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Just Living February 24, 2012

Filed under: everyday life — Elizabeth @ 5:30 PM

Wow, I have really been out of the loop.  But I am still here and I am okay.  I feel like I’ve been crazy busy with everything and nothing.  Doing taxes, getting involved in my bible study (we are doing a Beth Moore study on James), starting Matthew on a new diet (because limiting him from gluten and dairy is very smart, especially since Isaac is allergic to 11 OTHER foods).  On a whim, I decided to start a new way of eating and gave up meat, wheat, caffeine and dairy.  And it hasn’t even been hard.  I’m just doing it to feel better–I have to find a way to kick these migraines.  So now I’m that weirdo who drinks greenish brown smoothies with spinach and flax in them.  Or puts nutritional yeast on popcorn for a snack.  I’m really annoying, but I’m gonna be a healthy annoying person.

We’re doing a lot of conferences with Matthew’s teacher.  They have decided to reevaluate him.  He has made so much progress that they believe he may be ready to leave the special education program.  This is really exciting and deserves its own post, but the evaluations aren’t completely over so I will wait until it’s official.

Isaac has been worrying us with some stomach issues.  Could be more food allergies or intolerances, but we’ve been dealing with this off and on for months.  We are seeing a gastroenterologist next week.

I hate that I’ve been absent from blogland, but the kids have reached an age where they don’t nap anymore and they give me almost NO downtime during the day.  So when they do watch a TV show, I have to balance the checkbook or plan meals or make myself a green smoothie.

Right now they are watching a Tom and Jerry DVD from the library.  I just heard Isaac whisper, “if I was there, I would help Jerry”.

Better sign off for now.  Gotta figure out a way to make eggplant appealing for dinner!


5 Responses to “Just Living”

  1. Barbara Says:

    You have definitely had some major change in your family recently! How exciting for Matthew!! Looking forward to hearing what’s ahead for him. Congrats on sticking to dietary changes. What was the impetus for that? (if you don’t mind me asking…)

  2. deb jacobs Says:

    i was funny and didn’t allow my kids to watch tom and jerry. i thought it was too violent at the time. i was anti-violence but comfortable with a little sensuality when they were older. i felt like the opposite of most moms, who do it the other way around. like my niece and nephew, can watch blood and guts galore, but nothing the least bit sensual, and no nudity.
    i LOVE nooch on popcorn, put a little “butter” on it first and it soaks up the nooch and is delicious!
    has isaac had a lower gi?

  3. meryl rose Says:

    I am Meryl (2 daughters from China, age 3 and 5). I have two important “soapbox” (but important) items that I hope you will consider/research (and email me about). (1) Try cranio-sacral and neck-muscle work at a chiropractor (and other upper back massage). I had migraines for 20+ years and had months where I’d take imitrex for 10-15 days a month. I have had 2 (minor) migraines in the last 9 months–I go about once every few months, now (but went more). (2) Gastrointestinal issues (and some of your son’s other allergies could be related to soy–it is a very cheap source of protein and was pushed as a health food (as you might already know). The plant itself is toxic, and solvents are used to make it edible–notable exceptions would be organic soy (tofu) or miso and other fermented forms of soy. It is hidden in everything (it isn’t good for pets, either). Meryl (from Minnesota) … and Ihave some way-random items for a Wednesday 🙂

  4. Jenny Says:

    wow! girl that’s a lot on your plate, I too haven’t found time to blog and my excuses are much less important as yours! 🙂 proud of you and your healthy eating!!

  5. Melissa Says:

    Oh, no naptime would make me a little crazy! Sorry about the stomach issues – hope that you are able to get some answers soon! Hope you enjoy the new Beth Moore study. That is one I haven’t done yet, but it’s on my list.

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