Jerusha at Hands Full on Purpose

2.  Juliet and Frenchie, who co-blog at Mommy and the Sin City

and some old friends…

3.  Jenny at A Chosen Child

4.  Yvonne at Our Korean American Family

Thanks for pretending to care caring about all of my randomness!  LYLAS!


9 Responses to “But Enough About Me….Oh, who are we kidding?”

  1. Lori Says:

    I’m going to a college basketball game this weekend too. I really, really wish it was the same one. We could chat and eat nasty nachos. I love those too. And I can eat a WHOLE BAG of white cheddar popcorn in one sitting. Easy, breezy…

  2. Juliet Cap Says:

    Thanks! We’ll be working on personal tidbits and sharing the love soon!

    • Juliet Cap Says:

      Just wanted to let you know we’ve passed it on! And I’ve posted my 7 facts; Frenchie’s will be up soon too.

      Oh, and I’m with “Joannworks.” Maybe it’s a relaxation thing. I never knew anybody else that happened to. How funny that we all can relate though, we just needed you to admit it first! Without fail it happens to me at the Dollar Store, among other places. I think it’s because I know I can afford anything in there I want! LOL. So I relax and start to get excited at the promise of being able to shop, not just browse. Who knows!

  3. Jenny Says:

    love your randomness, especially randomness about you! 🙂 and I have noted not to take you into a model home, but I’m sad about that b/c I love me some model homes, maybe it’s the nachos, do you eat nachos before you go to those places 🙂

    ps-stop rubbing it in about the costco 🙂 kidding!

    pss- thank you for the award!!!

  4. Yvonne Says:

    you crack me up about costco – maybe because I too have the “yes! we’re set for a long time now!” sense of accomplishment when I buy something in bulk. Love having one less thing to think about. I only wish ours opened earlier – 10 am is too late!

    and thanks for passing the baton – I’ll start thinking of 7 things, though I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to beat your #7:)

  5. joannworks Says:

    I think we determined that it’s a family trait to “have to go number 2” when browsing in bookstores, or in stores in general. What is that? a relaxing factor? there has to be a scientific explanation..

  6. christine Says:

    This is an awesome list! Although, I now feel a little guilty that I’ve taught my kiddo that it’s ok to eat junk food at a ball game. And believe me, he can put that stuff away! 😉

  7. You are hilarious and such a great writer. I could see you writing a book someday…or doing stand-up comedy. I’m a big Jr. Mints fan, so I’m curious about Thin Mints…not sure I’ve had them before, but I’ll check them out. My favourite Costco purchases – falafels and hummus. Wonder how different our Costcos are…

  8. Sue Says:

    ok…i sneak read blogs at work when reading blogs is strictly prohibited. if i am not supposed to read them there, i sure as heck am not going to comment on them while i am there.
    anyhow…i read this (and others) long ago and finally have some time to comment in thoughtful manner.

    1. i love learning more about you. i wish we lived closer!!!
    2. i was at your happy place this week and thought of you the entire time i was in there buying a $15 pot pie, a big bag of avocados, enough chicken thighs for the next 3 to 4 months, and (among other things) enough “healthy” snacks to lasy leo a week.
    3. this week i also discover the best popcorn in the entire world…and thought of you again. Trader Joe’s bagged Movie Popcorn. comes in a red bag. a bag i needed damon to remove from me because i nearly ate the entire thing in one sitting (the remainder was consumed by drew – in one sitting – the next day when he came home early from school. he declared it the best popcorn ever)
    4. your #7…too funny!!

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