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Forgotten Milestones May 15, 2012

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My sister is in the hospital tonight, getting ready to have her first baby!  I will be going down tomorrow to join in the fun, but tonight I am thinking about all the things to come as she prepares to meet her son.  More specifically, I am thinking about milestones, all of those major life moments that you look forward to as a parent.

Any baby book will highlight events like birthdays, first words, first steps, and first lost tooth.  And those milestones are great.  They are beautiful, and memorable, and often captured in photographs.

But some milestones, you don’t see coming.  They are surprising and more meaningful than you ever expected, and they take your breath away.

Here are some milestones that I think the makers of baby books everywhere forgot:

First time they use their own money to buy a long coveted item.

First time they outsmart you.

First time you walk in a room to find them praying.  Double points for the first time you find them spontaneously praying for their someone else.

First time they hurt themselves and try valiantly not to cry.

First time they use “y’all” correctly.

First time they see you cry.

First time they independently throw up into a container or toilet without your help.  (this just happened to us yesterday–YES!!)

First time they let go of your hand to walk ahead of you and take the hand of a girlfriend.

Oh yes, there are many firsts to look forward to and remember.  But what about the lasts?  Because that’s what is so heartbreaking about motherhood.  You can’t record the lasts…..because usually as it’s happening, you have no idea that it will never happen again.

The last time you rock them to sleep.

The last time they pronounced girl as “goy-el”.

The last time they used the ipod bear to fall asleep.

The last time they cry when you leave them at daycare.

The last year they believed in magical elves and Santa Claus.

Sometimes the lasts are just as memorable as the firsts but they don’t strike you until you realize they aren’t there anymore.

So my dear sister, on this the eve of motherhood for you, my only advice is to enjoy it all as much as you can.  {But don’t feel guilty on the days when frustration reigns supreme.}

The firsts will burn themselves into your brain, but the lasts……the lasts can get lost in the drudgery of the everyday.

So breathe him in everyday, committing those memories into your every cell.  Because while sometimes the days seems to crawl by, I can assure you that the years fly by.

Buckle up for this life changing journey you are about to take.

You are ready.


6 Responses to “Forgotten Milestones”

  1. grace115 Says:

    i love this. so beautiful. so true.
    thanks for this reminder…;) and the laughs!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    A perfect list.

  3. Congratulations to your sister!
    Oh the firsts & lasts…they are so tough but you put a lighthearted spin on it :).

  4. Jenny Says:

    congratulations to your sister!! and you, I can’t wait to get to be an aunt 🙂

    LOVE this list!! and yes the lasts they are the ones that are so hard…

  5. Melissa Says:

    Hurray for new babies!

    And I don’t like to think about the lasts. At. All.

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