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We Got Played March 15, 2012

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I had an IEP meeting with Matthew’s teacher today (a rather momentous one that I will write about when I get the chance to do it justice).  As we walked back to the classroom, I asked her how Matthew’s day had gone today.  She was telling me that he had a good day and didn’t even get upset when he noticed that his lunch wasn’t in his backpack.

I was perplexed.  I remembered packing his lunch, and I thought I remembered putting it in his backpack.  But maybe I was flustered and left it on the kitchen counter.  How odd.

I said to her, “Oh no!  I guess maybe I forgot to put it in his backpack, but I know I packed it!  I’m so sorry!”.

“Oh, it’s fine,” she said.  “He told me that you forgot and that you told him to buy a lunch today”.

Now that is definitely odd.  I am obsessive to the point of annoyance about what my kids eat, and especially since we are trying out a special diet with Matthew (and especially with the pink slime debacle going on), you can bet those words didn’t come out of my mouth.  But what’s done is done, so I figured I would deconstruct the mystery later at home.

I got home from the meeting and there was no forgotten lunch bag on the kitchen counter.  I asked him what happened with lunch and he told me that he didn’t have one, so he had to buy one.  He said this a bit gleefully, which was a red flag, because normally something like this would be traumatic to him.  So I unzipped the backpack and there was his lunch bag.

I held it up and he died laughing.

I asked if he knew it was in there, and he said yes.

That little stinker was after the chocolate milk from the lunch line all along, and he admitted as much.

I talked to him about lying and about how I want him to eat healthy food and that I work hard to make his lunch very early every morning.  (I also emailed his teacher to let her know that I intend to pack a lunch for the rest of the year, so that she can double check if he pulls this again).

I’ve also thought about the thought process and expressive language that he had to use to tell and execute the lie.  Naughty, but impressive for a kid with his language background.

I’m not going to punish him formally, but he will be served his healthy lunch tonight at dinnertime.

After going over this in my head for an hour or so, I’m still not sure if I’m pissed off about this or completely impressed with his smarts.  Honestly, I’m a little bit of both.

Why do I feel like this is gonna be a common theme for the next 13 years?


3 Responses to “We Got Played”

  1. Barbara Says:

    So funny! And I love that his reaction, upon being discovered, was laughter. Might as well hope Mom laughs with you! Smart boy!

  2. Christy Says:

    Oh my! So hard when you’re both so happy that he accomplished this, and so frustrated that he lied. Hugs! So glad his language skills have come so far! Such a stinker! He’s so cute it must be hard to not to laugh!

  3. missy @ it's almost naptime Says:

    Okay. Ike had a severe speech delay. And I remember the first time he bold face lied to me, I was in EXACTLY the same predicament! Knowing he needed discipline, but overshadowed by being SO PROUD of him!!

    Don’t worry, the luster will wear off quickly 🙂

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