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Whatnot Saturday May 5, 2012

Filed under: whatnot — Elizabeth @ 8:58 AM
  • Isaac got some new Spiderman underwear the other day.  Mostly because I was getting sick of him updating me like this, “Moo-ooom, I only have 2 underwears left in my drawer–you need to do laundry!!!”.  So the solution here is not so much to do more laundry, but to buy more underwear.  See how that works?  Anyway, he wore a Spiderman shirt to school and had on Spiderman shoes.  When a teacher was getting him out of the car, she commented on that and he promptly began to pull his pants down to show her his new underwear.  Which makes sense–it’s kinda cruel to have underwear that awesome and not be able to show them to anyone.
  • Is it weird that for our anniversary, I asked my husband to make me a place to start a compost pile?
  • Isaac’s version of Ring Around the Rosie includes the line, “Achoo, Achoo, we all fall down”.
  • I have this fantasy.  It involves a day with nothing to do and no kids to take care of.  This fantasy is me, in bed, watching crappy Lifetime movies.  I say if you’re gonna dream, dream big.  So this is kind of a sad dream in many ways, but mostly because even if I get the chance to do it, I never do, I choose household chores or computer stuff every time.  So months ago, I DVR’d a crappy Lifetime movie, much to the amusement of my husband.  And Tuesday night, I got my chance.  Jason was at church til late helping out with something and the boys go to bed at 7.  So I sat on the couch and watched a Lifetime movie called “Blue Eyed Butcher” and ate sea salt caramel gelato.  And it was everything I hoped it would be.  At least until Jason got home and talked loudly over the last 20 minutes of the movie.  {le sigh}
  • Isaac climbed into the car after school and asked me, “Mom, do you know why Lizzie-Lu wasn’t at school today?  Because she has a BUG living in her tummy!!!!”.  {she had a stomach bug–had to explain that one to him}
  • Isaac to me:  Mom, you’re my BEST friend!!  Me:  oh buddy, you’re my best friend too.  Isaac:  Well……maybe not my best friend……
  • Have you seen those new Swiffer commercials?  They are hysterical.  The ones where the woman finishes cleaning faster because of the awesome Swiffer products and then she has this unexpected extra time and she says things like, “I’m gonna drink this coffee…..on the porch!!!” or “I’m going to read one of these books!”.  You can tell a woman wrote that because it’s so true.  That is what I imagine my life is going to be like when the boys go to kindergarten.  A girl can hope.
  • Isaac was excited to tell me about a party at our library to kick off the summer reading program.  The main selling point:  it costs FREE!!!!
  • Isaac has a shelf of bins in his room to keep toys in.  If you look at it, it looks totally chaotic, but there is a method to his madness.  One day, he was playing with this cheap hat he has and it broke.  I said we should probably just throw it away and he said, “no, we will put it in my bin of ‘broken things and things I don’t understand’ “.  Yep, he’s got a bin for that.  It contains old glow necklaces that don’t glow anymore, a broken giraffe hat, and a chopstick he found at the park that has chinese characters on it (hence, the things he doesn’t understand).
  • If you can find something cuter than Isaac saying “easy, peasy, lemon squeezy” with his missing tooth lisp, I would really like to know about it.

7 Responses to “Whatnot Saturday”

  1. Jerusha Says:

    Your whatnots are always so delightful. 🙂

  2. kimbelina Says:

    The first time I saw that Swiffer commercial, I was sure the punchline to “I’m going to drink this coffee…” would be “…while it’s still hot!” Because seriously, that would be awesome to finish a cup of coffee in one go without having to reheat it.

  3. Yvonne Says:

    I LOVE the bin of broken things and things I don’t understand! That’s awesome.

    I love my compost bin. It remains one of my most favorite things in our yard. I’m pretty addicted to it too because I can’t believe how much stuff I can put in there!

    And I too think I will have so much time when the kids are all in school. I’m pretty sure it is just a dream, but I’ll enjoy it for now!

  4. deb jacobs Says:

    wow, the bin of broken things and things i don’t understand. that is just profound coming from a five year old.

  5. Tiffany Says:

    The shelf and bins of toys is my favorite story – I LOVE quirks like that. So funny.

  6. mlewis597 Says:

    Oh, yes, I totally understand your big dream of a day in bed watching Lifetime. Well, not Lifetime for me, but silly TV. I ADORE time alone. 🙂

  7. Jenny Says:

    be ready to place me into straight up crazy stalker, I’m watching Friday Night Lights and the next door neighbor to Tim Riggins (have you ever watched the show, are you tracking with me…)’s son reminds me of Isaac so much, which is weird b/c I’ve never met him!!!

    anyways loved this post, i will live vicariously through you when those kiddos are both in K, yay!!

    perfect night I say and I hate it when my hubby talks over my show, he just doesn’t get it 🙂

    and Jack has 24 pairs of underwear, I’m for real, need I say more 🙂

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