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Motherhood is…. August 30, 2012

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Motherhood is

getting up before anyone else in the house

so that you can shower and be happy and wide awake

when you provide back rubs and snuggles and silliness to everyone else who has to get up

but doesn’t want to.

Motherhood is

making 3 hot breakfasts for your family

and packing 2 nutritious lunches

and grabbing a bowl of dry cereal for yourself to eat in the carpool line…..

only to give the cereal to your kids to snack on

and hearing them spill the cereal all over the backseat.

Motherhood is

driving straight from carpool to the self-serve car wash

to vacuum up the cereal

because the thought of it crunching every time the boys get in and out

is disgusting.

But the self-serve car wash/vacuuming center is closed because it is still so early

And you wonder, if it is truly self-serve, why are there business hours

And then you contemplate eating that one big piece of cereal off the floor because is it really that dirty?

(you still haven’t had breakfast)

Motherhood is

not fretting about your breakfast that is still sitting in the floor of the van

because eventually the self-serve car wash will open.

You might remember to eat breakfast…..or lunch

and if all else fails, there is always, always iced coffee.