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i like…. April 25, 2012

Filed under: mama of boys — Elizabeth @ 9:04 AM

This year for Easter. we got the boys a special gift.  They each got a “like book“.

It’s not a book for them to write about what they like.

It’s a book for us to write in.

Every day, Jason and I write something we like about them.

They absolutely LOVE hearing what we wrote.

And I have to admit, it feels good to sit down and remember the good things they do each day.

It’s a great way to build their confidence and reinforce their good behavior.

In short, I like…this book.

If you would like to order a “like book”, you can visit their website and use the code “likebook” at checkout for 25% off.

This post was not sponsored by Like Book–I just like it and there was a coupon code on a flyer that came with my order.  So there.


6 Responses to “i like….”

  1. christine tomberlin Says:

    What a super idea. How special for them–I’ll bet they will keep these into old age.

  2. mlewis597 Says:

    Well, now what a cool idea this is!!

  3. 12450miles Says:

    These are really cool! I love it!

  4. Barbara Says:

    What a great idea. D would love it.

  5. grace115 Says:

    this is a fantastic idea! love it!

  6. That is a cool book! I love the idea.

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