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What I Think He Meant January 30, 2012

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Last week, we watched the movie “Ramona and Beezus” as a family.  It was a great movie.  We all LOVED it, but not surprisingly, there were a few parts that sent Isaac straight into tears.  When Ramona ran away from home, when she thought she was going to have to leave her house, and of course–of course!–when their cat died.

It doesn’t take much to send Isaac into a fit of grief and remembrance over our beloved cat, Tuffy.  And here was a perfect chance for him to go all Sally-Field-at-the-end-of-Steel-Magnolias when she’s sobbing in the cemetery and admits that her hair really does look like a brown football helmet.

Matthew was in Jason’s lap during this and he turned to his daddy and said, “I wish one of my pets would die”.  I reflexively turned to him and said, “What??” and of course he buried his head in Jason’s chest mumbling, “I mean…..I mean…..”.

Matthew still has a really hard time expressing himself, but I think I did know what he meant.

Tuffy died before Matthew came home and that was quite a big milestone in our family life.  Especially to Isaac.  Matthew has heard of this cat, seen pictures, and witnessed many a grief session over beloved Tuffy.

And he missed it all.

I think he was wishing that he could cry about it too.  And talk about it.  And say “remember when?”.

I think he was saying he wished he could have experienced that event with us.

That he wished he hadn’t missed out on so much.

I agree.






6 Responses to “What I Think He Meant”

  1. Jerusha Says:

    Wow. I never want to miss those interpreting moments.

  2. aww. that makes a lot of sense.

  3. Melissa Says:

    You’re so good at interpreting these little moments.

    And on a lighter note, good to know you liked the movie – I’ve been wondering about renting it for us to watch as a family.

  4. Sue Says:

    good catch. and so sweet on matthew’s part.

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