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The Birthday-versary May 3, 2012

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Re-posted from last year……..

Nine years ago, I married my best friend.  It was a day much warmer than today that started out with storms, but ended with sunlight.  Actually, it ended with cake and champagne and karaoke.  It was a good day.

Nine years ago, I doubt we could have imagined our life as it is now.

Nine years ago, I thought driving a Saab was a priority.  (Now I covet minivans)

Nine years ago, we had 2 dogs, 2 cats and lived 2 blocks from the beach.

Nine years ago, we were different people.


Five years ago, on the other side of the world, a baby was born.  The baby was born to a woman that we don’t know.  Her face, her personality–we have no clue, although I imagine we see glimpses of her everyday.  She gave birth to a child that would later be our son.

Five years ago, South Korea was not on my personal radar.

Five years ago, I wasn’t even sure we would adopt.

Five years ago, I was consumed with being the mother of a 6-month old baby named Isaac.

Five years ago, I had never even heard of bulgogi.

But our youngest son was born that day.


Tonight we will celebrate it all–another year older for Matthew and another year together for his parents.  Bulgogi for dinner.  Something I am rather good at preparing, and to think, 4 years ago, I had never heard of it.  Cake–gluten free cake, at that.  We will celebrate family.  Family around our table and family around the globe–known and unknown.  We will celebrate surprises.  Like saving for a minivan and finding your family in the most unexpected places.

Oh, you naive lovebirds, how could you ever have guessed it would be this good?


9 Responses to “The Birthday-versary”

  1. kimbelina Says:

    Happy Birthday to Matthew and Happy Anniversary to the two of you! What an awesome dinner this is going to be!

  2. Amanda McManus Says:

    That was such a great wedding. We had a ball and everything was fun about it. And Maddy danced all night. A night we will never forget as well. P.S. I need the new password so I can have my weekly laughs at your blog.

  3. Mom Says:

    Happy Anniversary, you two lovebirds! And a very Happy Birthday to my grandson, Matthew. I am so glad you are part of our forever family! I love all of you.

  4. christine tomberlin Says:

    You and Jason are a testament to the phrase “you never know what is around the corner.” But you two are the same loving, open,caring, dedicated people you always were, so in a way, today is not a surprise. Congratulations on the fruits of your labors!

  5. deb jacobs Says:

    happy birthday to matthew, and anniversary to you!! xx

  6. Shilpa Says:

    This post is so beautiful! Happy Anniversary and Birthday to Matthew! Cake and bulgogi sound like a match made in heaven.

  7. Made me cry! Celebrating both with you…

  8. Marcia Wine Jones Says:

    A beautiful post! Happy anniversary to you and Jason! And a happy birthday to sweet Matthew!

  9. Jodi Wells Says:

    And 15 or so years ago I got to know you in Troy. I love that you are still just as funny and open now as you were then. I just love you to pieces. Happy anniversary and happy birthday to sweet Matthew. I pray for your family often. God knew exactly what he was doing when he knitted all of you together.

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